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dependance and slavery

while being dependent on another is not the same the US constitution is suposed to outlaw slavery, and indentured servitude.

in almost an npd gaslight style most of the people I've met or interacted with in the US will almost deny that food costs money and or that water food and shelter are required for human survival. in Minnesota during the winter the order is probably (day dependent) shelter water food. one can go 3 days with out water, last winter it hit negative 30f. aka cold can kill in hrs. all the above cost money.

the government does offer food assistance programs, as far as I know you need a photo ID to get mn snap. snap is our firm of food stamps. 

everything I learned in public compulsory edu says abandoning everything possession wise while someone has your physical ID, is using thst and your ssn to rule your accounts.. bad idea or bad in general for survival. hey I'm homeless with out id. 

more so it seems k through 12(gradr) was designed to leave the impression everyone is protected, the justice system and rights are well thought out. come to find out police can selectively ignore most violations person to person. come to find out the fbi laughs and says "sir I'm hanging disconnecting the call" 

maybe I would get further doj report. not hopeful also there is no compensation awarded. so sure I could potentially cause some hell for mgpd. but the biggest issue is they have stuck themselves between me and someone trying to steal from me. quite successful and repeated. now the state through civil court allows them to apply ofps after a year of forced labor under threat of distruction of 16 years of assets I worked for and everything ever give. by anyone. 

people will tell me "you're starting over", " you have to get away from them" 

practice.. constructive.. lol not. 

others assume I must be doing something wrong, incompetent or bad aka deserve it. I'm sure others yet just don't care but I didn't happen to them and they have no concern. 

Then there's the proof that it's clearly something similar has happened to them and the disturbing thing is the majority temp to get so cold.. 

apa says moderate verbal abuse and or emotional neglect parent to child greatly increases likely hood of npd bpd, maybe cluster b in generl(too of my head). if the media which is dramaticized and polorized can exaserbate the traits mind set or contribute to falling off the continuum into personality disorder land it would explain. a lot. I belive it can. intent or otherwise aside, my easiest to sum reason would be the concepts of polar and drama are conceptually aligned with the psych concept of splitting. 

all or nothing, black and white, love hare Corp infotainment we call news in full color 1080p

rising back into the title; there's some evidence that npd and  maybe aspd afflicted people suffer a decrease in gray matter in the prefrontal cortex. in a wrodl where the cats of Edward Bernays and the Nazi propaganda minister are long out of the bag this is probably a dangerous combination. Even without less-than-ideal because at least in my understanding this would indicate people are less likely at seeing versions of a concept.

Like asking a computer does this integer equal that integer or better yet is every bit in this bitmap image identical to the one that spells out slavery? True or false is your only answer

function determinSlavery() {
bool isSlavery= false;
    if (isPreEmancioation) {
finish this later sudo code on phone keyboard.. yuck

edu is seemingly playing with this recklessly as well. racism my second time at college was being taught as white on black, sexism man on women (not like that though, consent is a myth that's rape) 

what I'm trying to get to is in an orwel like sense not only have things been double spoke but state fulness and subject demographics have been added to words describing stateless subject less concepts that history shows cropped up repeatedly with different demographics in the power or otherwise position. 

what I see it reflected in is the lack of recognition that if police can Overlook theft mail fraud check fraud attempted murder, theft of physical id and assult.. 

in my case while saying "if you accept anything from your parents they will always have some cobtrol"

if it also takes money to not die of exposure thirst or starvation, 
then becoming dependent at any point essentially invalidates your rights as a human or citizen, maybe its an illusion and we never had any. maybe its pokcieing for profit. maybe what I'm seeing is due to my dad's leadership postion in a union with an overseeing body common to the police union, maybe some combo maybe some things I'm unaware of.. 

but if it takes things to survive (not even thrive or expect income) and crimes can be commited that render one unable to have those things and are overlooked because of dependent status, then we sorta have indentured servitude sans contract or ending which is suposed to differentiate it from slavery. 

I think the connection is deeper than that though. America or the majority of it(usa/North americ) is set up in a manner that with out a car having any source of income is difficult. the broader concept is there are conditions one has or doesn't that contribute to economic Mobility. much of thst set contributes to getting or maintaining an income what soever 

now the thing is its a lie either way.. or rather should be an outrage that hearsay to the police from suspect one should allow them to make evidence less personal judgment that might enforce threat to life, inability to maintain a job or get one, human trafficing, distruction or seperstion from assets earned.. 

but what's not really mentioned in school is only public oppinion holds the police in check or fear of negative consiquense. also not mentioned is the broad ability to selectively enforce. it may or may not be taught but if I understand correctly some criminal matters a person can file to have charges brought or not but for certian crimes and id assume most people we assume the police are the only route into that system and civil court has little or now power to enforce anything. regardless of if the civil part is true this system seems deeply flad in relation to protecting the rights of any citizen. 

