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Terror hopelessness destruction insanity no basic health safe murder

What is being done to me is that all odds with any plan that Minnesota protects its citizens or are human rights. Unless we play the definition of word games as in the state of something outside what one would anticipate the word mean but I'm not that I think there's been some constitutional violations. But along the lines of a ship's in the woods if there's no one there to defend you if the cops and insured that you end up without even an ID and homeless what does it matter. Furthermore why won't work at all I mean don't take that the wrong way I wish I was right now. My dad made an agreement and that is what left me dependent when their house made sure I started bleeding. Almost found one place in the apartment right across from where my clothes went especially on days where I would drive to their house at night to say goodbye to Cosmos gas well rather spend some time with my dying friend. Stop at the hotel started again with exposure to the house or to the car after snow blew through the car. But the thing is there's no indication here that police aren't just saying that it's because I accepted money from my parents even though they will say that I literally have said that they will always have some control when the police are keeping me from 16 years of things I were to pay for after a zero notice lock change and I've been saying six months which is just an indication of my mathmatic dyslexia but I will never be able to get that tested at this rate I'm dead because I've been for all intents and purposes ordered around place to place in something I don't own threatened I'm totally homeless all of my stuff threatened and their house the same as far as I know it's paid off and it's worth the hunt $430,000 it had 50 feet of basement wall ripped out 1500 square feet of carpet and pad I detected that mold in 2014 or rather I reason that is what it was the first time it made me sick. I worked so hard in between I didn't even remember that trauma. We're in the lobby book is it show that if you ever move back in with your parents you forfeit all right and all protection I looked up the cost of a square foot of rental and was able to find Plymouth today 30 sqft which means my mom said she's my landlord now till I can afford to move out one hour of work on computers that I built for them which was more likely at least at very least once a week come help us with our computer or do that upgrade that means market value of $150 an hour and rent for the 10-foot by 10-foot room would likely $130 by market average. again none of it matters if I die on the street.

Also I realize that without counting I've been calling August through January six months in hotels.

Which demonstrates all the more likely that I have mathematic dislexia

Which the entire transfer 12 time my parents would write off as I'm just lazy and don't try. I've discussed elsewhere on this blog other reasons I was pretty sure I had it. It's trouble for anybody to have to reprioritize money every month. But what they do is they tell people they give me 4000 a month when in reality they're giving anywhere from seven hundred after rent but again this is a game they play because they play with the context and the actual budget I am estimated or anyone can sing Lee do without a kitchen eating out and with someone constantly taking things from you to set you back you have to refi or size anyway it would be stressful for anyone but what they'll do is like 1300 when at least 2000 was agreed on and there's also telling me why haven't you found the rental space or keeping my ID or stealing my ID they're taking requires things to get away from them they're making me refactor every budget based on tools that I bought even with my own money that I don't have or stealing from me and then ignoring the budget to do the demands of clean their car or lose all your things

So whether they know it or not they're also hitting on the learning disability that I have. I bet it's just fine and like I said this would be stressful for anybody but you're literally beating someone's weaknesses in ways that might kill them

And then on top of that the police are keeping me from my things. They change the locks with the girl notice I was going to a hotel for my mom's benefit not because their house was making me bleed from the corners of the eyes.

Cops are telling you even May 22nd 20/20 when they activated the ofp and ignored the fact that my parents had driven up and stole my ID and then my miter saw my MIG welder and my myself built desktop workstation PC.... but cops are telling me how grateful I should be good this is a sweet car I'm driving yeah except it's not mine in the title everything mine that I could sell guys with guns girls with guns and badges have kept me from told me to leave public property for nothing more than sitting on public property starting end of August 2018. 

ignored mail fraud check fraud signing my name on stuff from my held mail. 

Ignored all my stuff was being threatened

I'm an only child which means well people see if there's only good thing but if you look at it in the context of abusers like the turpins I have no context for normal. 

I have two parents that will be a slight for each other or for themselves to the extreme that even if I point outfits recorded they just say still what or fuck you're recording and off and push the same light again after within moments.

It appears all you have to do to hold someone hostage in Minnesota is pay for an apartment. Combined with Selective enforcement and the fact that things stolen are often things related to the ability to get a job at all or maintain let alone contracted third-party paid for projects work. Projects demonstrated to work before this started. What's being done is destruction of every part of a person and their help but when police overlooked things like theft of a physical ID and you can't even get food stamps without one that's one thing on its own but when you're constantly taking from someone and just making it look like you've given them something when really you're commanding labor and doing things to block them from having any thing that they worked for in the past let alone ability to get one or maintain anything included basic hygiene. When you're threatening the ashes of their dead pet that died in your care you're taunting the fact that their second pet died because of shit you kept you are the fucking terrorist

I told them from the start I need a place to file documents I need a desk I need a printer I need my kitchen stuff I need a place to store clean clothes. I had an Ikea dresser I bought with money iron well after I moved out of their house. This idea that accept money from someone offering it to you entitles them to everything you work for and had from other sources of income entitles them to put you out on the street after you move back in after it's found their house their mistakes with their house contaminating your apartment now all the sudden they did everything you work for because this is nuts. 

