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Monday, August 31, 2020

violated by law enforcement. violated by civil court. i do not consent enthusasticly or otherwise.

today im getting commands and indications or implied indications they drive up to stock me via SMS. it's possible he wasn't anywhere near and used a fb post or just the knowlege he wasn't very straightforward communicating the command to take his car soemhwere while he ensured I was multiple days hungry after multiple stranded 

it's almost like civil court actions that don't consider context record or much anything than how soemone claims to feel.. and create a one sided contact and proximity ban.. might be sticky irl 

heres today's verbal powertrip.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

9:22 its because you are a man. 2020-08-

file this under violated by ofp. violated by maple grove Minnesota for a year and a half pre ofp. 

Note, she wont accept the smallest bit of responsibility for any of her actions through out this.

they paid to have the mold delt with for them in nov 2018. ive seen her all of maybe a split second this yearm she wouldnt know how close to death i am other than a few days ago admitting the conditions they force are bad for life/health

they use theft and false police reports, mail fraud and check fraud, forced labor etc. this is sick


 The vet part after... she was NOT present at the vet. Heres the Video Marlene Wuethrich requested I play for her over the phone. if this doesnt start where i intended skip to 50 seconds in if on a time crunch

I dont correctly restate what she said about landlord in this video. pretty sure i have another where she originally says that. on the fly and emotionally charged language is not known to be verbatim or accurate. I try as hard as i can sometimes or rather usually in not perfect. if you are might i suggest a long walk off a horizontally challenged precipice?

Saturday, August 29, 2020

enforced risk to life and the ethics of legal lies by enforcers

 I told Paul wuethrich I  was in such bad shape I can bearly do stairs back Feb 2020

"why would u need your bike if you can hardly do stairs?"

it's been 2x agreed Infront of mgpd officers the bike is mine and I can have it back. then they as with other things but can he do it tomorrow.. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

so hungry i cant stand it

 fuck u dad. fuck every time u molested me in the locker room shower after swim class

fuck that you are trying to kill me for remembering it while you are already risking my life and breaking multiple laws to directly injury me

fuck any police officer that says they are out to help people but allows this

fuck how? find max security prison, put them in with pedo labels

because of what was likely misconduct by some of mgpd im having my accounts hijacked 20g of my property i was illegally locked out of with 0 notice from the house i rented a room aug2018.

police in maple grove enforced that a year and a half making me drive away from public property in a car the property owner has title to

the maple grove murder and theft department would be more appropriate then theft.

i tried to make light of the fact that i havce recording where even the dv report was falsified they said if they put that on record they might be liable

you assholes are killing me

from child molestation to starving your target as an adult. maple grove police will turn a happy face and blind eye because if the blind eyes are turned they done even know who they killed or what property and accounts they made sure the victim was deprived of. 

maple grove privateres department might be a good second choice for a name...

helping citizens access their children's pri....and traditional privateering. 

yarr maty

Paul wuethrich had access to quite a few children's privates. he was a public school bus driver of robinsdale are school district for maybe 20 years. isd281. id imagine coworkers would remember he used to joke about another driver being once upon a child (like a double entendre to the franchise) given what i know about him it was probably a cloaked way to brag his count was higher. 

when police encourage a bully who is committing criminal acts through the power of selective enforcement (aka enforcement bias) criminals,aspd,npd and people with philias run the world

but officer hanson of mgpd assures me i lvie quite the life

union yes massa

should i be a good child and wear the bibb paul demands?

im actually the last of my family line. so by enforcing robbery and destruction of all my assets while selectively non enforcintg 3 counts of assault one probably attempted murder("You bastard i brought you into this world i can take you out" while trying to push me over a railing 

mgpd is encouraging illegal activity that leads to genocide. hitlers youth wear a badge... its called mgpd

some of that is slightly sarcastic. eugeneics was an idea that drove the nazis. it was also an idea born in the us... or possibly less born than conjealed 

maybe we could ask Marlene Wuethrich with her masters in nursing...

oh i did and its recorded. she knows the conditions they enforce are a danger to life

i think that makes her a medical professional no?

so the court and mgpd selectively enforce or non enforce and create conditions dangerous to life through overlooked crimes and enforcement of civil actcs to silence the victim and create a state of warentless arrestability and no ability to defend let alone eat

pale rapetrick and marburg hemeoragic strick again. 

but hit me shove me, try to push me over a railing, slam a car door on my person mgpd officers assure me none of that is assault or battery. 

