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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

pics from hell

not hell. anywhere Bonnie and Clyde were with me was home since 2007 

this covered the seatbelt trim in marlenes car. ie the place it lives when not on use (figuratively speaking) 
while maple Grove police repeatedly tell me along the lines of I live the life while enforcing this labor under threat to all my things kept when my parents 0 notice changed the garage code locking me out... 
it should be noted that mold solution. costs 30 usd a gal, and I stripped a drill on the sestbelt lug. more importantly I begged for the title so I could sell it and not have mine and clides life endanger. everything mine has been held while I'm forced to drive away in vehicles I could have sold those things to afford . 

in responce to request for title transfer "ha you think you could figure out buying or selling a car?" 

when pressing on the lump on my neck.. 
I found some old pics. that lump formed when I was st their place briefly in 2014. my dad wanted me to sue office max(my first employer in st cloud). it's clear in retrospect that this is unlikely to be related to the ergonomics on thst job and I'm glad I did not. 

they tell police and the court anything to fit their narrative. inclydi g I'm sick in the head haven't worked or to me it becomes some iteration of enough. worked enough. to what not have u take everything tell me I haven't ever when I've made 5 first hr 25 an hr after woki g it support 2004 and before and after for clients I acquired via things like cards left in coffee shops, teachers, one of my moms students and coworkers one of my dad's coworkers and a business that does business with labor unions. 

they create threat to life situations by theft or in my mom's case actually trying to push me over a railing to basement.. then lie to police

they both have said(to me) (sic) 
we are the same person
I get what I want when I want 

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