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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Marlene said she know the conditions she forces are harmful to life and or capable of creating harm.

marlene is a cnp and I asked specific ly about diet. 

she then tells me it's not their fault. 

uh u change the lock 0 notice 8m after declaring it a ll tenancy relation

But it's not that I take from them and expect them to keep giving they have literally stolen and lied to police post visit physical threat to my life like my mom trying to push me over the railing the police don't give a crap when I say I have reports that and many others were used to farm use as Weapons she is backwards trying to push me over the railing I did no such thing that she claimed. Please told me basically they be liable so it's not going on record. Attempted murder is not going on record. Meanwhile please continue to help enforce any legal eviction destruction of all my things well under threat to do just that or give them away donate them be rid of them will I sit in an empty apartment. The six months at the hotels I was made to burn through even savings bonds that my dad's mother is my grandmother left me. We moved around does not facilitate a job I was doing web design anyway cuz I have decent abilities that I have learned over the years even though I haven't completed a degree I've proven and I have them in meeting one day and then denying ever the next but admitting that I started earning $50 for the first hour 25 and after in 2004. The last two years have been entirely related to bleeding or cleaning toxic and many other genic mold of their creation from a position of power granted by the Maple Grove Police Force and now Hennepin County on your safe as in the form of a ofp. They made sure I did not have the ability to make the court they filed in. This is insane this will hurt me for the rest of my life if it ends right now but there's no end in sight except maybe death. It's crazy because Minnesota SNAP program acknowledges things like asset anymore what the state needs to give you or a story rather assets contributing to what sort of assistance you should get. Did I tell Maple Grove they have even my physical ID took that right before the ofp hearing they taking things I would need to move out if taking things that prevent me from getting work they taken things that prevent me from using the tools that I had acquired over over 16 years of working usually some sort of minimum wage for better job and professionally Consulting including for for small businesses even back when I was in high school and then a political campaign but in junior end of Junior High a software company which is pretty big clients lights CFL CIO they accepted or demanded $6,300 at bare minimum of IT consulting services in 2009. But I've got police order allowing everything ever Mind destroyed being held being threatened my rabbits lives were taken because of this well the police also find the need in Maple Grove to tell me how much money my parents give me because they were told that by my parents and how fortunate I am what a life I live fucking sick

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