but hennepin 4th district was there during the worst pandemic since the spainish flue to make me arrestable with out warent for going near my assets mgpd enforced the theft of

at one point verbatim i was told "you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out" the officer didnt look very convinced of what she was saying as or after she said it. 

modern police have almost absolute authority. im sure as they are mostly people (it probably attracts a lot of npd and aspd and im not so sure they deserve the person label) (positions of power usually do) im sure after killing a person directly your average officer doesnt enjoy paid leave. 

but still stepping back, thats usually the worst that happens after directly killing a person for that demographic.

we tell ourselves its ok because they keep us safe

how true is that?

some crimes and enforcement of civil actions have been financially incentitised by the federal government. 

what i think we have had for the last 20 years if not more is some departments police for profit. 

the problem is peace officer or piece of ....officer complying or otherwise may be deadly and they are allowed to lie

that much power with that little accountability, the ability to lie to a citizen and also harm them for not complying...

not compatible. 

domestic terror and civilian murder departments.

ymmv with department and even with the less than honnerable ones individual officers tend to do their best to be what they thought they were getting into.

i still appreciate that effort. 

we shouldnt forget history. many of the germans used the excuse they were just doing their jobs. 

i guess both sides of that conflict heard work sets them free,

my dad as of this moment is telling me about how he has scheduled to have the door window in the car replaced. he knows im again hungry for 2 days, 2 day break after 3 days of hunger and 5 stranded. 

all of his and mgpds cause.

in other countries and some bits of law in the us... stealing or taking documents required to be legally employed is a serious offense

here if you have money and starve a person while doing it the police may help you while telling the other person they live quite the life

knowing or otherwise that they are helping a child molester starve their former victim to death. 

ive heard departments tell their officers to check bias at the door. maple grove appears to have chucked the door and checked its gone. 

i bet their body count gets no check when mine is found, sprinkle some drugs for pd and call it a day

journey wrote a song about them... carry on my murder son, you'll be a piece when you are done. 

wait maybe thats not how it went

i have to wonder, if parody is a protected bit of speech and family court is an extension of civil. is weird all in danger if IP owners claim his work parodied their IP and caused them to feel threatened?

what i dont have to wonder. i have to decide daily is how many times can i be robbed starved, assaulted physically relocated, id taken , stranded

ant told by the department enforcing it, if we contact the people we supported for a year and a halve we would be violating the uncivil order...actually they say civil 

it might not be me, but this is sure to create unrest. maybe mn sees that as a positive. employ more police and jailers.

i see it as the signs our nation is past prime and feasting on its children. which combined with the knowledge that the pop growth rate is 0.4 under replacement...

at least fewer will suffer and for not very long

Friday, August 21, 2020


 things I'm grateful for. yeah the sauce is expirired but it was better than not eating.

ofp as power trip. applied parent to offspring as incest abuse postion of power


so afraid he then drive 45miles 2 days later to sit in parking lot and call in welfare check

my sense of humor trying to deal with shit situation that still endangers my life




does he sound afraid? 


dental implant I'm even further from now


he drops off random moldy things 


I love u Clyde


I love u Bonnie


my violent erratic behavior as he accuses me of something he hasn't done.. aka asking for a few dollars stuck in Mold house


he's already made me ask 3x didn't give then says he did to make me ask again. while they are hiding keys throwing laundered clothes in garage or moldy basement.. disconnecting car battery

making income impossible not paying for it services they receive

invite me down for xmas


won't answer phone when I get there.. aunt leaves while I sit on public property.. aunt with out a driver's liscense is backing away maple Grove pd arrives soon after wirh reports I'm on their property refusing to leave

I never left the car or public property no one asked let alone demanded I leave

making due with what I have, saving 200usd repairing a vacuum


Clyde on the last day at hotel when 3hrs after checkout I was given a moldy car and one key on a negative 11day

he had pissed his travel carrier


u can't ask an animal not to do basic functions of life. they sat 5min away refusing to answer while I had to figure out how to get him dry with out a towl or ability to run car with out leaving key in door unlocked. - 11 and wet friend is as bad as hot dog in car in summer death wise

discussing frodulent dv report the night of


murdersoda police


i tried calling sherif got dispatch instead

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

This is fucked

 its like police deciding no one gets an advantage they didnt have and to let abusers beat the hell out of an only child. 

how so? well 0 action over 3 attempts to report assault idk why i would ever call the police again they outright deny any claim i make while helping make sure parents can destroy evidence or im dead. 

this is the sickest shit storm i could not have fathomed. I've lived my life as non violent as possible. I haven't hit either of them or pushed or shoved. 

my mom tried repeatedly to push me over the railing while i was barefood on wet tile. i stepped back. she kept pushing back to railing "YOU BASTARD I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD I CAN TAKE YOU OUT" as i slowly walked us to the corner because i couldn't go right or left safely. 

