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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Unintended consequences

I don't normally call the police myself that's barely ever been a need. most people are not out to harm others. also if you don't look like or better yet actually intend to wrong them, in my expeiance there generally arnt many to any conflicts that require the police or even exist. 

recently when I have selective total non-enforcement. by mgpd. in mpls I was once robbed at gun point and told to gut after they took my phone, my wallet, and my car keys, I got(past tense git?) at max 60sec down one alley way run into one then at max another min two Minneapolis pd squads and despite one city block, 4 officers and mpls has a microphone system for shots fired and displays them on a map I'm guessing at wherever dispatch is located. Relevant because I think it's standard operating procedure for an ounce if you were to go to chase down a perpetrator more suspect turn on share location but assuming I have been with which there probably be some liability too but I also think each officer has a radio on them  so if for some reason they said get in let's get them.. one radio per squad car... well 4 radios on people, 2 squads one radio per car.. and even if the suspect managed to shoot everyone myself included... no one has to key a mic, location would ping on a map as shots fired.. 

but we instead filled paperwork for 30min. in France I once had a debit card swiped from my had. damn near caught the guy, gained for first 10sec but nearly 90lb backpack severely inhibited my endurance. this preceded the mpls even... but that time also ran into a police officer with in a min or two after. we drove around looking for the suspect for like an hr and a half. 

Which is all the more impressive because. I'm not a local and understand a lot more French than I speek but no where close to fluent. aka by a lot of metrics that was impressive and upstanding police work and or unexpected esp for a foreigner to receive.

the gun maybe played a roll but I'd have to assume most people won't take pot shots or attempt to shoot anywhere near an officer or the squad. some logic to back this is, if I recall correctly electric lines service person and one other are ahead of officer on the most deadly jobs in us. or rather deaths per occupation per year most years. Which isn't bulletproof logic but it does say that people aren't really knowing legal or otherwise guns to try to send off the police or I would expect the number to make office are number one on most dangerous job by a long shot

I've had sone fair to officers truly trying to create Justice here but the majority of times I've called it just consumes my time and doesn't offer much than that  hence the.. I don't call the police much. 

 Just now or rather 30 minutes ago as I'm leaving the apartment complex parking lot I noted a woman running unusually fast and the more I thought about the look there is Terror on her face. As I come back there's two squad cars and officers turn from the front door so I rolled the window down and they're asking if I can let them in. I would have in a heart beat. still wish i could but at some point with constant theft from parents total lack of my orginizational furnature, lies on lies in false plans.. 30days hungry and one visit from someone who was acquaintance that they poisoned which he later confessed to. he could have taken them, they could have taken them they may be lost but as a side effect there are only so many places to lose them and I checked as fast as I could.

my door key broke off in the lock 3 days ago. I had 2 sets moving in. 

currently I'm reduced to garage door for building entry. the key for the building doors works complex wise. I haven't once used the pool at this place.. partly because first 9 mo were forced work on moldy car, every month one or 2 issues with the land lord. like notes in the door.. which is funny because I can make as much noise as laptop speakers allow and have little else to do in here.. wear headphones most of the time anyway. Clyde's death. trauma on trauma and 9mo mark washer broke.. immediately after mold car went away and still with out even giving the address to storage whwre my less valuable stuff like pots and pans stored they cut what they actually give to bellow being able to eat out. it's been non stop terror. do this while demanding I find a conercial location as a work shop but not providing enough to eat. still siting on 99 percent of my valuables to this day and garage they picked else where for less valuable storage is packed to ceiling. knowing I already had notice to vaycate they rxted address 11mo into 12mo lease. I have then recorded in Jan 2019 ackbowiging how it's a 2 person job because it's stacked to ceiling. they picked it.. everything they are doing is designed to break me down and terrorize. 

their mistakes their crimes their inability to admit to them but let's take it out on John 