if police for what ever reason can create a situation where you are homeless with no ID and nothing asset wise...yeah good luck with a court case and then statue if limits comes into play.. u have x days mibths etc to restart and they to get to court from the street. 

but like my likely npd parents argue a lot of people will say if the person can walk away then nothing is forced. it blows my mind. 

is it certian death? no  but dependent on say physical location (climate) and time of year  it greatly inncreases the probability. the chance of negative outcome in form of resultant disfigurement or disabling injury way higher. med sci Also knows beyond a doubt that what u eat not just if plays a massive role in how long u live quality of life and what you die of. 

biz school teaches that personal peoperty (but thing non human entity of a Corp) is an asset and a less liquid store of value. again prereq beliefs, it takes mobey for food shelter and hydration, it takes money for transportation to make money, it in my case could be done with internet but that has its own set of prereqs and or ideals. point I'm making is having tools and assets that one can sell worse comes to worse should equal buying shelter transport and or food in a pinch. liquidating assets to maintain essentials

so work for 16 years, all the specifics are neither here nor there but I was told it was my car. Police during this everybody or the majority of people will tell you trust your parents or tell you how good they're being to you and how good parents are. But when is I had no reason to believe it wasn't my car even. I had no reason to believe that this could happen to a person but separate someone from 16 years of assets they actually worked to pay for zero notice zero ability to sell them police standing between you and them after what should be an illegal lockout eviction. this alone doesn't really constitute an argument for slavery but if you didn't have the police forcing one to drive away to a new location that person picked completely devoid of these things while they're being destroyed constantly threatening to get rid of all of them or destroy them now we have a problem we good out on the street is pretty high odds of death actual crimes of 1/3 to prevent and I said I don't know why I'm wasting my breath this world has gone psychotic

worse yet Feb 2018 my primary says way to recover is avoid mold. I'm sure my parents would deny it having any factor in their selection of this apt...garage under unit and no climate cobtrol in garage ensures 60 percent plus humidity in this 40 year old unit. then snow blows through vets of car they refused to transfer title to while holding enough of my things I could have bought the same car... and hey your job is clean our car at place we picked. it was in their moldy houses attached garage for like 9 year. the snow was like gas on a fire. 

I eventually get headliner out and find the sunroof drain tubes clogged as well. 

Dec 2017 I also lost a baby tooth long dead. it had been wedged with a dead root acting as a place keeper for maybe 19 years. it never had an adult tooth under it. my dentist says, your insurance doesn't cover it but u want a dental implant if possible don't wait more than 5mo. cost is 5k. 

so pick and chose, min wage no car on street and moth rots, or lose 16 years of assets because police ignore all of the above crimes and threats to life.. end up the same anyway 

my parents have already lied repeatedly saying they don't keep me from anything. fact of mater is they either tell me to come down or say the same in past. I then do so, no phones are answered and 10min later maple Grove police are rolling up. 

the civil or know how to file your own charges elsewhere nature of this system lends itself to servitude and slavery. everything about psych and how abusers work plus financial and survival realities combined with police ability to selectively turn a blind eye... 

if your life is in danger and someone says they own you while physically abusive.. best drive to court and file xyz. 

Drove to mg in the moldy care while being threatened to do hazard cleaning/remediation job or lose all with Clyde rabbit in freezer. 

cops one encounter said yes I could file mold mail and check fraud. 

drive to town I've been booted from via 0 notice lock change.. one officer becomes two at the station "just so you're assured you're not getting the word of one cop" and all the sudden it's not mail fraud it's not check fraud not illegal to say you own someone. We don't care that the reports have been fixed that your mom pretty much admits to trying to kill you that might make us liable.

Probably about 20 years ago I was bright enough to realize being an only child give me some unique vulnerabilities in life. Alone is not safe. On top of the situation what was not only disheartening but terrifying is I know how two on one works. 

in general and regardless of gender, children (which grow into adults) have normal vs abuse set by homelife. Turning 18 doesn't magically make you identify abuse. Especially in an only situation where the world or rather our culture puts parents on a pedestal creative potentials for lifelong human ownership. When the police excuse crimes that threaten life-threatening any ability to ever have Financial Independence and blame what's happening to you on the fact that you are sometime supposedly accepted money that was offered well... 

Heil Hitler as agent. bit extream but.. idk I value human life and do not think that it's a great idea that police operate on hearsay or step in between and create threats to Life by enforcing abusers abuse

Came to me that I haven't heard a whole lot of stories about how everybody else at any point have to start from the homeless shelter to have any protection or rights. 

