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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

mn parents can own adult children

Minnesota if as an adult you accept a cent from their parents at least into case I know of one of them my own in Maple Grove you have no rights no protections no expectation of anything except maybe in ofp with no History of Violence whatsoever. And with cops refusing to enforce ID theft that happened after the trial before the activation. Real good way to make sure no child allowed ahead is allow parents destroy their children in adulthood based on well we don't think parents would do that. Its absurdity that repeated criminal act can be ignored and then the police force is all hot up on probably making the easiest job they tend to end having to be involved but at the same time theft everything you ever owned and your ID puts you in a pretty nasty place. No child ever let the head unless they're in debt to the government would seem to be the policy

But realistically or more probably is there is no evidence other than what my parents say for that they gave me anything or that there wasn't an agreement for payment when I live there. I have no expectation of any rights anymore of any safety any security or for the police to do anything if I call them yet if I don't hear the people who came to me afterwards installed to make it even harder I get an automatic criminal charge this is insane

I've had many legitimate jobs over the years I've made a lot of money on my own but let's put it in this context let safe you have one job 1 entity paid you are they ever entitled to take everything from you including things given by other people? Them claiming they gave you money is reason for the police not to investigate theft? Say you

I frequently had more than one source of income from legitimate outside of family income at once so let's look at it another way

Two employers two sources of income from business entities and one claims that because they gave you some of your money all your stuff is theirs.

 How is this anyting but worse than either of those?

But except that's not where it ends because my name's repeatedly signed on mail addressed to me open at least one check I know of several documents or contracts and even holding mail not yours is a crime. One of those parcels is a pet her ashes a pet that I had from 2007 until she died will police barred me from their house in 2018. Most of that the vast majority of that time I lived in an apartment . We know that things like what you eat play a huge role in when you die and what you die of and your quality of life in between if the system is anything it says economic choices made on stuff like what you buy to cook and eat what you buy to cook it in is how you can make those decisions or not. That doesn't work when there's no protection against theft fraud all of the above. My theory is that it is possible this was done for sick reasons is with no protection accept my parents are now pushing to try to have me court ordered or they've arranged it so by what they said the judge at the ofp is that they blocked me from even getting to the hearing wants to work with me if all agree to counseling I told me he'd counseling or if I do I will get it when I'm clear of them have a history that I can show that when I had mental problems I sought help. That was in 2006 because in 2004 I had mild pstd from getting my dad to the hospital and he probably wouldn't be around to fucking try to kill me right now if I hadn't but at that time they were all like why do you think we messed you up so much that you need a doctor why are you going to see this doctor

But generalized or extracted it taken away all components of Wellness maybe Nordahl actual laws broken that enable these two parties to do that I can't see this as more than propping up a medical system of court system and making a lot of lawyers a lot of money at the expense of lives and in violation of actual laws

The terrifying thing is the public wouldn't necessarily know this was being done. Private emails between State officials Court officials and the police department well as private as State Property gets taxpayer property gets is as private as they would be. But policy is in published everywhere all it would take is a change in policy saying here's the case you selectively ignore enforcement of criminal law and urge one side to seek a civil order.

What I should look up is is there any source of federal funding funneled into states are police departments related to the nature of DV or anything along those lines. Because in there be not only Interstate job creation and job security and sent it there would be  a financial incentive

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