Which as my dad has the remote I have to assume can't be left plugged in. adding a wifi switch added a layer of security 

it still pisses me off how forced harmful this situation is and that I can do nothing to help another at the moment

picking apart individuals and making them self distruct or allowing it by standing between them and all assets while ignoring ID theft, theft, mail fraud, check fraud and one literlay claiming to own another.. 

disfunctional people are wasted potential and pain. but there can be unintended consiquenses on other parties as well.

after a nap I should see if the text my dad sent can convince SCPD to talk to mgpd about recovering my mig welder, compound miter saw and workstation computer 

basicly after ofp court they stole about 1200 of my assets from my garage using garage door opener taken from car. if I understand correctly that might usually count as b and e? maybe not. maybe he just sent the text to throw me off and doesn't have them.

funny how 2k worth of work on computers I built for them over 6m and a 10foot x 10ft moldy room where my mom said she was my landlord.. well on changing lock mgpd decides nothing is mine and parents can threaten it to force endentured servitude. 

they have my ID either way. if they stole the stuff from the garage and police won't look its pointless. someone now gets state informing them of where their victim lives for 2 years and repeated refusal of police to do anything but act in favor of my parents while mgpd didn't even care I had recordings indicating the call creating the emergency medical hold was a punishment /faux repot as weapon....or my my was trying to kill me and the aggressor then lied about shoving her.

there's no point to this. mgpd and hennepin County enforced worthlessness of person

for the record I had no criminal or civil record.. speeding tickets.. no even reports of violent behavior. cept the one by my mom at 30.

i still would have let the police into that building tonight because the logic is.. she wasn't running to me, she was bearly aware I was there and I sort of had to yank the wheel to ensure if she didn't turn... she never looked at me but was deeply concerned if not terrorized. 

u don't run through parking lots at biggt/hrs u probably won't find others awake.. with any look of that sort on your face hoping it gains sympothy or.. the odds of it changing anything are low because I'm a night owl but like I said.. most of the time she wouldn't have passed anyone and logic dictates at least to me that makes it highly likely if I read the face correctly something is legitimitly up. cause why spend the energy on the facial expression. she rounded the corner about when I was reaching it in the car.. she didn't pause or look in my direction. yellow shirt /blouse and concern on her face. the hesitation for it to register was..not a very long look and there's still the possibility i glanced at the wrong second or she had a leg cramp w. e. if I had seen someone behind her /chase probably would have put the car I between their paths if the gap provided ability to do it wirh out high risk of hitting either. and or called 911 after continuing but it wasnt enough on its own.

still pissed I can't find that key. with a metal coat hanger I could have entered one of 1 side doors droped or and pushed open front ddor from that side, them none the wiser and on their way.. plus a building I normaly have access to because it's rental office and universal main key.. like I said the one on my Keychain happened to break off a few days ago  this apt is still devoid of even coat hangers.

random note.. know l'age on how door latches or lock picking or even the tools.. neither good or bad on their own. application of the technology or logic is the key. the last 2 Apts if I picked the deadbolt on my unit. I'd sit at my mall job board after running out of stuff to even clean on a slow night, usually repeatedly picking a drawer lock I had the key for in my pocket. funny thing was when one of the mall guards noticed.. probably wondering why my arms were at crotch level and mixing lmao. he walks up looks over shakes his head laughs and walks away. 

I don't take what isn't mine or I can't pay for. 

my parents on the other hand...

the red box is a tube pre amp I got for them when my dad wanted the turn table to work with surround reciver (middle left) the top left box is a computer in a box designed to make it blend in media center /home av environment. I stopped mentally tracking for order custom pc and workstations at age 22 and 30. that pc features the ability to read the control cdes from the hdmi cable / Samsung TV remote, a solid state boot disk and an internal HD cable card compatible TV tuner. it can tivo and record the ch you are watching and 3 others recorded at the same time. 

police in mg telling me parent don't owe me anything.. if u accept anything from parents they will always have some cobtrol. ignoring ID theft, theft check fraud mail fraud.. and way more.. at best it's lazyness enforcing terrorizes that commit crimes to destroy a person. at worst I'm going to end up dead. 

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