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they've had full control over where I am like physical location since 2018 under threat my stuff and my rabbits stay put I'm gone. sometimes they would say we will put u in the car leave you under a bridge in Minneapolis. I've made money other than what they claim they gave me (sometimes not at all usually vastly inflated and things like car are not things I have title to) since 2004

in 06 when I graduated hs I could have bought the car they said was mine and paid for my first semester at least at ndsu. I had 4 business it support and consulting clients 2 dozen homes and a telemarketing postion on home refinance. that postion paid 11 an hr plus commission. the commission required meeting a quota and the loans clearing but what you got was a small percentage of the profit the company expected on the loan. 

so alternatively I could have used cash on hand to buy a car and keep making what I was charging at that point of 75 for the first hr (50 in 04) 30 an hr after and the 11 dollar an hr telemarketing gig to rent an apt.

it's clear to me no one who even claims they rent from their parents in maple Grove US safe from police enabling this loss of everything and threat to health. unless of course this has something to do with my dad having been on the mn laver console and vp of his seiu local. if I understand correctly seiu broke from the aflcio around the time he was retiring and with others (including Minnesota's police union) formed change to win. so while the names have changed he was directly tied to the police union under a common over body orginization and involved with meetings of that.

I'm normally or at least thought I was union yes. I think over all they enable better pay and conditions for employees. 

I'm not sure this has any invoment what so ever but can't rule it out. 

in general though unless the police and edu are false advertising the role of police I think there are some unresolved ethical questions as the purpose of officer (at least as taught to public and stated intersects with the protections unions offer)

in general and especially in a society that claims to be free and democratic... with authority should come accountability.

this isn't the dark ages either. there are plenty of ways to harm or kill a person, knives guns and fists or explosives are just the image of violence and harm. 

as I found out even reporting to police that someone attempted to kill you doesn't mean they have to act on anything. or stop acting in a way that gives that party power to starve and destroy all personal assets.. or a postion of power. 

Id probably be happy enough not applying my mind to these issues. the plan was form an llc doing repairs and 2 contracted projects. 3 more total designed products designed by yours truly. all salable. 2 paid for. by external parties 1 was a tool required to build the battery packs 4 required and that in and of itself was and still is in huge demand. it would have also enabled more repair jobs. 

2 of my friends were going to use 1 of the projects to attempt to get me in the door to a position to the tune of 60 to 100k a year. ones company paid for the parts marlene and Paul wuethrich still destroy. 

projects were showing to work before I even had to move back into their house. I found out around August 2018 they had also been sitting on about two grand worth of money already in my name in the form of maturity ee bonds 

Regardless of why Maple Grove Police acted in this fashion their actions have created the situation where I'm more likely to be dead than ever have an income. Traumatic as all hell because the realization that please can help someone start you to death and Rob you blind to leave you homeless is not easy to get over. Especially not when they're still doing it. And that's not even the extent of it they're using aspergillus and black mold like biological weapons. So the police can help someone robbed you blind for slavery still on computers you built for them separate you from 16 years of things you've learned everything you've ever been given either by family or by past employers friends whatever, turn a blind eye to your accounts being hijacked your physical ID being stolen and your signature being forged. Also turn their eye to attempted murder and another incident of physical assault. Turn their heads and selective non enforce poison someone.

 the perpetrator who are the majority of the time has claimed to own the victim just runs to civil court then claims words were said. Then Hennepin County strips all kinds of Rights and make sure that the perpetrator knows where the victim lives. Or probably where they die. I wanted to get involved after finding any success anywhere and neither having my own Makerspace for joining one in the capacity to let the tools I have be used for other people's projects when I'm not using them and it should say tools I had I'd like to think I like furthering peoples Ambitions dreams. I still haven't hit anybody both of them ever hit me now I'm a DV stat as I'm being starved to death by people who claim to own me this is fucked. I'd love to talk about anything other than this

instead I'll be lucky to survive this at all let alone intact and not disabled or disfigured. 


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