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Tuesday, August 18, 2020


 I've seen it said trauma may be able to reset a lot of conditioned behaviors. they should sometimes be a silver lining if true.

but if trauma comes in the form of a crime that poses threat to life and selective enforcement is utilized by police to look the other way... 

well that can equal things like, now u r in a town u know no one, have few to Jobe of your assets including kitchen wear.. and forced labor under threat to destroy get rid of or otherwise lose all held assets

this sets the stage to terror condition a person. to a state of helplessness and or wipe all adaptive habits of not outright kill a person. 

then mn law follows up with more ways to jail a political prisoner under the guise of commitment of the mentally infebile then it does any system to check or balance powers of the police and civil courts 

anything in the name of job security and selling out the nation's economic future or your constituency to remain in power right? 

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