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want to murder your children?

Parents right do anything for their adult child

Under sayings like a parent has no responsibility for the welfare of their adult children

In my experience with Maple Grove PD there was no attempt to allow me to even present my side of the story and no willingness to enforce actual laws violated by my parents and continuing to be violated. Criminal laws several repeated attempts to report sometimes on several things at once which raises another question of when the police won't do anything how does one feel safe how is one actually save how does one ever get anywhere in life if one party can continuously steal from another? Some of the crimes include ID theft which in combination with theft of all personal property or assets and keepsakes 16 years of things earned and everything ever given regardless of buy them or someone else. Well you tell me without ID or anything to sell let alone tools to use to earn...

You snap your fingers and food appears or you pay for it?

 Oh yeah there's government programs aren't there Minnesota has one called Snap you need an ID.

If your address isn't stable can you still have the new ID that cost money you may or may not have mailed?

 Sure you could get like a PO Box for more money that you may or may not have had?

Is it wise to spend that money on an idea if you can't afford a PO Box touchmark do not start to Define Terror at some point? Would it not be more likely that this person could afford a new idea to save 20 grand in tools wasn't being held by parents who zero notice change the locks six months after inviting their son back in and then declaring that they are the landlord? Isn't part of civil law that if they're demanding services are performed in the past while I'm there I'm entitled to Market average?
I'm not sure about landlord tenant law but if I remember contract law correctly even without a value discussed Market address average should suffice. But it's kind of hard to say that someone in control of someone having the ability to have a roof over their head is not in any way responsible or liable for the well-being of another just because of their kin relation. Especially when the above is true where actual crimes can be committed and actual facts of life and state law combining two make for potentially lethal situations enforced by both Maple Grove Police and now Hennepin County. But these are Civil Court decisions well law enforcement is only concerned with making sure that was an active flat out ignoring well they serve me that I'm saying hey they took my ID the officers did make a point in reminding me that my parents told them they gave me money. For over a year-and-a-half at that point they had ignored that all of my things were being threatened unless I work on the moldy car that several officers several times and no does not belong to me. One officer made a point of saying I can't stay there but I don't necessarily have to go anywhere other than not the public road outside their house and this was well before the ofp is but many times it was you have to leave you have to leave your going back to St Cloud right and my offense was nothing more than without any restraining order just sitting in front of my parents house on a public Street. I showed one officer the picture of The Moldy car and I was told he didn't see that put the phone away. So if parents aren't responsible for another adults well-being because of their kin relationship can break laws that endanger their well-being and police aren't responsible for any of their actions as well as can selectively enforced actual crimes or rather in my case selectively choose to ignore several crime several times and those that endanger my life mail fraud check fraud included ID theft will the police enforce that with zero notice I was locked out LG apparently I don't need to eat to be alive or both Maple Grove Police and my parents have committed crimes that seriously endanger my well-being. A key point there is my ID was taken after the ofp trial

If you've never made an income on your own like not working for corporate or big business bigger than you as a sole proprietor this might be somewhat foreign to you but the concept I want to bring up here is if you do unless it's some sort of performance you do and sometimes even if it is you require assets to do that with. The lawn mowing and your mower

computer repair or support, requires some hardware and from software depending on the huge range of things you can do with in that but it's an incredibly limited amount you can do without the ability to store any software tools even or incredibly limiyrd

I should have had access to those at very least I should have them as the ability to if need be take a huge loss and pain them so I can eat or have a roof over my head while I look for another job or get my fucking ID remade this is absolutely terrifying

Put on top of that they're using mold from their house and infestations from their house making sure I cannot Escape them they are using them like bio-weapons bioterrorism

Then we'll do things like claim that is my fault I won't get allergy tested or I won't go to a doctor February 2018 my primary doctor inacio told me the way someone my age gets better is get away from the mold. I really doubt he had eat Kwik Trip in fast food because someone put all of your things let alone the kitchenware that you had acquired living on your own from 2006 to 2018 well being exposed under threat of all that being destroyed month after month. What you eat has an own impact on your immune system which is what keeps certain strains of mold from being pathogenic aka growing in or on the body

