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Magic. You don't need anything but Magic no food no water just magic no I D just magic

Sarcasm well.. I thought 

say I think because it's become quite apparent that police can create sustained risk to life and property and have little fear of doing so especially if the figure is that the person they're doing it to it's going to be on the street with nothing. What is this song is everything I ever gained through work and dollars paid per hour was locked away from me by my parents with police continuing to stand in between me and his even though that was a Euro motive lockout and that also included and then rather well one thing at a time. At first my ID was held with it my all secondary forms of ID hours Force physical Erie located under threat to destroy giveaways donates all my things please didn't care please take care I was getting assaulted. But the one in the short is if they don't care that you can be moved around your ID stolen from you and all tangible goods stolen or assets stolen from you well 

you can't get snap without a photo ID
 you can't get food without snap or money.

I moved back into my parents January 2018. It shouldn't matter the reason but it turned out to be mistakes they made with their house that spread to my apartment. Mistakes they made when I was a minor in 2001.

Probably about July 2018 my mom tried to push me over a railing. Been falsely reported it that I shoved her across the room. When I diffuse the situation she screams you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out. Maple Grove Police didn't care. Even when I told them I had recorded calls.

I left for a hotel for a maximum of two weeks in August 2018 I have not had any unrestricted or let's say 30 minutes max access to all of my things and I haven't lived there since 2006 so I had a lot of things I had tools that I invested in that are now becoming worthless Maple Grove PD doesn't care at all being destroyed.

I don't care that my parents stole my ID 2 days after the ofp hearing they made sure I couldn't attend. I had a clean record I had a good credit score I had to work a lot this is crazy I don't want to be broken I don't want to be dead I also don't want to be alive anymore

My parents changed the lock in August 2018 zero notice. My mom when I move back in said she was my landlord now so I can afford every dime of moving out. Estimate $6,300 at minimum of skilled labor and services were rendered by me to them. Rent in Plymouth is a dollar 32 a square foot a month. 8 months $6,300 minimum services and that's not counting the unskilled beginning of the mold remediation that I performed

, 4th District Court in Maple Grove I've created grave threats to my life my sanity my well-being. They have allowed two people to exploit me we're labor it took almost every box under human trafficking unfree labor mail fraud check fraud steps to physical ID theft of multiple other things starvation will wanting me to repeat the word slave.

Marlene and Paul steel not because they need you they do it to terrorize and make sure it's two steps forward 20 back no matter what pace I run at. 

They do things like call in welfare checks as a show of power

After the ofp past because they made sure I couldn't make it 2 days later they were up here 45 miles out of their way calling in a welfare check

I have three folding tables that are growing their mold from the little bit of stuff I got back from the 9 months of forced to clean their car. I have Clyde  rabbit in the freezer. 

I own for printers I built three desk's I had two more one at their house one I got first year of college I don't have any of my things I have a random assortment that they let me I don't have an alarm clock I don't have anything in my kitchen besides Clyde

Through demanding the car is done or all my stuff is destroyed giving away donated while it was being destroyed by nature of which it was stored they have made sure me cannot see anybody or have any life outside of jumping the sadistic hoops from the position of power that Maple Grove PD puts them in

Meanwhile Maple Grove PD tells me how grateful I should because my parents tell them they give them me a ton of money. That's all hearsay I'm telling them I got evidence she tried to kill me and they don't care. You don't steal someone's ID and call them burden at the same time

Last I checked reliable transportation is one of the best indicators for getting or keeping a job and or getting a better job the transportation I had they would not transfer the title but kept calling it mine and adding it to the list of what I should be grateful for they destroyed four cars. They made decisions that made that house get moldy. It was determined the wrong type of carpet pad was laid in mm and one well I know when it was laid it was determine the wrong type of pad I know they played general contractor when they finish that basement I know that well driving down there to visit Cosmos before he died at one point had a wet passenger floor from a jug of water that had the cap break up none of that should matter from what I can see they specify that parents can kick an adult child who has never left the home out. I left the home in 2006. 
. The police handbook from the tenant helpline even talks about an oral lease. Decent food I need the ability to clean clothes they took tools to make sure I can't fix the washing machine bearing like it's so crazy to explain because they are absolute sociopath or strong narcissist but full-blown they do sick things to try to destabilize. When they called in the welfare check they took my debit card from the car in the parking lot and gave it to an officer with a key for no car that any of us possess and $20 the only real thing there was $20 but to the officer they created the image of here's our forgetful son what would you do without us. In reality they entered a locked car to take the debit card to give to the officer. Then I'm looking around like is this the old one like what the hell cuz I didn't think I lost this then I realized I didn't

They also snagged the garage door opener. Then came back took my compound miter saw my MIG welder and my workstation desktop PC. The Saint Cloud officer that responded when I called it in is telling me well how do I know they didn't pay for it? It seems the stores all in the parents favor they can kill incest do whatever they want to their adult child in Minnesota. As far as I can see legal case history wise it's still breaking and entering if you have the key but not permission. I reported the Maple Grove that they're opening my mail at least one check in my name other documents from my mail signing my name on it holding my mail and literally say they own me and I was told it's not illegal to say you own someone that was the same conversation I said I have calls indicating they use police reports as weapons and that my mom was trying to kill me. Didn't care

They demonstrate every sign of NPD and or aspd I told them cluster B because I'm not qualified to make the diagnosis but the results are still as lethal and laws are being broken by people that will kill me if given the chance.


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