They got 6300 in computer services/It consulting out of me in 8 mo on computers i built. just to take everything of mine with police telling me how grateful i should be ignoring that parents are opening and holding mail while police enforce 0 notice lock out. 

paul in my humble opinion probably boned kids on his school bus route. he told me he was accused of sexual misconduct later at the seiu under john youngdal i belive. I dont care anymore. Im tired of being hungry and blowing out black shit because someone I personally known to have molested a child wants to kill him later in life and lies to police to form a position of power. He told me about a girl on his noble route that probably had a stripper for a mother and how she was caught more than once giving a 6th greader head in the back seat.  paul used to joke about once apon a child. as union stuwart one of his fellow drivers was accused of something or another and that was the joke paul just wouldnt let go. 

if im gonna be arrested im going to be arrested. im sorry for the genocidal incest promoting peace of something officer that thinks this is ok. 

ive done nothing to you. you are killing me. you are the reason my animals are dead. you are helping two fucked up parents off there son in a different way than they tried when he was little. 

but hey at least we made sure he lived with clyde in an empty place otherwise after his dad also physically assaulted him. the guy who helps her report i shoved her did shove me across the room hes standing there saying 


"I stoped giving them their antibiotics they seemed fine" the term being bonnie and clyde. "know what makes me better than you john??" , "i dont lose my cool" i pick up a wicker hand broom slap the dining room table it was the image of damage 

call me disrespectful hell beat me like the fucked up sadistic cant check his bias at the door got the badge cause he couldn't beat his gf with a flacid night stick pos you are if thats your choice. but again. you'd be doing it in support of victim groomers and probably passing on your family traditions. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020



One hand washes the other

 I think there was repeated police misconduct and enforcement of human trafficking , forced labor , illegal imprisonment, ignoring 3x assault, mail fraud, check fraud, parents claiming to own me (well dad) , report reports are being used as weapons and falsfied...

false report lead to emergency medical hold im not sure was legal at all (cop forced to ambulance "i have the power to decide i decided before i met you youre going in tonight"...i had been working on a webserver all day at a hotel, my parents ...using reports as weapons....

aug 2018 illegal lock out

six months at hotels 5 and one mental ward. 14 rooms total. short bookings for most burning ee bonds for gas and food.  Bonnie rabbit dies. Dad threatens to put clyde in clothes washer. clyde learns what ta hotel is. 

Sign this lease we picked or lose everything be homeless

nov was also pro mold rememdaition of their house. problem i first detected in 2014 and wasnt allowed to leave for like 6 mo despite intending to stay 1 mo. 

confirmed jan 2018 not acted on till nov 2018 while i was getting a diagnosis of the head kind for very real mold despite no issue while forced in front of odoc because of 3 mo at hotels (cleared first week) ."i have email with mold pro on my gmail on my phone" "patients aren't allowed phones on ward"

my dad texts me a pic of remediation after i get out. like same day... look what i can do to u. 

State enforced pandemic highway robery , human traficing forced labor, attempted murder, 3x overlooked assults.

 this is so crazy. why even bother eating? i cant i cant go anywhere but on foot. 16 years of things taken. aug 2018 to now ordered around as mgpd enforce 0 notice lock change

march 11th 6 days car broken down in city they picked 20 days to end of lease with notice served to vaycate in 2020... still none of my stuff back

police ignoring all attempts to report its being destroyed, refusing to acknowledge attempts to report attempted murder or oral lease existed... year and a half forced to drive away in car i dont own from house with all my assets under lock and key.....

served with ofps. 