. On top of that in this time. I have lost Bonnie and Clyde rabbit some of the mail held that was addressed to me at their house includes her remains these are pets that I had since 2006 seven 2007 my parents mock the loss of them pretended to lose Bonnie's ashes and have made sure that I have no route forward and no purpose in life when I had plans fallback plans had put everything I had towards an agreement my dad made with me their decisions in 2001 on how to finish their basement spread to the apartment I was in at the time the invite me back giving them control of all of my assets well they ignore laws like hey there's no legal custodial ship they should not be opening mail addressed to me or signing my name on things. Then they make this case that I can't care for myself at all by low FPS after all of this 3 plus he has a bleeding in hell even though January 2018 it was determined by a professional there was a mold issue in their house November 2018 50 ft of basement wall 1500 square feet of carpet and pad and the deck from the other side of that wall came out and off the house. Paid for by them a professional mold remediation company. Can I send an envelope of aspergillus and black mold spores to anybody or not risk jail? Well according to Maple Grove PD or one officer on it he didn't see that put the phone away while conditions matching forced or unfree labor indentured servitude, illegal all false imprisonment and or human trafficking are being met. When I told that police force the people doing it literally claimed to own me I was told it's not illegal to say you own someone. Hey Turpin parents if you ever paroled I got just the city for you

And if I'm to trust what my dad says about the meeting they made sure I could not attend or rather the court date the judge wants to work with me if I will just agree to counseling. I had a 5 year plan I had 16 years of working for income if the judge will kindly show me where in La that no theft has been committed no harm my life has been committed then as soon as I'm free from them and as I've done in the past if I need it I will seek counseling right now I'm not likely to live that long. I'm really not sure where I snap my fingers and get the ability to even eat NBA Live from right now when was like id-theft aren't enforced let alone drive an hour and a half from the least they forced me into and it still have the apartment with Clyde rabbit in the freezer

One of the most Grievous injuries one can suffer is no purpose after great emotional loss. You will never convince me that you aren't sick if you don't call mocking that interfering with my welfare will ignoring all the actual crimes committed there was no legal custodial ship. The crimes they committed directly impair my ability to move on to have an income. To even feed myself. Well dealing with their mold forced against doctor's suggestion against Common Sense while I'm saying this is not a good use of my time I probably can't do it here here's the conditions that would need to be met for to physically be possible hears about the budget and all of that signor except several times explicitly even more so implicit through threats like hey I think you should allow me to sell these things I have for you. Threats to do the work do it faster or your things disappear and even when I do it it just goes on to a new thing or they buy low FPS and then come up and steal my i d this is like state Tony and city in forced Munchausen by proxy yay I get to be someone's job security either jailer or mental health professional because you insured my life was at risk and every have it I needed that I already knew is unfollow Apple no coping mechanisms no Health practices that it took me years to develop you let someone get broken the fucking two pieces shattered and stuff in and say that my words justify what a joke was a joke what a joke. Except you're hurting people

Anger is a normal response to abuse. Sadness is well feelings of hopelessness. If the anger sticks two words but you want to ignore their words and actions focus on things allegedly said and even if they were were conditional through stopping the abuse and stopping the violations of law designed to make it impossible to escape what are you doing and why do you want people to call you your honor? Sounds a lot like my dad who wants me to stop using such naughty language well because of in good faith well there's no good faith when one party is trying to destroy you but I try to follow the plan without the budget I go hungry Three Days Inn I'm being told about how bad my language is well I've been hungry for 3 days. Sometimes they tell me it's cuz I'm disrespectful. Abusing the fuck out of someone breaking down all adaptive habits all well adapted habits regardless of if they were given or had to be learned on their own risking their life and demanding respect it's a violation of every aspect of not being a fucked in the head individual social reciprocity empathy sympathy violation of legal Concepts like good faith and in a quart where it's not Criminal but the decisions become Criminal and the police are more interested in enforcing that then the lies that leave there it seems like one hell of a racket that doesn't necessarily mean it's what it is but damn it's perfect or near so. I don't even know if I have the language to avoid hurting for this but throughout my life people have noted my vocabulary is pretty large and they tend to associate that with intelligence which is something I sometimes struggle to believe in myself because I did a lot of put-downs from the people with the access codes to self confidence to personal Shields to establishing boundaries or the passcodes to block those boundaries it is absurd to ever claim that parents won't or rather shouldn't or are not in some way responsible for their even adult children's well-being. Parents can hit real hard with just words and it's unlikely those bucked up enough to do it will feel the words from their children in return yet this court puts that backwards neither their actions which can be proven to hurt someone or kill them nor their words have any any value other than let's accept them at face value because they filed first and already knew how to do it which hey you know what I might have played a role in that I don't know 40 years of life experience over me. But this life experience equate to guarantee of moral I don't think it does. I think even Voltaire realized that moral or immoral old age or every successive year tends to Jada person's ability to empathize sympathize Etc and I'm referring to what happened to the lady of the boy named optimism eye. 

