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Friday, July 3, 2020

Maple Grove and Hennepin County might kill you

When I really don't understand why am I live at all I don't like where I see this system going I probably won't be around to see it though. The tears would set it up so you either die or can be broken harassed stock stole from especially from your parents depending on your demographic somebody can break you apart and risk your life. 

 this isn't how we teach it works.

they play it as I'm a failure to thrive except it's quite likely my dad is alive because of me and the mold was first suspected by me 2013 or 2014.

nov 2018 50 ft wall 1500 square feet of carpet and Pad came out of that house. I'd assume that was a breathing problem under the deck and the retaining wall in proximity impractical to fix. Maybe it was something about the wall behind the deck needed changing my dad told me that that was moldy but that doesn't totally add up this is all so close to the time he's telling me that the car that she hasn't seen definitely has a battery and alternator problem when it's transmi in the security light is flashing and this is ignoring that tried having a jump even though I didn't think it was better yet the time nor was it actually. the way I knew that was the seat moved normal the light seemed okay but it was Daylight but The Tell-Tale the chime was fine. But I try to have any jumped anyway security light was flashing I only have one key. 

For the second time I was made to go hungry for 30 hours well my dad even threatened a mental hold their emergency medical hold unless I tell him where it was as in the car so he can have it towed because it's clearly needed the battery and an alternator. When you brought the spare key it started right up. They've been cut what they give me still sitting on all my stuff still mean not having a kitchen Buffalo Bills while they're only answering the phone once a week if that. My dad will do this thing where you cannot get him to answer on anything that matters but he'll fight with you all day attention is emotional incest and the court has given them a position of power any ability to consistently terrorize me because they know my address for 2 years even if I try to get away it's pointless.

I ran the mileage that I drove that car is the engine then seized. It needed an oil change but it wasn't passed the extreme maintenance schedule. As far as I could calculator I had not Not driven a whole lot. So when the engine seizes right before court or rather six days before they filed the ofp dad cut what they gave me full of food let along the agreed amount let alone double that that they tell people 0 noticed I don't have a kitchen after nine months of tracking their mold from the other car into the apartment. Clyde in the freezer I've done nothing except a website I welded one thing with my new welder and not much else other than their problems forced on the under threat to destroy all my things or get rid of them they are destroying them. But what's outrageous is my dad when the engine seized then puts $900 into that car replace the battery alternator have the oil changed have a spare key made the report clearly says there was metal in the engine. Then I've got police officers enforcing that I can't touch 16 years of things I worked for well they are being destroyed will let's at least 20 grand of things being destroyed which is well into criminal property damage. But there's no hope there because police and County prosecutor get to decide what's prosecuted.

Put on top of that it might not be at legal argument accept my life is being endangered I'm basically held hostage cuz right after the ofp is passed in my absence big come up and take my ID which means 

I can't get a job without getting another ID but they knew from six months before that I was going to get a notice to vacate at the one and only apartment they've ever picked for me and that was for 9 months of the mold car. As far as I know anyway. There's a lot of weirdness around that I've never had landlord this invasive this on me about did you potentially fart in the hallway last Tuesday. Not literally but that's extent of it. It's probably been not a single month until after the lease is over I mean I should be out of here I don't know what's happening they stop calling me even though every time they call it picked up I've tried to add glass to their insane demands and in fact I have except they just come back with another one which leads me to believe that does outside forces that have colored their opinion or they are working in collaboration with. Maybe they're just sick people. There's a personal theory of mine that like recognizes like whether they have any pre-existing relation or not

Seems at best to try to final people into the mental health system
But the thing is there's no accounting for actions done by some groups to others in the legal sense except you cannot seemly tell me that someone allowed to continuously take things from you cannot pose an issue to your welfare..

Your welfare is defined as things like help sanity lifespan mood I don't know I'm guessing this includes at least are you going to be alive tomorrow. It would only take three days of depriving someone water sometimes it's a little more but...

I hate this I could be doing something with my life I think I'm going to die though I know how you form a habit I know how you break a habit I know what habits are healthy I know coping mechanisms I know how to set priorities I was a driven person I didn't always succeed some elements of sabotage existed in the past they are 100% the cause of failure in this case. Maybe this is understood by the people who made the laws but people a parents with full-blown personality disorders they might not always have someone out to get them but if if either of the parents meets that definition and rage mode is triggered you have someone babe full definition about to get you in every way they think they can get away with

What's more terrifying is medical professionals have no laws that I can see preventing them from using the knowledge of that field to Sabotage anyone's care

And then it might not be illegal contact but controlling someone's diet controlling assets so they can't cook unless they have more money which event steal their ID? Then file an ofp or two will sitting on 16 years of assets they worked for including the kitchen stuff?

My dad will starve me and critique my language 3 or 4 Days Inn during this last year
The first nine months were clean are moldy car and faster or your stuff is gone and like I said I had no notice I was moving out I don't buy toys either most of my stuff is tools. My bike would be huge the police heard them save two or three times since my bike and I can have it the police have never seen me anything but maybe shaking from an argument but that doesn't really determine who's the dresser what I think should be weird is I guess I haven't watched my parents talk to them I have from a far and haven't seen any signs of visibly shaken but if these arguments are that severe why am I the only one that shows any sign of it. In other words they have no emotional involvement. What does buying they don't have to except for the fact that that might indicate they don't feel things normally like sympathy and empathy or if I'm right and full-blown NPD or aspd then assuming that culturally my parents probably wouldn't hurt me is a pretty grave mistake. But it's a mistake that doesn't have to be made because several actual laws are being violated

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