I also asked my mom if you can't be honest about anything please do not talk to me at all. So what does she do? Send letters that act like nothing happened that were supposed to be chummy-chummy to make me look like the evil unhinged son but at the same time if you read into it what she's saying is you should let me sell your things that I won't let you touch. The games she thinks that might be worth a lot are opened original Xbox discs. I didn't have an Xbox until high school when I was working at Target and I use my employee discount in my money so it's a double burn because that's all stuff I paid for but at most it might be a dollar for disc and I only have like 10 games. She also sent the people are fleeing San Francisco article. So claims it was fake so she didn't ruin anything but you never tried to check she knows how long I've done computer support she knows what I'm capable of she made me prove everything work but can't name the title. She keeps it from me with help of the police to keep me from finishing my contract obligation and my honorable obligation to someone who was good to me. To someone who is company paid him to pay me for it. They ultimately humiliate me what breaking me down and lying about my path trying to destroy my health my future on my life with police helping them take control my banking everything in my mail everything Healthcare they open all my mail they hold it and during the hotel wasn't really possible to file change of address then the mold cars the reason I got notice to from this least they force. But the point is the person who paid for it and another friend who had absolutely nothing to game both were looking to get me positions for 62 a hundred thousand a year in California when that project was done. So she sits there sending me news clippings of all well people don't like San Francisco anyway and then tells me how much my Xbox games will be worth in her opinion fucking bitch stick murderous  fucking bitch

I have a plastic file box and I was able to get the other hell with the first nine months of that car was I can't transport anything without covering it in what was growing in the car February 2018 my doctor said someone your age gets better by getting away from it.

Instead they threatened all of my things while police selective non enforce any actual crime. They take away everything mine everything that might offer some purpose anything to allow me basic organization skills anything to allow me to diet that I learned how to cook in the cookware that I paid for. First three months any second form of ID from safety equipment for cleaning their car for nine months cleaning their car. The only reason that nine months ended is I realized children's might terminate my mom learning that for 9 years this car was tracking mold from their 19 year old moldy basement into children's NICU. In the beginning I asked if not begged for the title saying I would scrap it and take whatever I could get. Keep in mind they're sitting on Justin tools 20 grand of my things. With Maple Grove Police enforcing it after his zero notice lock change

. Ignoring my health my safety doctor's advice and then we'll sit there telling me it's your fault cuz you won't get allergy tested or you won't go to the doctor when my dad's driven  me to 5 Dr. When they threaten everything of mine break laws to keep control to terrorize enforce conditions that would be harmful to anyone. They pretended to lose Bonnie's ashes which I still don't have which went address to me at their house USPS

When Clyde died I was asked why guitars not going faster and I said you Dad can you think of any reason I'm slow this week. he responded I can probably list a hundred of your problems but I'm not going to hop around all night. Then we'll still sitting on my tools demand in the work asking why is not done faster is implying that if he pays for cremation he gets his Ashes to. Then the tension with this we came from having to clean the moldy fucking car here. The moment I got the headliner out or any of it disassembled I'm at risk of criminal property damage suicide racket kidnaping racket harming people with police enforcement. 

Because then they file the osp's with 20 days vacate the only reason I'm not on the street is called if they come up and steal my ID and all the all the other stuff listed. Also knowing that for several months my washing machine was broken at that point knowing the car was broken for six days before they filed the ofp in Hennepin when they picked Stearns for me to live under for sale sign this lease or we will get rid of all your stuff if you can deal or lock someone out of other things Euro noticed relocate them repeatedly like At first 2 weeks or 1 week booking from hotels so even in the hotel hotels and such a fucken Cavalier thing to tell and one of his fucked up games if I'm not doing anything for you what am I doing to you John. Even if I listed sometimes he'll just set the phone down come back 30 seconds later and hang up nasty nasty. You have a hundred variations of it she'll do the same thing. I call it the list how I'm hurting you make me relive how I'm terrorizing and risking your life just to change the subject hang up Etc. Every thing he does or like 95% it's not to allow anything actually progress wise discussed. He'll flat-out say I supported you for years when I say Dad you're keeping me from having anything's anyone anything I work for Hill Safe I gave you money for years. Which is literally saying I own you over and over and over because the difference between owning someone and helping them is blocking any ability to have anything that you work for or the ability to work for something new or even what was agreed on to finance but also required me pudding and everything I had I hate this no one can be serious about going to anything to prevent suicides when the law allows this incest this is fucking abuse to the extreme. The state is defending a woman who risked sick infants lives

