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9:22 its because you are a man. 2020-08-

file this under violated by ofp. violated by maple grove Minnesota for a year and a half pre ofp. 

Note, she wont accept the smallest bit of responsibility for any of her actions through out this.

they paid to have the mold delt with for them in nov 2018. ive seen her all of maybe a split second this yearm she wouldnt know how close to death i am other than a few days ago admitting the conditions they force are bad for life/health

they use theft and false police reports, mail fraud and check fraud, forced labor etc. this is sick

 The vet part after... she was NOT present at the vet. Heres the Video Marlene Wuethrich requested I play for her over the phone. if this doesnt start where i intended skip to 50 seconds in if on a time crunch

I dont correctly restate what she said about landlord in this video. pretty sure i have another where she originally says that. on the fly and emotionally charged language is not known to be verbatim or accurate. I try as hard as i can sometimes or rather usually in not perfect. if you are might i suggest a long walk off a horizontally challenged precipice?

Maple Grove Minnesota and Hennepin county 4th district are backing not just bullies, lethal bullies. this system seems almost as deadly. If you listen to the call she never denies anything i was doing working. 

she thinks she has the right to make me sick by her mistake. I identify the mistake (2000 they played general contractor and it resulted in moldy house that spread to my last apt and resulted in moving back in at their place in maple grove jan 2018. mold was professionally confirmed jan 2018)

I do not have a mental illness. The only doctor that has suggested this was me sitting in riverside on a likely completely illegal medical hold (mgpd on parents request blocks car in at hotel "i have the power to decide but i decided before i met you youre going in tonight", " i already got the ambulance here", "you can step out of the cart or i can remove you by force..."

a doc who has never met me signed off on a "medical officer hold" about 10min after i was forced to the hospital. 
I end up at riverside where i have 0 marks on me. 0 complaint...ive been at hotels since they changed the lock aug 2018 and 16mo of bleeding between apt where mold was found in one place and the house where it was professionally confirmed.... that stoped the first week at the hotel. other symptoms like waking up and screaming when i moved my legs(joint pain ) were starting to get better /tollerable by that point, no pin prick wounds no eye irritation. the dr asks for the story so i give him the story

i then say "i have documents from the extermination at previous apt and email with the mold pro on my gmail on my phone" 

boris: "patients aren't allowed phones on the ward" .... "(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs taking your sickness out on your elderly parents"

boris had md in front of his name. from his lack of ethics, id have to assume its mallard duck 

he told me id be there 3 more days at least. 4 hrs later "we mistook the type of hold"

the night i got out my dad made me aware they had the basement professionally remediated (mold paid to be removed ) by sending a pic.

10x10 room i was renting from them

pin prick wounds

car i was forced to clean . before i had regular access. like march 2018. their house had black mold and aspergilis im guessing its the later visible on the dash. this is what she was driving to children's nicu everyday

pipe access in the room i was renting

their house

their house

north poll....their house

their house

their house. a pcb i designed then etched on uv lithography equipment i designed. tust me that wasnt a "bug" in the CAD software... also their house

their house

their house 

their house

shortly after the illegal emergency medical hold. Im sorry Bonnie. I love you. vet "do you think your parents will be ok with syringe feeding?" she was dead 10min later. I had to bring Clyde up another day. Marlene and Paul had decided in 3 or 4 months in their care they knew all about rabbits i cared for at my apts since 2007. friends I cherished dearly. They loved each other as well. Clyde sat like this for 3 hrs till the vet closed. 

clyde is in my freezer they have bonnies ashes... i have little to do each day except wait for them to steal or agress even though they made sure im 45min away. if i work on the issues they forced i starve. if i dont i starve. they even steal id. 

between jan 2018 and now they still gaslight the mold from time to time. this was me working on it to try to have a space to fulfill my 3rd party obligations in form of hardware design projects. 

8043 lanewood ln n. p and ms master bed door.

inside wall at their house

me pulling trim at their house. its wet because long story short. mold pro said it helps keep from inundating the air with spores (paraphrase on words and process). 

hotel room before medical hold. I worked on a for pay webserver job on shit internet all day that day. 

my last apt...well after the nosy duface you see bellow. mmm endocrine disrupters...thats what my lanyard needs. 

the pic i was sent by my dad the night i got out of mallard duck Boris's quack town. nah i wont retract or apologize for that. how do you mistake the oath in two languages? 

 I contacted who they hired and he confirmed it was a paid job.

i tried to get my records from riverside and the release never even showed


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