She sold herself to get ahead when they meet up again later in life she's preoccupied with vanity only wants to discuss shallow material things and ultimately uninteresting. Voltaire didn't have a word for narcissism well shit without looking that sounds pretty French doesn't it. I'm going to go out on a limb and say narcissist was just barely a thing if it was at all then I know Freud and Jung talk about it but that was about a hundred years later either way if you're thinking about gender here you're wrong Buenas it's probably a progressive thing or triggerable with severity early on it doesn't have to be either or your individual mileage may vary. Legally Co defying it so these people can abused their children and or throughout life so jails Police Court officials and medical doctors have something to do job security at the expense of possibly another's life let alone freedom in pursuit of happiness well if you're going to do that at all you better have some criteria and it seems this whole thing is predicated on playing cultural norms like you try to cast the person as the deadbeat or the kid who never grew up except science tells us psychology tells us that might sometimes be the case but there's a lot of other cases and way before that should matter that doesn't at all change factors of being able to eat and how that relates to being alive or actual crimes we're committed against the interest of that by the party that you now call protected and then more after the label

Society where parents immune or above reproach where are the powers that be and the media related to them slowly start to redefine the relationship has emotional incest and parents can do no wrong it's their kids that are messed up does one fucking sick time to be alive on the plus side I might not be much longer. Sure is great knowing the last woman to touch me will be my mom trying to push me over a Ledge and two weeks before that during a. Where if I left the house for an hour a week I got yelled at while my dad was taking the battery cable off the car hiding the keys but if I tell her fuck you one of the times I end up being her ear about how bad her sex life is. I'm sure you can explain this away to yourself and or from a position of power to others as well G John must be sick in the head. That won't change that enabling this from a position of power is fucking disgusting

there may or may not be a little to a lot of cooperation or coordination. this Decay of society may just be an outcome of all of us being more retarded than we thing (myself included)

That said trying to claim anything other than especially early in life before teenage years hit play mean anything other than you as a parent 99.9% responsible for if your kids behaving or breaking things and whether or not they're learning is absurdity is abhorrent neglect of your duty and your responsibility but it's understandable because no one likes feeling bad do they except we literally start to Define pathologies in the psychological world because you want the account for your actions and you prefer to just hear that you did well or punish anyone or just walk away as an adult but your kid telling you that it's going to get punished. And the media is pushing this our kids evil bullshit harder and harder is your kid abusing you? Things like aspd are popping up on psych blogs with how to diagnose if your kid is a sociopath. Which traditionally / historically as far as I know have never been applicable titles until 18. But the media knows that if you play two emotions making someone feel good or feel like they need something to be a status symbol while that sells it keeps you coming back it's like a hit up a drug that plays the dopamine system and plays your emotions except when were telling parents the third neglect and their children's Behavior as a result it's probably their kids fault we're gone as a people when we enable slavery into adulthood and don't recognize that while not the majority they're our parents that will very much try to keep their children from anything because they're screwed up in the head. Well that's one thing but when we allow the police to allow them to commit crimes against their adult children and then try to prop it from court-ordered demands that they see psychiatrist or psychologist and at best probably receive cognitive behavioral therapy I'm going to try not to throw up in my mouth

I've read that part of the reason selective enforcement is theorized to be bad is it might jeopardize the rule of law. Well if there is any organized application of Psych research or even Minds that have figured out on their own some of the strings the pool if you want somebody or group to do other things or to think a certain way in other words if the media is at all capable of manipulation of our beliefs which call me tinfoil hat I'll call you in 80th because I can show you the studies where it's confirmed that to varying extents it can do just that or put more simply it's decently effective. Well if someone Smart in any states justice system are able to put that together and watch what the trends were they don't even have to be connected to it to realize that possibly we no longer need that to maintain the rule of law or criteria that have been theorized to interfere or benefit maintaining it. Because if we can just play with people's perceptions of fairness quality right wrong Justice excetera but once again that's not a good sign for where people are headed. We have to or I guess we don't have to no one's going to make us but pretty in your face that none of us myself included are perfect people it's usually referred to that
 to err is human

By extension systems design by humans are unlikely to be perfect. If we start enforcing along the lines of somehow Justified arbitrary criteria But ultimately social Darwinism well there's a lot of risk when that system is as in perfect as we are. And there's a lot of people that are going to be hurt because of this.