0 criminal and speeding tickets for civil. 

they got their paid of 430k house fixed of the mold that made me sick nov 2018 while i was in mental ward and i tell doc "i have email with mold pro and extermination docs from last apt on my gmail on my phone", "patients aren't allowed phones on ward. ...(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs" i wasnt itching and not a mark on me, i told him the story of how i got there. i stuck to how it was confirmed, i told him id been in a hotel for 3 months (actually several) 

i actually started the remediation when the mold was confirmed jan 2018... they got 6300usd in computer work done, some lv electrical work, trim ripped out of basement while i suposibly rented a 10x10 room. plymouth is 1.32usd /sq /mo aka on site it consulting market value of 150 an hr... one hey come help me... a month and rent was paid. ive done that for small biz since 2004. 


aug 6th 2018 ish i left for 2 weeks max at a hotel. ive got recorded calls the second week telling me not to call again or go around there. Bonnie and Clyde rabbit and all my things....garage door code changes

its like calling ins on payday near the Mexican border. instead paul and marlene used me to identify a massive issue with their house that had spread to my previous apt when cosmos cat got sick and i visited there house. 

here was apt pre 2018 at their house


 for the 3rd time now no 2nd key has me stranded.

400 usd was put in this month so I get to starve soon too

I hate smelling all the gone cooking in this place I cook really well but Clyde rabbit in the freezer is about all my kitchen has. 

nothing they claim to give or very little is useful for much but suffer. they have 40 years experience and have probably terorizrd quite a few people 

I asked my dad's former employer to maybe ask him if he's thought it through "no but good luck" was the gist of it.

probably says something. 

what said more was "I need control because i want control" 

the crimes Paul and Marlene commit are threats to life.

they threatened all my things still holding and opening my mail signing my name.. use cobtrol of my things granted by mgpd and 0 notice lock change 8mo after moving into their house and still 6300 skilled labor unpaid.. my mom said she's my landlord. 10x10 room in mg probably about 132 a mo. 8mo. 

but nope give them 16 years of earnings and force me to drive away in car I don't own deom public property 

can't file theft u Gave them your things moving out

then after March 2020 ofps they come up here and steal from garage 

how do we know parents didn't pay for it. 

how do I prove that when I can be seperated from all records and told to clean a health hazard car or lose all after told sign lease they picked in town they picked or lose all? 6mo bouncing hotels ee bonds for food and gas. could have saved on ee expenditure if I knew they would force the apt/wasn't worth looking. they drained me.

I can't eat, washers broken can't shower and towl off. 3 now moldy folding tables. lost key when it fell of chain.. he didn't give me a ring just a zip tie

it's not my car either. not in title. 

Maple Grove and hennepin 4th basicly enabled tell your son he's renting as he moves back..reason for doing so ends up being mold from your bad decisions finishing your basement in 2001.. he identifies it and pro confirms. gaslight and attack for 8mo while demanding it services. while he tries to uphold obligations to 3rd party major contracts and u throw pieces away, try to push him over railing change lock keep his rabbits and 16 years of earned. 3mo into hotels take car get medical hold. as paid mold remediation is under way. Bonnie rabbit dies. 5 hotels probably 14 rooms 3cities and mebtalbward of forced shuffle over 6mo. pick town and apt command sign lease or be homeless with nothing. make snow blow through cat vents at start of lease.

still in empty apt. 


 I've seen it said trauma may be able to reset a lot of conditioned behaviors. they should sometimes be a silver lining if true.

but if trauma comes in the form of a crime that poses threat to life and selective enforcement is utilized by police to look the other way... 

well that can equal things like, now u r in a town u know no one, have few to Jobe of your assets including kitchen wear.. and forced labor under threat to destroy get rid of or otherwise lose all held assets

this sets the stage to terror condition a person. to a state of helplessness and or wipe all adaptive habits of not outright kill a person. 

then mn law follows up with more ways to jail a political prisoner under the guise of commitment of the mentally infebile then it does any system to check or balance powers of the police and civil courts 

anything in the name of job security and selling out the nation's economic future or your constituency to remain in power right? 

reasons law to punish verbal threats end up victim blaming

 evolutionary biologists have also theorized that verbal threats arose as a mechanism of avoiding actions that might leave one party dead. 

which makes some sense. at very least I a non warped thought mode.. signaling how serious something happening is from one party to another could serve as a wake up call regardless of if the threatened actions threatened the threateners life. 

