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Minnesota seems to have abandoned the concept of Justice and within this civil port system I can't exactly find how family differs but within this amorphous blob it appears psychology is being used against us. The police can ignore anything. Minnesota has civil asset forfeiture. There's a few possibilities one my dad is a good talker to my mom is a good talker I don't know if they're that good. The second is my dad's relation to the labor Council. It is the police are most interested in demographic and crimes or demographics that are likely to commit crime but only the crime that gets Federal funding in the form of Grants. I'd say there's probably a combination of all three going on here. 

Regardless without that combination ofp is set in a way where the other personn can torment the one that they got this order against.

It doesn't take into account any history or lack thereof it's just as likely to order the victim punished in the form of counseling or otherwise as it is to actually create Justice or reduce victimization. 

Worse though, when police can selectively enforced or not...

Well if like my case police refuse to do anything about attempted murder check fraud mail fraud physical assault continuing threats to all the assets that the 0 noticed lock out August 2018 created.

 It's not me I looked it up and in the context of evolution: in a life-threatening situation.. has any one person might have a position of power and their actions  encroach on the well-being or life of another well in this the context it's theorized verbal threats evolved at the way to to avoid physical confrontation. And you don't have to be a psychologist to figure it out a lot of times when people get too big for their britches with or without physically threatening someone's life or to some degree well being able to remind them but their breeches are as unguarded or holy as anyone else's is a tool

The one side of nature the way that this court looks that these things I can't see it benefiting anybody but the police report and the state.

It seems It's all predicated on just call the police. above they don't have to do anything. 
Worse than that  violence against women laws  and the grants they offer  I haven't traced it down exactly yet but I have a pretty good feeling  arresting me if the specific to my mother  create revenue for the department and or the state .  I don't want to be a slave to them or this state I wanted to be working I'm more likely to be dead .  

But what I'm trying to say is the police have Financial incentive to let it blow up. 

especially if they tell one party to get an ofp.

In the meantime they might have protected and serve the Turpin parents

I called Hennepin County the other day non-emergency to report that my ID was stolen by these people that claim to Own Me Maple Grove won't let me file reports and I got hung up on. How does one get employment their food without ID? Maple Grove Police yelled at me two times before told me it was illegal to have driven down there without my ID on me I leave it in the car Paul and Marlene take it and then they're not interested in the fact that I'm not going to be able to eat. The stimulus check might help what would really help is my rights and some human decency both of those people have physically assaulted me but the police will not allow it reported. I never learned that if someone physically assaults you or attempts to murder you the correct action is run to civil court and file a petition how does that work for someone like the turpins how about when your dad disconnect the battery and takes the car keys? Then they pay $10 to keep me in an empty apartment what there moldy car and wait till the very end of it to file the USPS 2 days after the hearing there in my parking lot calling in a wellness check welfare check they are psychotic power trippers I still don't have a kitchen I have my dead rabbit from 2007 who died in 2019 in the fridge in the freezer I mean they have Bonnie's ashes my other rabbit fight is in the freezer. There's 20 grand of my tools

I had to teach myself how to cook I'm very good at it I know how to cook nutritiously I know what works for me I can't do that with nothing in my kitchen with no idea when my kitchen is done at return with my tools without ID but they make sure I don't have that they make sure I don't have my ID they make sure they can have me arrested the state has no protection against abducting another adult Maple Grove Police ignored mail fraud and check fraud if you can't control your finances if your physical assets well if there's a person with a badge and a gun in between you and them after a zero notice lock out 8 months after you move in somewhere, if those same people are allowed free access to your bank account and to decide what problems are on your plate this is State enforced slavery whether it meets that in a legal context or not it's got elements of human trafficking it's got elements of coerced labor I don't even have the title to this car they can come take it at any moment I have 20 grand worth of stuff being destroyed at their place since August 2018

They paid to have their mold removed in November 2018. A false report had me in a psych ward getting the diagnosis that that mold was in my head even though I told the doctor I have the extermination records for my previous department and email Communications with the mold Pro they hired at my parents home on my Gmail on my phone. I knew because I like psych and studied it on my own I already knew what x Bond was Ziploc bag Matchbox syndrome delusional parasitosis oh, I didn't even mention pictures of things I stuck with I have the relevant experts testimony these are real. I didn't have a mark on me I wasn't complaining of it I had been at the hotel for 3 months well I had been at 3 hotels like 5 rooms or 6 somewhere in there already because they're bouncing me around on short bookings. I end up with a redacted for delusions of mold and bugs after the so-called MD tells me patients aren't allowed phones on the ward. . 

This isn't Justice this is rape

They have $6,300 minimum skilled labor performed during that eight months my mom had declared herself my landlord rent in Plymouth is a dollar 32 or square foot a month for residential. On-site i t support is 150 an hour fair market rate. 10 by 10 room what did I go to school for if this doesn't make any difference and it might not. 

But if this truly overrides everything done when it was done then you can literally abduct torture and discard with an ofp in Minnesota with impunity

 my dad just as transcribe this post once again if I were to bring everything of yours up tomorrow where would you want it? He has told me repeatedly he knows it will not fit in here. Just told me he'll pay to have his mole taken off it now he's back to there's no mold on it even though everything I've gotten back has been a nightmare. He told me he knew this place was too small they forced this place they forced it under threat of all my stuff goes away they picked the conditions they do these things to terrorize he will repeatedly and has repeatedly since the St Cloud apartment list started over a year-and-a-half ago now thanks to covid-19 all he'll do is phrase things in a way where they are taunts because he already knows the answer he picked the place he knows it's too small he wouldn't pick these conditions for himself but every time you want your stuff back I'm just drop it all off tomorrow for you. They decided when their basement and house was getting remediated they took what I had moved back in put it in the third garage stall to make sure it kept growing their mold most of its electronics that are damaged by moisture alone. Maple Grove PD doesn't care that 20 grand of my thing but they will stand in between me and them. I found the tenant handbook acknowledges or elise's or the renter hotline guide for police
Michael Grove PD just tells me you can't file theft you gave them your things moving out

I was on track to having $100,000 a year job in California. Associate of mine the corporation he worked for paid for some of the things being destroyed being held. This is to narcissistic abusers humiliating isolating and soon-to-be having murdered their son

The devil is definitely in the details narcissist well rather their victims have come up with the term called dog whistling it's an attack that is relevant to the personal details or the fine details of the life of the victim or the relationship between the two historical events which above like okay well I'm bringing up all your stuff tomorrow where do you want it? If you don't have the details that looks like he's being understanding and trying to be helpful so if I blow up on him what did I blow up on him for I must need help right? He'll sit there with me hungry for 4 days not acknowledging that he has my ID he's the reason the budget because he demands their car fixed or my stuff goes away for 9 months but he won't acknowledge I'm hungry some of the stuff was outright perjury on those reports or petitions

As for the things I'm not supposed to do I've been getting calls for 2 years with them telling people that I'm sick in the head I'm not to be trusted I've been getting calls from people I know that have told me they got a call like that. They isolate they destroy they harm no man no woman is an island if the court wants to ignore factors like the allergy to the toxic mold mold as multiple ways of annoying and or harmful plus the agreement with my dad and with the third parties left me financially dependent went before that I had been working 60 to $100 a week between two jobs. If the court wants to ignore that if the police want to ignore that well that's fine but it's a joke suicide is illegal cuz no one ever gets ahead in this system


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