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trust no one

it occurs to me that the nature of this law means you could probably jail anyone with it. rob a roommate blind? ofp.. wanna Grove labor both skilled and otherwise, create the death of their pet rabbits? steal and destroy 20k worth of their belongings (using held hostage and illegal lock out as threat to relocate repeatedly then force labor and still deadly conditions) well... 

mpgd is probably required, but yeah.. ofp

doesn't matter if u tried to kill them, maple Grove pd finds that a bit much for record keeping and will happily keep your false reports as weapons while forcing the victim to endure risk to health life body limb sanity, reason to be alive 

mgpd will even ensure them they live the life! that might be a ctw perk though (ymmv)

they won't even follow up on Geting his bike back or let theft be filed. maple Grove is la ville du Turpin. It probably helps that the trafficking put me out of their jurisdiction. If they were the ones that found body they might not have been so easy to overlook the theft of physical ID. I'm waiting to die or evicted and die

it puts the lotion on its skin because Paul and Marlene get what they want again when they wanted even if it's murder

Funny they got their house fixed. If they have trusted me back in 2014 at a most basic level it would have been a lot less damage. That's when I first detected it. I got cleaned up the house from Hurricane Sandy in New York smells I've never smelled before except in their basement after

Obviously trust no one is a bit of an exaggeration , but at the same time this is what a fuked up State one fucked up country. My dad was on the AFL-CIO labor Council. If I understand correctly that became changed to win right around the time he retired. Which is also what the police Union is under now he was an SEIU Local 284 vice president Union Stewart and then full-time organizer.

The groom cuz victim from birth she's just as much responsible if not more. I have a feeling he takes it out on me what she does to him. He does his own shit but I guess she's going to have to take the cake cuz endangering newborns lives for 19 years been trying to post term abort her son for being right about the serious mold problem at their house. The pretty much for one either way because there's no point to being alive anymore. During the time I was there maybe this shit some light on it but at one point I don't recall what they were anymore you have two commands that work totally opposite directives. I stopped on realizing that turned around and said those are conflicting directives she looked at me and said that's the point. I think a system that generates narcissists and this country. Splitting is a common theme and I think it's the Flies to most of the cluster bees but I don't see how that's much different than polarizacion dramatization you know what the news porches everyday what fiction TV TV programs. News is technically infotainment most people don't realize that. I think if we keep following the works of Freud's nephew we might as well not even have a National Defense budget. There is no us. There's Michelle Corporation posing as the federal government and States under it a lot of them anyway have moved to models like police that protect and serve as long as the crimes that they are concerned about I have Associated federal funds for the bust or the conviction. I thought I saw somewhere that ofp arrest I would bet guns are to the illegal ones anyway. Protect and serve the state apparently. I've always wondered who were protecting and serving pretty clear now. Friend of mine used to say play stupid games Win stupid prizes, what exactly are we winning with this change no I'm not part of we.. 

but therein lies the inherent problem when the police are.

Kind of like how there is a pretty glaring issue(to me) me with  emergency medic holds.. actually 3 fold:

  • state bar hotline will tell you no one touches these cases 
  • police officer forced me to ambulance "I have the power to decide but I decided before I met you you're going in to night" 3mo into lock change. bouncing hotels like a ping-pong ball on the ss club table.. despite calm the whole time as soon as I exited the vehicle (in hotel lot) turn and face the vehicle. and we got handzy w/my rights. 
  • at mg hospital doc I haven't met before doesn't want details but decides despite how calm I am staying 
I figured I'll sleep through most of it. I Made a list of med law offices on paper incase day shift was more strict or the situation degraded. I figured I'd have access to a phone but idk.. seemed like when in custody it could be removed quickly. The lady with the Don I think was her name she really don't like being recorded the next day. What are you doing you can't do that. I was polite I just set it on the table record I was blade despite the fact that she woke me up. We're funny when she was calling me by the wrong name though I'm relatively sure that I've seen her before and I think my first year at college one of the floor mats dorm mates on the floor for whatever reason she was taking care of him. She called me by his name to I didn't know him very well he looked like across the common area. What I remember him for is doing homework in the common area breaking out in hives screaming all my medications are reacting and running into his room. 

