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Sunday, July 12, 2020

I want

  • to be able to mourn Bonnie Clyde and Cosmos
  • Do you want to have clients or means respectfully processed. I have a tough Bonnie... fur or rather  I don't.. they have everything of mine I've asked for this entire time him or even their favorite toy. They are trying to make me sick in every way if she threw it out well then all word word word word word word word word word word insert word here. They pretended to lose her ashes to terrorize and tell me to work faster on their car. Work can be whatever you want it to mean. I really wanted to ask the vet about what would be needed to save for cloning because I for some reason thought I might end up somewhere in life. Silly me I'm property in property open my mouth and Minnesota if properly opens its mouth it can't ever have property. Minnesota wants to protect mothers and fathers that want to incest execute after forcing labor and claiming to own their child then who am I to stop Minnesota from doing Minnesota things
  • to have some or any meaning from 2015 till now. I put in the work. the projects I was doing worked the money made was real. Paul and Marlene are still destroying it, me and how many years I can expect if I survive this as well as quality of life expected.. pretty close to surely disfigured 
  • to be able to Faire du velo
  • set up the desktop stolen at a proper desk. or even sit anywhere but my bed and use laptop
  • cook curry
  • kill myself. I was going to put find a gf and friends of similar interests. later of which I had. except not friends of unwanted incest insist I'm disfigured bleeding still breathing and blowing out their mold while projects friends paid for are on hold bedding destroyed. my credibility gone with them.. credit  too. 
  • 2018 I was telling pale and Albatros, "I worked my ass off putting everything on hold other than work I need balance and to attend to my health... HA HA HA.
  • On top of that they're putting me way behind in the tech world. They get what they want when they want it including there's Son dead or in poverty for offending their egos. I worked for over 16 years at the age 16 I was making $25 an hour in 2004 doing tech support for CPA office in a car dealership a lot office Prince & engraving shop and there were one or two other businesses that I forget about when was the Financial Consultant and then also a political campaign 50b

She said she was going to make me suffer and she failed it directly killing me so she moved on to starvation and ensuring almost 3 years of malnutrition 30 days hungry last year this is pretty fucking serious past age 26 and now 32 from what I've discovered a red and check with other people 26 is when the body stops repairing as well they are burning my best years of my life where I need to be productive why did they for labor they have their house fixed because of me it would have been worthless if not it might have killed them.. are the Turpin parents of Minnesota they stole my fucking ID after they filed the ofp came back and took my computer my MIG welder and my compound miter saw to ensure I can do nothing but sitting here waiting to be evicted my debit card is missing two I'm not sure if that's them or if it's in a pile here somewhere and no I'm not referring to Paul or Marlene when I say pile because shipped is embarrassed to be associated with them. shitt  has more morals. 

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