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Sunday, July 19, 2020

npd two to tango but one is forcing the tango starving the other

my mom and dad make it hard to hold onto any truth let allow observed probable conclusion. two on one gaslighting.

but like right now a reoccurent theme is the slightest slight real or precived.. always words though 2018 they would both lay hand on me in anger. 

one of the cousins I see less than once every 5 years but calls my mom weekly made sure to excuse that as a parents right 

police don't seem to care my mom tried to push me over a railing either  on escaping "you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out"

basicly it's safe to say pointing out their mistake as it makes you sick becomes grounds for murder. 

when it comes to actual children one thing I find interesting is mothers are more likely to kill their own sons then daughter. 

We live or perhaps relentlessly haunt  a rather sick world

i saw something like 13 percent of parents will murder. 

fbi stats and family court lawyers will show something like 99 percent of what gets recorded as domestic violence is a loud argument.

assume one or 10 percent and let's be sexist and talk women only. 3 in 10... and 10 percent of that?

seems more kids are being murdered by their parents then women might get hit. 

freud and Jung talked about how npd parents would be all sorts of abusive and even sexualized their offspring

I sometimes think cps is a distraction and there is some evidence of a public school to prision track.

I see quite a bit that at some point or maybe always dv law being about a publicly acceptable (or maybe experimental) path to eliminate rights and or prop up the commercial incarnation of psych research.

in a healthy society the more learned about trauma abuse and abusers the more we would see old style laws (in the sense of no gender) updated to protect people in abusive situations or offer them an out

instead we get, run to civil court first, create a one sided restriction of movement and strip constitutional rights on hearsay.

hell, first tell it to put the lotion on its skin for a year and a half then file on the victim. ofps as I read often include... mandatory consoling.

this is all based on hearsay/no where near the evidence standard of anything criminal except with it it carries automatic conversion to criminal if an officer distracts you might have violated the order. So we've still been a total and run on the whole criminal trial thing. It screws up ability to get some jobs it's screwed up life and it's really one person running and claiming to the court that another said something. When is the parent on a child there's always going to be some parents more likely to know about it then the child. I'm not sure cuz I haven't been to court much at all in 32 years but I'm pretty sure them having my ID when they filed meant I couldn't go to court either way I could be wrong but I'm betting they want a photo ID when you get there the car was broken down for 6 days as well

How is that related? well in case you're not aware civil court action pass in your absence. It didn't matter that I called the court.

it didn't matter that for 30 years not even a police report suggested violence (that I know of) and before this I had informed mgpd "I have calls indicating they use false reports as weapons and my mom was trying to kill me on the dv one"

Somehow I must have missed it K through 12 public education the correct answer isn't to inform the police its all. Maybe I just didn't pay attention to that friendly uniform badge gun civil court judge coming in to raise awareness . of correct way to report an attempted murder is apparently petition the court. How could I be so stupid? 

My parents have been around 40 years longer than I have. I had no criminal record or civil record well maybe in Fargo I had a minor in possession and actually I had kicked that party out when it got loud I got a minor for somebody elses beer left on my counter.

If you want to head trip though the age of majority is 18 why the hell do we have a charge called the minor in possession when a 20 year old has somebody else's beer on their counter? Well I know why it's continental US wide, states don't get Federal highway funds if they don't enforce 21.

Puerto Rico is part of the us but as they aren't a state they don't qualify. And in my experience that once was I carded. Which is exactly like Europe the only place you're likely to get id'd for age verification is a casino. Last I checked which was free the inflection of foreigners from the Arab world they have less problems with teens binge drinking than we do. Our policies and our governments seem to be almost entirely against people. We don't ask to be born. Most people want to try people will work hard what we have is the system that'll fuck you either way

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