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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Minnesota's war on its children and citizens

Not all parents will do this but the system is set so that was already likely to be at hardship can be bullied by the state and their parents at the same time and not just bullied the police will ignore actual crimes that affect even if the person is alive the next day well the state will allow forced physical relocation under threat to 16 years of property earned let alone given by parents or otherwise or earned when I say earned I mean dollars given per hour by companies. Basically they can do anything to you known to risk your life as long as it's not with a gun or with their fists maybe even with their fists because no evidence is usually required and I've seen it happen to one female but I know it in my experience my mom came at me twice meeting the legal definition of assault and or battery what's falsified the report against me when diffusing the situation sees she screams I brought you into this world I can take you out of it well trying to push me over a railing. And none of the crimes against me matter but the police are all hopped up on a year-and-a-half of threatening all my things then oops now the parents want to file a ofp and they did so while I had 20 days to move. Covid-19 out of the lease that they forced me into and I had to move notice to vacate because I was forced to work on their property for 9 months and landlord wasn't happy about removing mold from a car in their garage.

But in the meantime anytime I did make it to the place my valuables were under lock and key the police were forced me to drive away in a car not mine but only after telling me how grateful I should be all my tools cuz my parents told the police that they gave me money. Then they block me from getting to the civil case they filing a tort an hour and a half away from where they decided I am in a cell

At one point I showed a Maple Grove officer a pic of the mold I was forced to clean. Forced to clean in the car that's not mine under threat of Destruction or losing giving away donating all the assets that Maple Grove PD put them in charge of. The officer responded I didn't see that put the phone away this is codified abuse this is codified indentured servitude

Traditionally I was under the understanding that indentured servants were different from slaves mainly because they work to pay off a debt and then they were free slavery took ending the legality of it for their freedom or another words might have been perpetual. Those definitions are falling out of favor but the new ones leave a lot to be desired in describing the situation. Which is a danger in and of itself when there's no language to describe what's being done because the definitions have been changed a lot of people end up suffering in silence

We breed to find and this isn't just me assuming this was scsu 2015 a class called hurl 160 the definition of sexism was men against women racism whites against blacks. Worth pointing out slippery slope is sometimes a fallacy not always. You might have been the wrong definition but you can still look that up. Here's a slippery slope to make this easier to visualize or consider what happens when hitting someone isn't hitting someone if the person hitting has a bank account in the other does not or maybe it's based on the balance maybe it's based on gender maybe it's based on race

What happens in a world where hitting is something only whites do to Black?

 I'm making it an extreme example to highlight what I just said there is a problem when language does not exist to describe something that is happening

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