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Sunday, August 9, 2020

An Excellent Source

take or leave the comparison, I tend to belive europe demonstrates some of the postive aspects of socialism that maintain individuality and any "ism" to an extreme is were issues and harms lie.

what really excellent is page 3 cited sources for the basic definitions of npd effects/mind set and theorized causes.

i also tend to think communism would be a more apt comparison but i dont have time to refresh myself or digg deeper into what specifically is the agreed on today by our English shpere definition of ideas others came up with for political...there's enough spin in my mind.


also i highly disagree with it being unconscious aka the last citation on page 3

 Such behaviour is not carried out by choice – the distorted view of reality of a narcissist is a result of gray matter deficiency in the frontal lobe of the brain (Pedersen, 2015).

i also disagree with the suggestion its mainly genetic. i havent seen good indication complex traits relating to personality are also the little ive learned about epigenetics makes me question anything that suggests something is genetic and predetermined for you even more ... aka as to my understanding of it even repetitive stress can likely activate and deactivate genes and chemical exposure even more likely...aka everyday life or and more so extreme periods might actually impact us in genetic ways that may be heritable a lot of personal experiences and or those communicated to me or others stories not just told but portions witnessed and one of the deeper bonds ive had with another person indicate psych was likely right with not wanting those diagnosed till 18. It may very well sometimes occur at the before 5 like they suggest here. I think more common is something like c-pstd creates a circuit fry and id say between 18-25 is when most cumucutively hit the breaking point. 

heres a better explanation of what some likely divorce industry lawfirms skew on pop psych blogs...

(victims/targets): they are cruelly devalued, subjected to manipulation and silent treatment, and afterwards, smear campaign and character assassination. The victims never get closure, most often they do not understand what has happened and why they do not recognize this person anymore and are left with very specific trauma symptoms.

key difference is this author realized "they very often dont" maybe it can be attributed to acadamia vs psych for family court lawyer clients or academic psych vs corp psych. I dont think spreading psychology or medical information in general... in a modified form to generate client visits or create clients is ever ok. here i have no problem making it all or nothing. but hey, pragmatic if you consider everything in moderation, occasionally including moderation :D 

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