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Whats in a name

part of how i think a lot of harm happens is the same way good people end up doing it. 

for whatever purpose some people feel the need to pull an orwell

position of power isnt something men have over women at work. 

if facts of life are it requires an id (or 2) to get a job and or assets to otherwise make money, then;

if money is required for water food and shelter let alone transport and economic mobility....

then taking ID even if providing the above becomes a position of power. ESPECIALLY if law and public wont recognize the above are required for life or the value of assets when liquidated provide money or can be used to make money. 

our legal system is out of touch at best. 

our media and edu are playing games like redefining sexism as "men against women" and racism as "whites against blacks"

they then slip in words like systemic and systematic. whatever level of truth that ambiguously defined factor of the problem is. 

every system humans make and enforce is comprised of individuals. its a rehash of ww2 german propaganda the whole way round "just doing my job" only they assure you its one group out to get you so they bad you good. they bad you victim. which i think begets anomicity on both sides.

it creates an unplayable dragon. 

when if we taguth, yeah its real, here is what you should do to check yourself before accusing...and only after teaching for years (k-6 maybe) something along the lines of equality is created and maintained by putting yourself in the others position with as many of the details of it as you can get or clarify if unknown... 

we might actually create equality. at the cost of abuse racism and "empowerment" industry stake holders looking for new jobs. 

the real danger with the redefiniton of those words is.. words are what enabled more than war. words can also create war. pain not expressed or expressable is a path to physical action for most or even in the strongest depending on the extent. 

racism is a grouping term anyway. hating, discriminating fearing, harming based ones skin color.

nothing stops blacks from doing that to whites. nothing stops women from doing it to men..

but but but.. they can haz all the powez and monezys!

point to occupy wallstreet for a sec, yeah most happen to be men, there are gonna be some angry studies and otherwise if you try to claim they are white men. women are on the elite list too..

but unless you are family of those on that list (and close, ive known a Cheney descendent. cant say i know much but they didnt look that much better off)...

try this again... unless your spouse's bank account has ever pushed north of 100m. your spouse and or the men or whites around you...

they arnt the ones with the money and power. bill gates is a bad example but good at showing the disparity. 110bn net worth last i checked. also known to have lobbied for h1b visas and now lectures on youtube and news about how theres too much carbon being limited. planes are efficient, but gee how many tons of carbon so you could pay people less and doge taxes? ms campuses have taken a strict men are the problem policy as per some reports ive seen about sexism at ms... but google Melinda some time... "a former general manager at Microsoft." quid pro WHOA. maybe they do love eachother its just a bit messed up when you break what you preach and enforce.  i digress. 

now everything in here is cloaked in ..its pro us and pro US. except, "they pay taxes..." sounds good... except look at the debt, then look at if corp tax loopholes were closed in addition to shrinking gov. instead what we get is the elite do things that drive the nation further in debt while benefiting and they preach aobut the planet being destroyed by human activity. the debt is relevant because money is control. we elect leaders but the ultimate piower is mecdia can de throw the leader and the corp elite can bankrupt the gov by just telling their banks to pull the plug. 

 and when he talks about the jobs will be created around them. another way to say it would be "im at the top, i dont like the off chance they compete" i cant know what hes thinking, but you can look up how many h1b visas there have been and how much they were paid compared to americans plus the tax structure. what you cant look up is what any particular senator was given as a oops this stack of money fell out of my case in your office, i guess i didnt see it.. ha yacht keys too...silly me. then combine it with how careful all their convo is to sound great or less threatening to any American. 

before you go rah rah nationalist trash. there are 2 main ways i see it goes here. innovation is allowed through a system where enough wealth is distributed and laws protect everyone... where America ends up creating jobs. this would especially happen if more corps followed things like teslas lease the pack own the car. aka could be done with out legislation. but it seems to me those on the level of gates tend to think along the lines of, planet has too many serfs and we need less serfs faster so lets not work on raising the bar lets destroy standards of living and lesson paths to survivable income, break laws while labeling the defenders nationalists... teach the remaining serfs if we paid you too much or did too many things or didn't follow the micro soft reproductive policy u killed the planet. 

aka human injunity if not done like edison did tesla could probably light handedly solve or already has solved most issues with limited but higher pops. i cant say ive seen the numbers that these people would ha ve access to. i can say they fit the patterns of cluster b.. in ways like breaking the rules they want to impose on others so that makes me question whats needed and whats not. but now i digressed a long way. 

to be clear though the 2 ways were its a competition where corps open up job markets while reigning in pay... you compete for scraps.

or with slightly less of the 1 percent control 90 percent a bit more fare pay and protection for paths other than grades innovation could create more jobs here and we would be inviting people of all walks... maybe even get beyond the "protect muh right to all the things and moneys" barbaric but still modern and accepted value system. 

back to how this is all make you blame the man or white man and eliminate their right to feel
or another way to say it is, a lot are white, and male but the set of those who control 90 percent of the wealth includes many races and both genders. rumor has it they might even add a black apache helicopter, or something like that went down at one point (eek that was bad )

but its just about your group for today. ie its not a lets hate whitey thing either. its like the hussle of the 3 shell game on a nyc street corner. a pea hides under one. that pea is taught to you as what the problem is and the groups against it are youre salvation. now see it in everyone... i have to work on this metaphore.

the point regardless is, America is known as the rocking ball.. it wont be your group forever but if we let his propaganda mind set dumb us down...stuck fighting the same non issues wasting real lives. the issue isnt racism, its scarcity of resources at our level and conditioned removal of empathy or even seeing one another as people let alone in their shoes... create the deamons to let the actual rulers get what they want when they want with no distraction.

that guy or maybe gal in the white house now or later... 

french word of the day : marionette
us English word of the day : meat shield

the connection? 1789 and 1943...when some gerbiles ruled Germany. or talked to the german people...but they were on vacation or just doing their jobs right? are you working ? you gotta work, work will set you... eek

orwell was a bbc reporter. 1984, a lot of it were things he learned listening to the sick brilliance of Goebbels.

for those unaware the lgbt push to make 20 genders (instead of degendering like some feminists once pushed) had a joke response of "now i guess being an apache attack helicopter is a gender"  


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