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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

ponderance about the earths polls

how much bigger than the earth is mars? im not sure if we have any idea whats going on with the mars core. if its stoped however; does size of the planet have a relation to how long the core stays active?

most of what ive seen indicates forces like the sun probably excite the core of the planet, ie its not just a slow cool down till its out, theres some heat or energy added. 

I cant say I know enough to be sure, i am pretty sure if the field it produces goes away humanity is up a brown river trying to paddle with Elon Musks rockets. Even in that case having nothing else established already and not being entirely sure what happens to humans in martian gravity... (likely we become plaid apache helicopters /little green men are uh...jaded? ill see myself out.)ie long and short is its better to have it already if you need it (and know its sustainable) than the alternative of : oh shit, earth is bearly habitable and we aren't anywhere else yet. 

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