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delusions of order chance and justice

I'm sure this will fall on deaf ears or blind eyes like the rest. 

that said, mn gave judiciary and Leo powers to doctors. 

problem is differential diagnosis is more of a suggestion than a enforced and or punished for not followed procedure. 

even if it is it wasn't laid out or to my knowledge taught in the context of detaining people and deciding on their freedom 

when I was in school the precursors to this logical cluster fuck were already evident. 

seperation of powers was being taught as church and state. English was teaching thst the readers or listeners interpretation of the communicators meaning is more important than the intent of the communicator. 

Encouraging narcissistic delusion in a nutshell. Teaching the breakdown of logic sympathy and empathy

It's hard to find definitive proof this was by Design. That said indications one may  target this exist in things like the concept of rule of law

ie laws require public acceptance or the ability to enforce them may be challanged.

well if your public is only concerned about themselves as a indivigual unit and convinced that the conclusion anything that sounds bad is against them if they think so.. 

building blocks for chaos and breakdown of unity or ability to resist unjust law.

combind this with an Edu and news media willing to rewrite past or misrepresent anything at will. Add in the concept of a representative democracy where we don't vote directly on laws we elect officials to do so.

Even with the officials with the best of them tent for their constituents can now be removed from office forced to step down off of hearsay which is easy for anyone with financial means to have pop up

Seemingly under good cause there is a fight to remove or make it very hard to penalize false accusations on many things. We totally dismantled justice under seemingly just cause.

we talk a out things like helping women and minorities. I'm not sure I see how ofp law does that. it's suposed to like emergency medical holds stop immediate threat of harm. sounds good but how do you get one?

first be aware of what they are, then drive yourself or ask your abuser for a ride to the court house... 

oh right there might be a problem there. mean while the accused might be in another county with out transport because this law to stop immediate hearsay theat has no statue of limitations/ time limit. it's like bait and switch all around.

the only point that holds true as far as I can see is its an express pass to strip rights from one side if another yells witch. 

it doesn't even ban the Accuser from calling or going near the accused. 

Police in my case participated in maintaining a 0 notice lock out of a residence the owner claimed to be my landlord. this started 8mo after I moved back in. 

while ignoring multiple attempts to report things like mail fraud check fraud assult and literlay being told "I own you"

I was being told I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out.

theft of assets can create a threat to life. esp if that's ID. I was told "if we put that on record we might be liable" I called the mn bar hotline and was told to comunicate to police that my parents were unreliable Witnesses. I thought well I've got them recorded admiting they use false reports as weapons and indicating the dv report was my mom trying to kill me.

since Aug 2018 and continuing where I am what I'm doing has been controlled by theft, mail fraud check fraud and threats to all assets held. multiple threats to get another emergency medical hold. if you give an abuser or even a bully cart blanch from a legal perspective what do you think u get?

anger is even a psychology recognized response to abuse. not everyone lays down and becomes submissive. this isn't a gender split its a personality and power of will thing. healthy or not is where you direct that anger. direct it into people and you fucked up. mn law doesn't care though. it seems to one sided "this person claims they felt this way and they claimed it first there for... punish them" as a stance called justice. which when police can selectively report and or enforce.. when the civil court judge doesn't even have those reports to consider or not..

justice is aparenrly he or she who crys wolf after filing the free no time limit form first. 

claims of words said absence of context seem more important than history or lack there of of the claimed behavior or actions and or in actions of the other party. 

this first came to me as the realization, "it puts the lotion on its skin and shuts up or it gets the court again"

or in other words this system is as likely to punish a victim and strengthen a. abusers postion of power as it is to help the abused. 

maybe a dead horse but the one sided nature of the ban.. once again rather key. 


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