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pets, Diabetes autoimmune rotten jaw, lost credibility, credit, all property, suicide murder

I just remembered I once saw a theorized link between constant allergen exposure and auto immune. it's apears the work has been furthered a bit since I first saw it. 

just google or Google scholar allergys and autoimmune. 

no exercise I. half a decade either but constant stress no reward. heart disease, diabetes and a few others to look out for including strok

i used to cook and eat very healthy. had I had time I would have stayed more fit. 

I don't know what I worked for at all though. two people claiming to own me get police assisted right to take  pets I've had since 2007. 16 years of things I've worked for and everything given then make sure they are dead and it's desteoyed or at best still being destroyed and useless to me

including they have Bonnie rabbits ashes which came addressed to me at their house. It was during this sadistic let's make sure you jump around between hotels before we take the car and use the threat to get you an emergency medical hold. You know that life-saving supposedly hold where to get it you took someone's ability to get dinner after they worked all day 3 months into the locks just changes 8 months after my mother said she's my landlord. Over the eight months at bare minimum $6,300 of services were rendered.. Then you still have to say three times you want to harm me my property or yourself 3 * all I'm saying hey you're stranded me at the hotel then right after I make a threat that I had an eye to business law and rational adult think something could happen in other words it was meant to be I don't even think this would work but I never tried even get a cab which in hinged on then this cab picking me up from a hotel lot at 5:30 p.m. taking me to a hardware store to buy a sledgehammer then their house. This fakakta fucking hold. That might have been redundant. This is not oxymoronic like outlaw suicide allowing this. Billy Mays here with oxymoron I mean.. Maple Grove PD whose motto is protect and serve I guess they never stated who. car was back at 6 conditional threat expired and I return from gas station to hotel (having eaten naped and worked) maple Grove pd blocks me in. 

".... I decided before I met you you're going in tonight" 

during that I pointed out hey 5 cars 3 people, only reason hey took it is to prevoke. "doesn't matter its his car" 

then I see this officer again the day Bonnie rabbit died "you won't find the law I used on any books" was actually preceded by " I was concerned you had mentioned you wernt eating" funny the role up in suvs but he back peddles like a bike cop. once again forced by police to leave the place my still living friend Clyde rabbit and all my things are

forced to leave the place I moved into 10mo before and was told it's a landlord tenant relation. 

judge decides this or not. it doesn't excuse this in the ethics context. one.. Clyde rabbit.. two those things still there are tools to earn and as I started this.. my bike.. (exercise) I

have lived since March 2019 empty apt 3 now molding folding tables. anything I've got back is covered in their mold, mostly in the garage of the apt. The only time my parents have ever picked an apartment for me my dad and missed you would not have picked this one for himself and it's too small for my stuff despite the fact they had their mold remediator while I was on an emergency medical hold for false pretenses like they lied about the DV but Maple Grove Police told me if we put that on record we might be liable so yeah fucking kill me instead you fucking cowards. 

9 month Force labor on their car and instead of get anything back or the funds to do anything like stop the damage to my things or complete the contracted work or the work that was saleable on its own and related to the contracted work? Be able to cook? Have any normalcy any comfort any avoidance of what my doctor told me in February 2018 to avoid what they paid to be rid of in November 2018... 

As I write this Clyde  has been in the freezer for over a year

Because of how hard I work on an agreement with my dad and with third parties won in California where his employer paid for parts that Paul and Marlene we tricks are still destroying while  they kill me and well Maple Grove PD has several times either directly or variation of the phrase assured me I live the life because my parents pay for things. When they're paying for a cell destroying everything I actually worked for and you're facing us up here safe or possibly the fact that my dad was part of the AFL-CIO or later cTW labor Council ETA maybe there's some Union Yes master or maybe it's just that fucking ignorant that fucking bad at anything other than hurting people but hey if you have a badge and a gun.. who am I to argue. 

and it's not that I'm internet tough guy. I'd say it to your face too, off dubty if u put the gun down. I mean hey you enable someone to starve me 30 days last year and it's about to happen again. I don't even have much to swing with even though that would be the first I've ever swung at anyone in my life. In other words it probably won't happen but at one time I was in very good shape. Not picking fights we're letting them Get Physical was a conscious choice not something I couldn't have done and or probably a few times  one. That's not my style.

Maple Grove police through actions and words communicate for the most part they are there to enable two people claiming to own someone to torture, rob, physicaly and psychologicaly abuse him, risk immediate death, disfigurement and disability. stand by as a check in his name from his male is opened and endorsed by people claiming to own him. ask him WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE JOHN? WHY R YOU HERE? 

you can't file theft u Gave them your stuff moving out. 