I'd say actual justice would be in considering that rather than 0 context one way ofp ban on mere accusation. 

but who said law has to acknowledge anything but the agenda of law makers? 

well.. the rule of law kinda did. except media sets most peoples image of most everything and its not aided by long work weeks wirh out much time to eval on their own 


dark times ahead if that cycle is truly broken and it's realized only by those already in power

my personal experience suggests it very much is. that said it's not a big enough set to draw valid conclusions from

it's still entirely rediculous that my cnp with a masters.. aka med professional mother is recorded admiting the conditions they enfoce by actual crimes are threats to life 

while the police through selective non enforcement or age discriminitory enforcement empower people commiting actual crimes and aid in the continuation of threat to life

maybe an expilict answer to a statement left ambiguious would clear up a lot... 

protect and serve 


Monday, August 17, 2020


 my dad sent a txt 

why can't someone as smart as you be making 25 to 35 an hr.

while he insured I was was hungry. he's insured constant terror for 3 years

human trafficing and forced labor like conditions by him and my mom.. 

everything I've earned taken and threatened

police telling me if they put on record evidence my mom falsified the dv report they might be liable. 

this last bit is extra dishearting I'm against violence against anyone. not just women. but my mom tried to kill me and in doing so also made me a statistic for men commiting violence against women.

then police tell me I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out 

they come to my place steal my things and police hear say how do we know they didn't pay for them 

listen up... how do u expect anyone to prove anything if they can be 0notice police enforced evicted by lock out? 

Saturday, August 15, 2020

they paid for the right to execute their sob

I just realized my my mom once displayed one of the traits of borderline. I'll have to look it up maybe it's not specific 

turning over in my head I remembered a 

know your neonatal nurse practitioner corner. Marlene dortthy wuethrich cnp childrens st paul. 

I have a feeling she threatens my dad with false reports though I have no doubt he's cluster b as well. I know they saw a therapist but have a feeling they lied to him/her

garbage in garbage out. usually an expression about quality of data a program runs or the coding. applies to story and responce from the therapist as well. or entry and exit from the office

no seriously. I detected their mold issue 2014. they make sure I'm still dealing with it. they took my id, have all my thifns, picked where I lived.. click the right nsv bar for how I usrd to cook. 

kitchen contains Clyde rabbit in the freezer summer. she knows after loss purpose is most important. likely she knows if infected or sick it's equally important. if she's brought up drugs as a smear.. stop and think.. take all purpose take all nutrition. force exposure and hard labor on your mold. 

threaten to lose Bonnies ashes 

cluster b

vacation to WI dells. the neighbors 3 houses over had a time share. the next door neighbors went as well. 

the trait is a tendency to feel attacked. I think Mike Dorn said something about her being in the dog house for soenthing. she would not let it go. I suppose it's possible I don't know the context but every memory I have of thst family Mike is somewhere between chuckling and a belly laugh. my guess is even if this trait is more common with bpd it's sharable. my read is still npd or aspd. both are good at imagee but really comunicate very little. 

I know a bit about my dad but usually when my mom shares its short or she's stuck in feminist and trying to talk about her sexuality. 

Sr year physics teacher she had a thing for. why when u are married would u tell your 17 year old son how attractive his teacher is while waiting for parent teacher conferences I'll never know

other than her tenancy.. both of them actually. I serve their immediate emotional needs and they won't let that go to far away.. they make sure I'm beat to a pulp and this time possibly not far from death. 

"you're problems are boring and take too long" 

then it's proven hers and the false police reports tear downs terrorization and isolation plus gaslighting begin 

here's the car she was driving to children's and we'll before I had regular use of it. 

I'm not a doc, I do recall I couldn't visit the nicu for lack of having had the chickenpox and hating needles. imuno compromised patients plus cotton clothing plus mold is considered an issue to hospitals 


I know when they started dating she was living at my grandma's and the story is all her things ended up on the front lawn. 

fitting to make sure I'm alone after running myself out. run me out more keep all my things give me their mold 

they paid to have their house fixed Nov 2018

in 2014 they did a mini version of now

I am not safe untill .. idk there is a safe anymore

police in maple Grove Minnesota have contributed to the loss of Bonnie and Clyde rabbit

refuse to allow assult or attempted murder reported. I call to make a report or try again and officer Hanson leads in circles back to "I'm just gonna put they are still holding your stuff"

Nov 2018 0 notice lock out 8mo after moving in threats to all of my things and continuing they make sure I'm still dealing with the mold and directly because Paul and Marlene rapetrick the last 6 years actually more like 16 being destroyed if police would quit with the bias..

I end up starving only to hewr how good I have it and if my dad said he didn't say he owns me then.. 

I hope the le

ss than moral maple Grove officers children know what they actually do some day. 

hero? you assist tourturing and human traficing, illegal lock out on oral lease and forced labor, illegal imorisionment, attempted murder, another assult from my mom and one from my dad

then there is this 

 It just dawned on me. If you want to see evidence that black people are no more inherently violent than white people Martin Luther King and...