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the torcher cell Paul and Marlene picked with mgpd assistance

I had looked at several places during time in hotels. as one of pale wuethrich (Paul wuethrich/coping mechanics) sick covert abuse tactics I heard even yesterday that they had to pick because I wouldn't look.

false. and I've told him otherwise in person, showed him pics of places I had in mind. 

I ultimately concluded it was unlikely I could clean their mold off my stuff in any apt and before I knew I had the car and sick Clyde rabbit to further traumatize.

he was also claiming they were going to pay for a seperated commercial space before during and after forcing this lease (at apt they picked in st cloud) (now 4mo past notice to vaycate) and continuing to teroize and commit theft and create theft to life  with Marburg Wuethrich (Marlene Wuethrich)

lease started like Feb or March 2019 ended March 31st. 2020. 4 or 5x notice to vaycate at end of lease was sent by this like recognizes like landlord and or possibly an old friend of my dad's from usd 281, maybe just soneone they poisoned with a lie.

I'll elaborate on more later but 

this place hovers at 60 or above humidity in the summer, moment one dehumidifier kicks out its at 50.

trying to deal with constant mold used as bio weapon by parents it would be ideal to have a space I could maintain around 30

actually before snow blew through the car (likely Paul wuethrich doing)

I realized there was a way to not throw away ever dollar I've ever earned and 10k of theirs on apt rent then 20k commercial space rent.

it also offered fiber internet with 1gb up and down for 100 a mo where in this apt I pay that for 80mb down 40up. well.. paid. untill they made sure I couldnt eat. while msjigb sure I explained first

Clyde's supplies crucial 

basics for me :
desk chair 

kitchen stuff I've acquired and taught myself habits to save cost and improve health between 2007 and 2018. 

place to store clean clothes. had an ikea dresser I bought in 2009 ish 

preferably one of 4 printers. 

for dealing with mold 
-can not do if this car is only source  of transport and no kitchen stuff in apt. 
-need to cobtrol heat in garage to dehumidify. this turned into drive st cloud to Rodgers in a blizzard with just enough money to get Clyde stuff needed and heater on sale. 

Clyde had lost the ability to walk was in bad shape and Minnesota incest, police and court bias in defence /defended twat and twat et were telling me, we will bring up things u need tomorrow, nope. nope next tomorrow. my dad agreed about 5x to a rental car just for clyde. once wanted me to take him in cab or first bus

my parents are socieoathic and or narasstic. 

I didn't come to that conclusion likely or to fling shit and hope it sticks. 

as I told my abusive.. I'll finish thiebwkt 


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