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Legal Doctrine of State-Created Danger and Police Liability

just found this. doesn't solve a major issue. I'm likely to be dead or on the street. or both 

for how much time is spent k-12 programming images and falsehoods like you don't need anybody you have the police so you don't need any weapons you have the police just call 911 the police the police the police it's funny in a really sick way that the police might Overlook something like your physical ID stolen after a year-and-a-half I'm standing between 16 years of you and what you work for let alone anything that was ever yours. Well ignoring Counting mail fraud check fraud and false reports as weapons. Responding to the people that I'm saying are doing this say they own me with it's not illegal to say you own someone. How safe is anyone when this is the case? G if you're abducted and tortured maybe it goes long enough to break you into a blob mentally well guess who's going to abduct you next? Probably some for-profit mental hospital. I didn't get informed consent for any of this and I can see it being way worse because selective enforcement means the police send making mistakes that might leave them liable and then continue to make them in Malice if they think it's pretty unlikely you'll ever make it to court if they do. Not saying that's what happened here cuz I can't know that. I do know when I told them the State Bar Association hotline said to tell you guys that my parents are unreliable Witnesses at best but I can prove with phone calls they use reports as weapons I was told if we put that on record we might be liable and this was like sometime middle of 2019 when the change of lock happened August 2018 after I move back in January 2018 for my parents.

The city of Maple Grove Minnesota and the county of Hennepin enabling child abusers to own their children through adulthood to their untimely early death. If you want to own another human I can't more highly recommend anywhere in the county of Hennepin or the city of Maple Grove. Try not to leave too many marks indicating you did anything don't flash any weapons and the police will make sure you get what you want. Nevermind you're endangering other people's newborn sick infants either. Well looky here fellas we got us an only child no Witnesses. Which isn't fair to a few officers on that Force I refuse to make them very identifiable because I understand I'm not the only person that this has or will happen to and I'm not so sure I'd even be here type this form have made it this far I'm pretty sure I won't make it much further but my situation will not be everybody's. in the odds that those officers help somebody else or in the tiny chance that anything would come if in the odds that those officers help somebody else or in the tiny chance that anything what happened where they would no longer be on that Force I find it way more prudent do not risk that at all because someone else might benefit from them someday. If anybody needs to expecially in the Judiciary since boil this down to black and white and get rid of the intron to season what I just said well I mean if I'm still alive for more torture than I don't see how I'm going to stop you but it won't be me with the mental illness. Brain-damaged probably. Pstd severe repeated trauma is brain damage that won't make it any more just if I end up in a mental ward that'll just make it more fucked up and corrupt

And no that's not a legal argument I don't think I'll ever get to make that. In the meantime may I refer you to the license I have to use my third digit?

Or perhaps Google Scholar or the university psych professor and the questions about How likely is it that someone severely abused has anger as a response? It puts the lotion on its skin or we give it an ofp again no questions asked no context. Owning people in Minnesota is so easy especially if they're your children. The land of 10000 genocides. We encourage you to bite this apple  or as Dave Matthews once said if you're a bear eat your head probably a candy. At least I have to think that was the reference of the knowledge of Good and Evil. If I recall correctly his father was a preacher and the song is pretty much about abusive parents or at best neglectful. It's one thing when there are psychological issues it's another when the law doesn't recognize that ate food stamps Minnesota snap requires an ID police then selectively enforced anything including the theft of a physical ID. So I guess I pull $30 out my ass every time and somehow get a job without two physical IDs. Or do I pull those out of my butt as well how much can the average Minnesota fit up there I got a Sam below average but not something polite to ask people. Heavy sarcasm intended. I just found that it's even known that that abusers used civil court Force control over their victims. These love seem like they're perfectly poised on the edge of the image of leaving to protect from abusers but people who don't look into them don't see how ripe for abuse they are. I mean there's no Provisions for if you can't make court you. What a 4-day window two of my days were weekends. They had control of where I live they chose were filing in Hennepin when we insisted he live in Stearns and they knew the car was broke down for 6 days. I'm blowing what's your looks like black mold I can find medical journal articles that talk about what things could decrease immunodeficiency there's growing evidence one in three people might have immune systems that don't fight it well. My primary doctor 2018 probably February told me get away from the mold instead I'm forced to clean their mold will Maple Grove PD tells man living the life sick sick fucking disgusting situation. What should we tell tell the people though Wicked using the media to teach them that if anybody might team up for anyting Ever have similar ideas and think a e let's put our heads in finances together but just not talk about it let's conspiracy theory and break out that aluminum foil. Except other than insider trading there seems to be zero investigation into anything 0 laws to prevent it or create perceived consequences for doing so specially small-scale against an individual. Seems like the perfect labels existing in psychology could just make people go away. Or at least the validity of any claim. We're going backwards with Justice I don't want anybody except for what I did woman man boy girl child teen or adult. I have to think that what we've created is a three card Monte or the shell game but we're focusing on demographics those other shelves and the rights I actually didn't minuscule in size we might need a scanning electron microscope to find the pea/bean hidden under the shells in the hustle

Years ago I got robbed at gunpoint in Minneapolis hey can I bum a Square? Turn around it's real and I'm staring at a revolver. Conspiracy they work together to hurt me hope there's a psych diagnosis. After they had everything including my car keys I was told to git. I run through one alley in uptown probably not more than 60 seconds after git ing I pop onto the street and happens to be a squad right there. as I'm flagging them down another rolls up. we did paper work for 30min. I did appreciate the ride to my friends apt. here's the thing though, mpls and AFAIK subarb have networked microphone arrays. so 2 squads 4 officers and one alley seperating us from them. had they looked, it doesn't even take an officer keying the mic to report shots fired. it gets localized via the microphones in the city and pings on a map. 

in France I once had a debit card swiped out of my hand and backpack kept me from catching the guy. similar but predating the mpls event I run right into a squad. like and hr and a half or 2 of looking for him /driving around with the French officer. 

here's the other thing. I paid for that trip on my own for 45 days at 18 years old. now among other things my parents tell me and the police i never worked. 

we have more like an injustice system here. Of the things that mention mainly in other post but some here if this thing's aren't covered. Basics like mail fraud check fraud and less covered is guaranteed notice before moving out which could simplify a lot of things like forcing regardless of landlord tenant situation if you want someone out registered mail the noticed even if it's right back to you or someone at your address or send it from the post office to your address but the thing is you create a paper trail or I think there's another form of mail where it's even more check than that but I forget I'll have to look into it not that it'll matter but North Dakota have stronger renter protections when I was there then I've seen anywhere here


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