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Police and hennepin County Enforced Hunger torture and threat to life

So I call Hennepin County dispatch and report that Maple Grove PD doesn't care someone has taken my ID, can not eat can not apply for job. 

 ill post the call later but the main point is the police created this situation by selective enforcement and or ignoring crimes threats of bodily harm reports of bodily harm.. by one party acting on the words of the other  and against several laws 

the police will arrest me if I go near anything mine including my stolen ID but I cannot eat or get a job without two forms of ID to get a job photo ID to get food stamps this is a threat to life and Terror.. living fucking nightmare situation.

maple Grove police have never so much as witnessed  me raise my voice. 

when this started I was 30 with a clean record ie nothing that would indicate I'm violent.  still havent been. the two that file reports and now civil orders as weapons have both physically asulted me in the last 2 years. 

marlene wuethrich once while trying repeatedly to push me over a railing. when I defused the situation she screams "you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out" then "Paul! call the police!"

when I moved in Jan 2018 marlene wuethrich said she was my landlord. I've preformed it consulting and support professionally since 2004. she actually drove me to the first biz client I got off a card posted on coffee shop builtin board. 3 person CPA office. the going rate for that service on site in 2018 was 150 an hr.

Going rate for residential square footage rental in Plymouth Minnesota is $ 1.32 a square foot/mo. I couldn't find maple groves rate but the two cities are of similar economic status so I would believe that plus or minus $0.20 would cover any difference. What that means is what happened probably once a week plus two projects bigger than hey come help me on this computer... I want some month request covers rent on the 10-foot by 10-foot room that she said she was my landlord over. The Minnesota tenant hotline in the handbook the issue to Police Department even mentions  oral Leases.

but regardless of the legal claim.. if parents are held at 0 accountability for crimes committed a gf ainst adult offspring, can take everything of theirs with help of police.. because society says we are born owing our parents or life is a gift.. 

well think what u want but economic reality is staying alive requires earning either in pay or place to live then pay for food from other sources. 

we are moving twoards a slave society by not realizing this

worse yet people who experience this.. regardless from how it looks to an outsider are highly likely to have been subjected to at very least neglect more likely some level of abuse growing up. We are victim-blaming based on some retarded assumption parents want to do that when everything says some do.

More so nothing in science has shown that there is within every parent some wouldn't do that circuit of their brain or Anatomy. Science has shown that conditions like narcissistic personality disorder antisocial personality disorder borderline personality disorder and many more through disruptions to empathy sympathy conscience would be highly likely to do this to anyone

I belive there's even evidence some things interfere with the closest thing there is to evidence parents wouldn't do this which is the hormone oxytocin

And it's not General to Parenting it's supposed to create trust and bonds between family members or just lovers


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