And it's unsettling to anyone we have stuff continuously taken. When police won't do anything about it and for example it's needed to get a job and you're already looking at start over because police won't do anything about it and you're about to be homeless and then they low id-theft like of the physical ID so now you're down to your birth certificate which you can get your ID remade but you have to have it mailed somewhere and you're not sure where you're going to be in a week and it cost money you might not have. In the hotel is my dad was paying for the hotel but that was rather his choice for /2 I was buying food and gas. They knew what I suggested I go for the hotel because my mom literally would not let me leave the 10-foot by 10-foot room without a tracking me and if I left the house for an hour a week I was up to no good and if I turned around for a second anything in or out of the room what's hidden move thrown in The Moldy basement thrown in the garage thrown in the trash. A larger arching problem here though when someone goes into the police on their own accord and reports I have evidence that the TV report and Report used to put me in an emergency medical hold we're directly done as punishment and falsified reports or backwards they're opening my mail there holding my mail there signing my name on at least 1 second document from my mail what I need is to stop the false reports As Weapons give me at least you unreliable Witness oh by the way they also say they own me. If we put on reliable witness on record we might be liable that's not check fraud that's not mail fraud they can open anything that goes to their house. Which is the part truth but they can't hold it they can't sign my name on documents without legal custodial ship which they do not have

My credits fuck they're destroying what fucked my credit along with tools I paid for in cash I earned over 16 years of working open more than one employer at once

Furthermore at least twice in front of police it was discussed that I would get my bicycle fat during the nine months of old car I said from the start I can't do it with no kitchen and my only means of Transport being the car. Forced laborers if you have a chance that doing this labor that we're not giving you the projected budget to clean something toxic from our car under threat will destroy or give away all of yours oh but we're not trying to give you enough to eat and do it or sometimes eat without doing anything well we demand you do it faster conditions that aren't mine but I pointed out make sure I can't meet them they make sure when I own $2,000 for work done on a web server for a company it was all spent I'm dealing with the problem forced on me

What my bicycle is rather important because exercise is good in general exercise is good for your mood exercise helps with anxiety exercise helps the limbic system move lymph around combined with screwing over someone's diet when they used to cook with garlic with spices Indian chicken curry from scratch 57 eat fast food for you because you want to steal their kitchen or hold it for some reason there's no signing their name

But in regards to doctor having said get away from it in regards to its toxic let's take let's forced him to be exposed to it what would make sure in general the worst possible way to treat your body and immune system is the only way he can be even though he taught himself better and paid attention in both came through 12th and college when they taught him better. But the thing is they didn't teach me how to cook my parents didn't that's something I had to learn put all that cycle back and causes more anxiety on top of the fact that when the police don't help you that's not a good feeling because when someone should terrorize steal from you to set you back and then instead of police helping at the end of your lease when you're about to be homeless hey let's file an ofp or two now what steal his ID as you figured out we can get to know his address for 2 years what the fuck the state is like make you sick and head maybe once we've let you be be too close to death fucked over in the head maybe we'll catch you and put you in a mental ward or in a jail if you violate the one side no evidence ofp so no other things considered no statue of limits civil court charge after you've been for all intents and most purposes abducted. Maybe we'll catch that maybe you just died but hey at least the coroner and the more employees well I guess they have job security

It's absolutely absent from public school at least when I was in it was any informed consent that this is how it works. I think either way it's wrong but I think it and the people who carry it out are abhorrent Abominations the worst example of humanity but what does it matter I'll be dead either way

Hard to keep track of it anymore but I'm also forgetting they have tools I need to fix the washing machine months of unable or having to decide do I spend all the time washing clothes in the bathtub do I wear clothes for three weeks or two weeks sometimes months at the risk of not being able to eat when you can even a few months even a month for some people is enough to break them down this is been 3 years of torture starting in 2017 when after visiting Cosmos before death several times he dies in like a month to three months it started slowly it ramps up I'm bleeding I don't know why I'm getting pinprick wounds I don't know why I'm getting rashes I don't know why we find bugs it's worse cuz they start they devoured more control and even when it's determined the problem is from their house that's when they got the nastiest the most destructive and in Trappin Trappin abducting because that's the real ghost walk away from everything you weren't give me both your forms of ID tell me I haven't harmed you. Now go to the police and they don't want to do anything about it fuck this


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