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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

MN law no protection likely job security

from my experience, there is no recognition that assets are a store of value.

maple grove pd has refused to allow me to file any form of theft report, mail fraud or check fraud. they were concerned more with activating ofps than the fact that after court the two parties that filed them stole my id. 

aug 2018 to may 22, 2020 mgpd has allowed the 2 parties who invited me to live there and told me i was a tenant ...mgpd has enforced a lock out and told me i cant file theft i gave them my things moving out

0 notice 6 mo after moving all my valuables in. 

they have ignored those valuables are being threatened to extract labor on assets belonging to the parties in question. force physical location and a lease.

ignoring the theft of the ID is kinda crucial... it takes two forms of ID to get a job of any sort. 
work i could do with out is dependent on tools people with guns badges and viliglanti intents are keeping me from.
same tools could be sold worse case for food or shelter. 
takes state id to get even food stamps

takes stability to get to court instead ive been forced around since Aug 2018 till my abusers and threateners of my life and property diside to discard with hearsay based ofp orders in Hennepin county court march11th 2020. 

sterns didnt even try to serve them. hence the march 22nd. 

i had 0 criminal or civil record. there is no history of violence to base any of this on. there are a bunch of mgpd officer telling me (my parents said)"they give you a lot of money" ...

ok so if you're wrong... or maybe enforcing how u think the world should be with neither party telling the full truth either out of desire to harm or inability to fully describe the situation on the spot... 

well you've still endangered my life, and in doing so selectively refusing to enforce actual crimes but insisting on the civil mater that makes it harder to touch any of my things. 

furthermore you are enforcing mental and emotional hardships. as is the court. these people can continuously actually rob or burgle me, sign my name with out legal cosodialship, steal my id and force my time with threats and destruction of my property after demanding services while i lived there declaring themselves my landlord then 0 notice changing lock 6mo later and police will back it in maple grove?

the idea of any income other than corp employment even if on the side... the American dream is long dead. ability to feel secure at all is gone for me. 

theres nothing substantiated in the hearsay claims made. theres this tendency to redirect it to "you have to prove you can make it on your own" .... but theres no explicit way to say i have or haven't and certainly not in law. nor does it say anywhere that theft isnt theft...etc...

in 2006 i paid for 45 days backpacking Europe, didnt have to call home once. budgeted it out. I was alone in hostiles on that trip and 18 years old. 

but making it on your own is this great implicit anigma...or more like a deflection.

furthermore protect and serve? me an early death? what you eat determines to a large extent what and when you die. 

if you can eat an even larger extent. 

food stamps/mn snap... you need an id.
id replaced 30 bucks and address to mail it to. 
any form of corp employment is 2 forms of id. 

this lease has been up since march 31st they filed the ofps knowing i had 20 days to find a new place and the car had been broken since march 6th. the car isnt even in my name. ive been forced to drive away from things actually mine i paid for by working....and they are being destroyed since Aug 2018.

my dad was so aware the car was broken on march 11th... (when they filed for ofps in a court an hr and a half away from the lease they forced) that he addressed it by wanting to transfer the title on march 8th. aka it can be your liability when you cant move out because we took all means of getting a job or earning with things you bought to do so. 

i  cant help but wondering if thought went into these ofps. aka the creation of them. 

they act in civil court. meaning automatic pass on no show. meaning flipped burden of proof. 

they create the ability to make the violation am automatic criminal offense. despite the fact that simply driving by an area becomes illegal based on claims someone made possibly in your absence with 0 burdens of proof on the accuser. 

and when police can selectively not enforce theft... id theft, mail fraud check fraud... 

the basis for what being an adult is (contracts finances and reward/respoinsibliites from that and economic choices) 

then its probably predictable just on theft alone that a large percentage of people will violate. 

the fact that they restrict only the accused not both sides in freedom of movement, seems like further indication there may have been a plan here. 

then the accuser also gets to know the whereabouts of the accused. 

aka it enables one side to go near terrorize steal and anything else but a call or driving by is an arrestable offsense for the accused. 

any sensible system would make that go both ways. 

a system designed to prop up need for court, lawyers, prisions police jails and hell by design implements what MN has. 

my parents mistakes with their house in 2001 caused mold that spread to my apt and created the move in/them having all my valuables. 

they played general contractor during finishing their basement. mold pro determined it was due to selected carpet pad. 

this was a 19 year old problem. my moms job at a NICU and those patients susceptibility... 

mn police and courts are not concerned about what the med system does or if staff with in it have created risks for even sick new born babies..

they aren't concerned with id theft, theft, illegal lockouts, check fraud, mail fraud, signing another adults name with out legal costodialship...

 but telling me those parties give me "a lot of money" and enforcing hearsay civil maters ... 


not a safe place to be... probably where i die though. 

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