If that is the same lady God damn did you put me in good hands. Clearly she's not doing the prescribing but yeeeek. And then we moved to people with an even better track record I went back to sleep after Don cuz what else am I going to do I don't have my laptop and I've been get woke up to be informed that I'm being transferred to Riverside.. speaking of track records. I found theirs it's not very great and they employ mallard ducks. Actually what was really disturbing was in one day four times before noon Patience name and medinfo Chardon flow in a common area staff member to staff member. Hip hip hop HIPAA anonymous? Adam Sandler's movie Big Daddy supposed to say hip hop anonymous because an immigrant with English as a second language is being taught to spell hippopotamus. But that rather works for the 300 pound gorilla in the room. When I rolled in girl was eating a candy bar. 10 minutes later she's breaking out in hives. You didn't notice the part about nuts on the label processed in... 

Maybe it was the Seroquel everybody was on but nobody got the joke. Although I did start getting called dr. John the next day but what I made was not a doctor joke I told her don't worry you're in a good place they probably have an EpiPen on him just after they hit you with it don't forget to say something. Cricket cricket

That is so not an EpiPen but that's what it was supposed to be in the movie. Pulp Fiction for those who haven't seen it. When hit with the EpiPen she sits up from comatose just straight up and white eye but doesn't say anything. So somebody asks you if you're okay say something and she repeats something

Dark humor is like food when Paul and Marlene we trick on you. Or like what happens to your ehrs when you're forced in front of a doctor with no incentive or requirement to review evidence. On the plus side I keep hearing about how poorly secured those systems are maybe there's a DIY approach.
Delusions of mold and bugs . This was a month ago above
wuethrich residence  pre-medical hold

My $400 oscilloscope that even though I have back I don't dare turn on because the fan in it will blow shit everywhere

Delusions on camera.

Me holding up then same demands to the best of my ability spending on things like shelving

The lump,started in 2014. I found a picture right after I moved St Cloud me pointing at it

$200 converted to be a HEPA air mover. I use creativity and Ingenuity wherever I can I'm burned out I'm at risk of death. I don't want to deal with this anymore but legal system puts the abuser in control. I really can't see it being very good for you and battered women the only thing I can see it being good for is automatic stripping of Rights. And possibly federal revenue 

So am I recovered thing as better still growing mold cuz I don't have the budget to do anything about it. My dad and my mom picked this place my dad admitted from the start it was too small for my things what I do have is mainly in the garage and still being destroyed they have the majority. You'll see in a second but they paid to have their house fixed while I was getting a delusional diagnosis. Which isn't the full diagnosis and not dumb enough to put that on here. Pretty dumb but not quite. If you want to see me actually get angry though I mean go ahead and take that as whatever you want cuz two people have physically assaulted me multiple times threatened my rabbits. pretty much got their way there

I'm sorry Bonnie. I missed you so much and then.. and the really shity part is all that time that I spent working well ever I started working in 2004 making $25 an hour all of it made worthless in the last 4 years barely saw my rabbits not at all for the last three months of her life. Hey doctor Boris go fuck yourself. Or maybe in the modern parlance try fucking around and getting a degree God damn quack. that's really the benefit of the doubt and there's a lot of doubt. Not in your wallet though that's probably more like dough, for drugging people. Did you miss the Hippocratic in two languages?
And no if I meant Your Mother I would have said it twice. I was going to say we'll leave froid out of it but to be fair three times for mine. 

say it in the mirror and... Nota, do it while shaking a 1l of bloody marry mix though... Marlene Wuethrich probably apears. 

My best bet would be I saw you around 2005 maybe two thousand three testing for ADD. Math dyslexia would have been more appropriate I probably have a degree by now. I would have lakely had 60 200k corporate income right now except there's this whole ownership of people thing going on and starting over from the street when someone is opening your mail possibly using doctors that are friends to enforce things. But my best bet is if my memory is correct and you do know her that you were acting on what you assumed to be a valid  source. As in you weren't trying to hurt me but I mean incompetence and Malice can be hard to discern at Absolute. Or less coping mechanism I still have to ask where your ethics went? Cuz I could be wrong about that to it's really old memory lot of trauma in between.


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