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Friday, July 10, 2020

Minnesota proudly protects parents right coat hanger abort two rabbits and adult offspring on hear say after years of torture. Ofp line might as well be the abortion.

 abusive parents taking out their mistakes in their son. when this started I was doing UV lithography. quick way to cue in how much of a risk to my life marlene wuethrich is while being the anti mom. 

when I first suspected mold I had been doing UV lithography. I made a wood lamp out of the exposure box and because I had come across UV disenfectant I knew what to look for to set up lights I could run in say bedroom when j wasn't present at my last apt. worth noting, the bedroom was the most tolerable room up till the end. I more tried things like leaving them in clothes washer for hrs at a time as it seemed I couldn't get clothes clean with out irritation. later on loving out black mold was found 3 feet from the washer dryer stack

and I don't want to talk about either parent. I want to be able to do anything to cope with the loss of Bonnie and Clyde, to have the time I didn't spend wirh them mean something. instead mgpd and Paul and Marlene Wuethrich ensured they are dead and I'm up next. 

my mom called the disinfectant tubes crazy. a few months later. with out an apology or trying to link context she mentioned at one attack riddled dinner that childrens was using blue lights to clean out a room. 

among other things they still have even those. they took miter saw mig welder and my workstation pc from my garage around start of April 2020. happy birthday! 3 years trashed like 2 since my dad first said he wons me. they took my keys on my 30th while denying mold. was the last time friends invited me anywhere. my dad blamed snow storm.. when Mr Goldenstien passed at mgsh 05 I drove to furgus falls in the green f150 my parents still have. that was probably the worst blizzard of the year and even then that truck had worn tires. spent 8 years living in Fargo nd. never wrecked or stranded. drive in every biljzard 

when this started I was 29 had clean civil and clean criminal record, good credit, two loving pets and had just lost Cosmos cat. 

Bonnie died Nov 2018 

Clyde.. I can't talk about. why the fuck would anyone think it's om to decide my pet rabbit doesn't need his cage? fuck u all seriously. he lost the ability to walk as well and I'm in an empty apt still. 

then terror et and terrorist decide they will pretend to lose Bonnies ashes 

Paul abomination trick wondering why cleaning mold car isn't going faster asks week after Clyde dies why I'm not working faster (despite he hasn't met budget or prereq for it being possible  or acknowledged it is like burning money and likely to spread into the apartment and make me sick. In February 2018 I was told get away from the mold and you'll get better by my primary.) 


let's see, consistently threatened to drop me under bridge in mpls.. 
repeatedly threatening at first to get me a mental diagnosis including while I was blowing out what smelled and looked like mold. something that also got me a chest xray at west health and the Ddr said to return if it happens again... bahaha hahaha nope neonatal np masters in abuse finally managed to get me in a psych ward then force exposure by threat if I didn't clean her car after I'd lose everything mgpd put them in cobtrol if with illegal lock out Aug 2016.

selective enforcement in mg works a lot like knees in minneapolis

broke hid, damaged things other people paid for and all of my property. 

my dad threatened to put Clyde rabbit in laundry machine, they might have killed Bonnie. they tried to make it apear that way. 

these were my friends first and foremost. but I had mild pstd from 2004 finding my dad almost dead. 

now I really don't see a reason to be alive. I'm not going to consoling unless it's on my terms and only if justice is serviced for the wanna be Turpin who from near the start said they wanted to make me suffer and own me. they pretended to lose Bonnies ashes as a tactic to tell me to work faster on the car they endangered newborns at childrens with. 

I have the ability to test tape samples at a lab that mold pros usually use. but when the sherif shows to evict me.. 

Clyde is still in the freezer. Bonnies ashes went via USPS addressed ti me to their address and my dad taunts about how he opened the package and I still don't have her. 

I have 3 doling tables, they make sure I can't cook or even eat half the time. 

they stole my ID and possibly received a ntly debit card. but Id and garage remote, then came back and took my mig weldeig elder compound miter and workstation PC. Well I was at their house there was not a week that went by that I did not do I'm usually demand drop everything that you're doing come help me on the computer with whatever your owner needs. That's service I performed professionally since 2004 it is valued at $150 an hour fair market value average market value. My mom has stated that she was my landlord until I can afford every penny of moving out again on my own. I found the rate in Plymouth it's a dollar thirty a square foot to rent. 

Regardless of if this would be found reconstituted a landlord tenant situation, whatever Minnesota wants to say about the parent and and adult offspring what is is instead saying is Minnesota will help you exploit labor from your children Minnesota or at least Maple Grove Police St Cloud seems pretty good about not playing these games but Maple Grove Police will help you rob them blind starve them and turn a blind eye when they report that you claim to own them and that you wanted to them the word slave

There were a few officers on mgpd that really seem to care and really seem to try. Not all of them deserve this. That said the overall response has been terrifying I don't have a reason to be alive pain its fear every moment I had plans I had goals I had work I had two lovely text I had just lost my oldest one I had friends

I had even reported Maple Grove Police that my mom was trying to kill me and I have phone calls to back up that she instead failed to and then use the false police report and that the reports leading to emergency medical holes were used as weapons and falsified as well. If we put unreliable witness on record we might be liable they said then after that my mom slammed the car door on me and the officer that seems to be in control of the situation insisted that restain back off and her slamming the car door on my leg was not a salt not battery then wanted to know what the heck I was doing there why are you here John but this was 2019 August 2018 is when the lock changed and as I write this in 2020 I'm still in an empty apartment that I'm 4 months past notice to vacate they stole my ID after they filed the ofp is they are terrorizing I don't even have clean clothes they took tools to fix my washing machine which is only broken because of their fucked-up car

But miss I'm declaring myself your landlord also open the door when I'm sleeping close door means nothing to her. If I leave I come back and find my stuff damage clean clothes I laundered then put on my bed and their moldy toxic hell end up on the garage floor or basement carpet and then I have to hear about all the basements not moldy from her even though she wasn't with the mold Pro. And it's a moot point because eventually come November they paid to have it fixed I was long banned from the house will my rabbit still suffered will all of my stuff was moved to the third garage door so if I even get it back it's still there bio weapon

I had started doing the work that the mold guy suggested as well I pulled off all the trim I prox I did everything I could I didn't add a Kilz mold killing primer in areas they replace the ceiling lights with glass instead of drooping plastic covers I adult air filters that's a bold guy really liked two of the dehumidifiers that were running down there while I was working to his specs we're from my apartment they're visible even in the pictures of the paid remediation.. Paul and Marlene  are the Turpin parents from Minnesota it's def my mom's position at a NICU also has endangered other people sick newborn for 19 years

but Minnesota would rather make them protected abusers protected  will be murderers. at least this blog will stand. I have no doubt if I die the media won't mention it or will find some popular way of writing me off as (insert scarlet letter of choice here) 

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