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Saturday, July 11, 2020

I worked

fair and square for most of what's being held and destroyed since Aug 2018. what's sick is at least when I've been there (I assume there were reports when I wasn't) usually in moldy death trap forced labor car, it hadn't been denied the stuff is mine. ofps not filed till March 2020 no notice lock change Aug 2018 get your son to tune up your computer's that he built for you for 8 months and provide on demand support while throwing his things away stuff other people paid for a way terrorizing to the point I tried not looking up not looking in their direction if I left the 10-foot by 10-foot room or my mom claimed she was my landlord; well should still be over my shoulder yelling that I'm delusional and weird get me medicated. No one has very good odds when someone can rob them blind the whole system is liable to fall apart when parents can do it to their kids like this I best for creating prisoners and or forced psych ward unhealthy people or job security for the mortician's and corners.

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