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Tuesday, July 7, 2020


2014 - 6mo meant to stay 1 mo max they wouldn't let me leave. first rounds of threats.. no mold it's in your head. 

forgot about it Inbetween 

2017 - may is when Cosmos died, bleeding got real bad around July though some work tried to press on
so let's call it jully 2017/7

2020- 7 and counting

they paid to have mold removed Aug 2018.

pretty messed up considering 2004 I had several income steams including small biz it support that I would maintain  2014  and find new clients in st cloud. 

so if u tell mgpd your abduct never worked... 

have at er, just don't get too physical and they will cover the rest of allowing u to force labor physicaly relocate and tramatize your children.. if you're into that sorts thing. 4 years or about gone for something they caused playing general contractor finishing their house in 01

get someone declared the medical equilent of crazy while you have it removed Nov 2018, then make sure they deal with it up to homelessness in 2020

while mgpd doesn't care u stole their id or that victim has recordings indicating thst the call leading to mental hold and dv report were falsified. 

this system is a deadly racket. 

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