If one understands Evolution on a basic level then what it is is an unconscious optimization. Before possibly the biggest idiot ape them all figured out using tools as a force multiplier there probably was and still is varying levels of consciousness in animals except they didn't have other than their bodies the tools to decide if entire species were wiped out or the tools other than violence to keep genetic variations out. The research is there to support that we're capable of doing that now. Should we be doing it I for one argue probably not. Definitely not without informed consent and definitely not outside the bounds of what people are taught. 

Because of course the risk is without the diversity that we breathe out the minds that Humanity would actually depend on someday or there would cease to be a Humanity it ain't me I'm just telling you how I see it. I think it's pretty well based in more than one thing but I barely have the clarity at the moment to get through this and I've been suffering during it and will continue to suffer when I stop looking for errors if I do at all. As with most things dear this was entirely transcribed.

And that's not to say that I think it's going to work out if the population grows unbounded. But again informed consent and alternative Platz Technologies plans some of them proven to work and could be working right now but aren't to change the human carrying capacity of the planet and or minimize damage done at any level. And this isn't really related to bitching at the court. But I think it plays a role in even though realize there's likely some underpinning accepting it. Look up Liquid fluoride thorium reactors. We can make nitrogen from electricity. That's the key element that needs to go back in farm fields so they keep producing crops. Lifter reactors were demonstrated to work by the US Air Force in the 1960s they cannot melt down. They can even help reprocess waste from uranium reactors that trently has to sit for several multiples of human existence or time. Relevant to a human like your ancestors their ancestors their future ancestors it's still going to be a problem but these reactors probably can help make that a much shorter time span even if they can't they're expected to be made into closed-loop or nearly that and the waste they create will not last as long. Uranium is more scarce than Platinum thorium is incredibly common in the Earth. The other statistic part of it is engineered obsolescence another words stuff designed to break so you have to buy it again which means the company gets that profit again but the landfill likely gets the contaminants again. When the people that benefited the most from this system are doing things like standing in front of the UN or on YouTube talking about population is too big in here is how many carbon units each person produces when they put in place or their family members did systems the created or Amplified the destruction for their own personal gain now these people are talking about how their needs to be less of us this is sickness. And the elephant in the room is where we get energy from right now. But we seem to be solving it by this public acceptance that we are a plague on the Earth instead or instead of in collaboration with Technologies to reduce the harm. And if you still don't see how this is related type in narcissistic pandemic or something along those lines and it's actually been theorized by people other than me that leaders being sociopaths and narcissists allowed to rise to the Top This Might form a human extinction event. Smartest ape there was so stupid it became preoccupied with being the prettiest hairless ape in the mirror that it killed its entire species. I'd love to think about anything but this but I've been put in credibly dangerous situation for actions not mine actions and decisions made when I was still a minor agreements made between two adults. I can prove that what I was doing along those agreements worked and was reasonably on track to any time frame nothing I was doing was simple either it was non-stop work till I drop invest everything I had at the same time.

My parents try to paint this as the kid who never grew up but the reality of the situation is at 16 I was mature enough that I noticed the tiny little detail of my dad pointing the cordless phone antenna at TV when I came home from work it took my mom 3 hours to get to North Memorial waiting room. I had left a note but I believe she got the message from my friend's dad. I had called him from the ambulance and asked  if he might  go wait at my parents house  and tell my mom to meet us at North Memorial figuring that a note wasn't the ideal way to find this out. The mold problem in their house from 2001 I first noticed in 2014. Ultimately 50 feet a wall 1500 square feet of carpet and pad and the deck from the other side of that wall came out as far as I know their house is paid off. In other words it's highly likely my actions saved his life and their house it's not continue to benefit their health well police and Court enforce actions that will shorten if not end my life


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