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it boggles my mind that one citize. reporting on another can create a 3 to 5 day abduction in absence of any other reason for the police Contact. forced into an ambulance but not before a search. then a doc never met before signs off on it stating the stranger is paranoid.

where is your baseline for that? esp when I'm told 3hrs later you've been fine we are keeping you anyway, I'll be right back with that sheet "medical officer hold" well that sorta not handy as it doesn't actually have a clear definition on the revisor site.

call state bar hotline and "no one wants to touch these cases"

ie there's no appeals process. there likely are lawyers who will but who do u think the least likely to be able to fight this or most harmed by and then again by the state bar hotline would be?

probably those with out time, money, or specific knowledge of med world / vocab to even communicate what might have been wrong about what happened.

I understand job security for lawyers but when you can be detained 3 to 5 days for threatening to snap your own pencil. (not a metaphor the laws are that vague) and the private or otherwise med Corp that holds you doesn't even provide a sheet that easily matches with looking up what law they were held under?

combined thst with knowing police have power to overlook almost every crime. 

ie in this day and age there is often a reason to be on edge. yet paranoid is a 3 day abduction thst might include drugging and might not count the weekends. your jail keep can even get a big pharma financial bonus for writing a script.

conflict of what?

no one had ever declared me anything but adhd and mild pstd in the psych world before this Nov 2018 farce. 

the state is ensuring I'm a lot of things through actions of maple Grove pd and hen County. 

moved into parents Jan 2018 lock changes 0 notice Aug 2018 and right now I'm typing this in an empty apt where a pet/friend/therapy animal I've had since  died. end of 2018 Bonnie died in their care so skinny that when my mom decided she needed the vet was the day she died.

while banned from the house due to police and lock change despite fact my mom told me moving in she is my landlord. at min 6300 in skilled labor/services were preformed and mn according to tenants hotline acknowledges oral leases. mgpd just tells me they don't own me anything and I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out. ignoring that parents threaten my now in their control things to command my living conditions and schedule. ignoring they are all being destroyed

my dad threatened to put Clyde in the washing machine shortly after Bonnie died. 

if police can simply refuse to make a report (or worse yet, no recording if even a requested meeting and what ever they want goes down on their reports)... refuse to do anything about check fraud mail fraud attempted murder while two parties claim to own the other.. well to be fair only my dad said it 2x a 3rd he thinks he bought me. a 4th wanfwd me to repeat the word slave when I'm 3 days hungry "dad you make me feel like a slave" what was thst? just the last word "

well those are crimes thst u might not get away from or would be very hard to if someone is into your banking info and contracts via mail. 

but paranoid is a reason to... more like there's every reason to be... 

worse yet after u get sick of telling it to put the lotion on its skin run to civil court and cry witch again... er... something like that. 

first make sure target can't get there. it passes in their absensece and now they can be arrested sans warent 

how free am I to walk away when the parties above do things like hold or steal physical id to prevent income while stealing holding or destroying 20k of assets I paid for and have earned far above min wage with in the past? 

if police refuse to enforce looking into attempted murder let alone the other federal or criminal acts.. where's the rational adults reasonable expectation even being homeless solves this? 

they have my social and dl number. 
they sign my name on contracts and at least one check (I didn't know of till after) from my mail. 

they have no legal custodial ship over me. I belive they do over my mom's sister. 

they try to repeatedly paint the case I can't care for myself and need mental help when in reality they do everything they can to create thst and every once in a while make it clear they know what they do. 


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