I was given 0 notice and locked out. 

if a lease is found to have existed that's more ignored crime on mgpds part. 30 days to render anything left at move out. kinda wack when person claiming to own you makes sure its growing mold they got u diagnosed nuts for... while they paid to have their house fixed and he and she pick a cell too small then mgpd force u to drive away from all your seized property in a car u don't own.. trafficing much? 

I still never got notice, they forced this lease by threatening to make me homeless and get rid of all my things while I was being denied access and being bounced between hotels my dad was booking but I was paying food and gas. 

My mom had a cancer operation intent was because she wouldn't stop attacking me if I left the 10-foot by 10-foot room and they hadn't remediated the mold but it didn't matter I didn't say anything I've tried it I tried not looking at her not talking to her not looking in her Direction she's still end up attacking me

I didn't leave with a second form of ID I didn't leave with anything more than a week or two worth of stuff I needed to work on a web server at a hotel a week or two Max was the agreed on. Then February 2019 leapforce the lease Anthem place they pick and snow blows through car right as it starts. In November they were having 50 feet of wall 1500 square feet of carpet and Pad the deck from the other side of that wall ripped off and out of their house by mold professional. A professional remediation was paid for I am still dealing with it to this date. They kept even the full face respirator I had from working with acid to etch copper and make circuit boards. It's the type that if you wanted to set out to remediate mold lead or asbestos would be perfect.. the first three months of clean our car or lose everything while Clyde  rabbit got sick they were holding even the respirator and all secondary I'd. 

They will tell people I won't go to a doctor I won't get allergy tested he's driven me to five force me to one by my account. It won't let me follow the advice of my primary in February in the year before that I think like December of 2017 I got diagnosed with a possibly fungal scalp condition and I never even got to properly use the shampoo because it was supposed to be on for 10 minutes and they're hot water doesn't last that long and it kept the house at 60 now I'm going bald on top of it pulling up black stuff from my hair. I watched it spread on my clothing from the car that I was being forced to clean up to the little bit of ship that I finally got in there one chair and a folding table two more folding table they're all growing at now and I can prove that you want to call me crazy go ahead you'll be a fucking psychotic murderer or a moron depending on your role. At very least I look around beside a little bit cuz there's quite a few pictures. And shiting my guts out more than I meet they waited until I was going to have to be out of this lease they forced because the landlord didn't like cleaning them old car here. God dammit it's even in the fucking phone. The transcribed errors are not things I'm saying I can hardly see right now cuz one of my eyes is inflamed. You guys Force Minnesota crap on people they waited till 20 days before I had to be out in a new place still holding all of my things knowing the car was broken down for six days they filed ofp season Hennepin knowing they picked I live in Stearns. They then stole my ID and debit card my garage door opener stuff I needed to fix the washing machine I'm sitting here with nothing no ability to do anything productive I can't get a job I can't be healthy there's no point to this other than if this is legal don't worry it won't be an attempted suicide but I really doubt it's going to make it that far cuz I don't think I'm going to be around much longer if I want to live or not the last thing I want to do is Facebook fucking rapist. I own you I need control because I want control I thought you what was that just the last word when I had said you make me feel like a slave and I was 3 days hungry. I cannot find any comfort I worked for 16 years if someone can take that force me around physically on this site for destroy at all well threatening to maybe gypsum stucco at their house is grounds for the police to abduct Me for 5 3 to 5 days in a medical facility where the dr's maybe just an RX Kickback the fucking drugging me oh but not before a fucking pocket and Pat search by the officer even though this medical hold self-admitted didn't match any law book it went down as a medical officer hold before sneaker the ambulance the moment I stepped out of the car turn and face it for a search. Then the doctor I've never met before doesn't want details and in 10 minutes signs off that I need to be there even though I've been totally calm 3 hours then I asked is there a piece of paper that makes this official have I been anything but calm and cogent? You've been fine but we're keeping you anyway I'll be right back with that sheet. 

It definitely won't be me. Everything this is meant I'm going to be dead I wish I was right now I am in so much pain every kind of pain there is to be in. They steal just to keep me from putting together even enough to wage of legal battle let alone organize a search for an apartment with what destroyed credit they came up with my remote after the ofp passed in my absence for my garage taken from the car compound miter saw my workstation computer and my MIG welder the first two I paid 4 years ago like I like 8 years ago for the computer has been upgraded three times the MIG welder I got after watching for 8 years for that power level of machine it went on clearance at Northern and then use the last ee savings bond my grandma left me but according to Maple Grove if your parents pay for everything they're always going to have some control. He told me as I reported I've been 3 days hungry and that you wanted me to repeat the word slave

the ability to Rob him blind , stand in between me and my fingers citizens life

while I doubt the police 


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