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Sunday, July 19, 2020

political prisoner

seems to me that this term has all but disappeared from the public conscious and vanaculiar.

what's disturbing is some psych blogs (that might be abuse industry fronts) are pushing for the new personality disorder MAX EDITION.. er.. HIGH CONFLICT EXTREAM MAX BIG HORN EDITION 

with in that is a push to widen what I see as a liability waver and auto application to any undeseriwble at best. 

it's the specific language targeted at "believes people may be working togeather to harm them" 

with something like that.. it's almost like a lawyer.. er. 

not everyone has the vocab or instqntionus frame of mind to carefully word around that implication or better yet describe it as a possibility in many

it's also possible it apears that way or with or with out active colaberation the result from afar would be easily mistaken for the same. aka regardless of if they talked about it or planned there might be a mutual intrest in convicting or committing an indivigual between hospital, family and or state. 

especially if any potentialy liability issues exist from any previous encounters. 

why I think this really matters is powers are blurring. ie seperatiin is dissolving. esp with things like emergency medical holds in Minnesota 

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