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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

other tactics

through out this ordeal that continues to threaten my life... multiple plans and paths offered or demanded. 

like, pre forced lease it won't be livable unless I give them a key

then we will pay someone to help u get stuff from storage garage but u have to ask them if 16 an hr is OK. I called this as I saw it.. why would I ask first? if u put some in to pay up front... so like an idiot I ask and weeks go by then Paul wuethrich wants to renegotiate to 14..then not talk about it at all or give address for the storage garage the picked for my less valuable things. 

but several threats to get rid of it or it's going away soon if I don't clean mold car faster 

 I've been told several times I'd have my stuff all back and all cleaned professionally, if I would only put the time into findi g a place that's reasonably priced that would do it. 

so I ask, what a range of willing to pay would be.. out right refusal to answer anything close to the question.

mold car title was offered pre lease right after snow blew through. I accepted but he refused to actually transfer it. later in close to begging as Clyde was sick.. then dead. 


the first welfair check they called in (post ofp) they opened the door to car in apt parking lot, took my debit card gave it to the officer to likely both confuse me and paint picture of look incompetent son and loving parents. when really it's not something I lost, it was grabbed from the car in the apt parking lot.

my id is still gone. 

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