It also occurred to me that in 2006 at 18 I had enough money to go to Europe for 45 days after buying $1,000 flat screen tons of other stuff that year because I was making 11 an hour plus commission doing telemarketing for mortgage refinance. I was also making in 06 75 to show up 30 an hour after for IT consulting for for small businesses in two dozen homes. I might not have even needed Section 8 to move out. I was told by my dad if I didn't leave for North Dakota NDSU college right away the money they saved and told me about my whole life might disappear. This parents aren't responsible for well-being of their adult children that's true to an extent but that really shouldn't in anyway excuse them from multiple crimes and even attempted murder

 Whatever Minnesota one player about the responsibilities of adult parents to an adult offspring that won't change the fact that parents have an automatic position of trust and that seems to extend to the police.

 Pre 18 really there are about 2 years that a young adult known as teen has to save. I was fortunate in having natural Talent Electronics & computers. this isn't something either parent possess. My dad can figure out an AV system this phone and eventually you learn stuff like installing software. He was a public school bus driver and then Union organizer SMS practitioner and taught nursing at st. Kate's this isn't something they taught me.

But minimum wage hours limited by under 18 work hour limits and High School the fact that Minnesota laws set to allow an automatic boot If the parents so desires come on with the child turns 18 is insanity. It hurts the people with the most uses up bringing the most it creates high probability they end up in prison. As I've seen dysfunctional abusive parent willing to lie to the cops can create hell against the law even for an adult offspring. Most places minimum wage doesn't cover rent you're one option might be getting in debt to the government for college your parents decide to boot you the moment you turn 18. The real rub is that doesn't actually mean you're done with high school. The other part is the most abusive are likely to strictly limit when the children or adults children young adults children may leave the house. Which would severely cut into the likelihood of them having friends group or somewhere if this happens. Then on top of that maybe it doesn't happen anymore but I talked to someone who graduated at least 20 years before me in a Minnesota school and I know I graduated in 06 but senior year for most people the high school still wants parental signatures even after 18. This doesn't strictly create a liability or a risk to life but it does create an absolute in mind fuck and there's not much better way to say it. It's dissonance incarnated in a legal and educational system.

And then I learn but there's this thing called an ofp. Just a brief recap of the timeline 2006 I moved out of my parents house at 18. 2018 after 8 months of bleeding following Cosmos cat dying I moved back in to my parents house. 8 months later they changed the lock. Since then I've been moved around two cities five hotels 14 hotel rooms total do this do that go here go there or lose all your things and then the end of the lease they forced me to sign understand threat boom Sheriff at the door.

The apartment they picked wasn't Stern and it still is this where I am right now despite getting notice before lease was up that they didn't want to go month-to-month and I wasn't going to be able to re-sign I told them the crazy plan of I needed the garage for my parents have decided whenever I get my stuff back I have to clean it and told them about the I have no way of knowing the car was about to become a biological weapon. Discipline a year of kill yourself before we make sure you did and we can now come hear you but you can't come near us but the worst thing is they could have filed in Stearns if Island Hennepin knowing the car's been broke down for 6 days

Of the few valuable things I had gotten back one very valuable acquired for a very good deal on clearance for $150 a savings bond left by my grandmother included walked out the door right after the ofp has passed in my absence. They knew I have to be out of this pretty much come up and steal everything to make sure he can't even sell things you have a chance at another apartment

Department sent or notices to vacate by registered mail. The date at the end of the lease was March 31st 2020. The covert eviction ban hits. Today August a letter is dropped in front of my door saying we were send the termination of the lease it avoided using month to month and the wording of rescinding the termination is a bit fishy although it might mean nothing but the lease is up it has been they just haven't been able to remove me because of eviction ban. They sent another letter saying they want me out either way turn in my keys in between. But what's really fishy is you drop that in front of my door after creating a paper trail of registered mail 4 times in a row. My parents have make sure I don't even have a printer the only table I have is growing mold on it I haven't been able to eat cook exercise anything without their input on how bad it's going to be your Limited because I have none of my kitchen stuff every habit I've developed since 2006 has been destroyed will the people that are doing it back to terrorize act to tell me I never had it act to tell me that none of these things are important

And then while ignoring that all of my stuff is being destroyed I have a Maple Grove officer asking why can't I just do it support like I used to. Why can't a carpenter build houses when someone with a gun in a bad just standing between him and all his tools? If they say the officer Works to become a sports quadriplegic I believe it be pretty obvious it was a tot if I asked him why he can't still be a bike cop.

But the eluded statement is if you did what you said why are you in this position? Which goes right back to pathological site and splitting All or Nothing. What's does Sowell overlooking attempted murder three physical assaults, theft of all assets, check fraud and mail fraud. When I got kicked out to the hotel and even before they're holding my mail they're opening my mail they're signing my name on things from my mail that still continues. I didn't do a forwarding address because first mold car second six months in it was pretty clear they were trying to evict me here because of mold car. I negotiated out of lease no penalty guaranteed neutral reference in writing but with none of my possessions and with all that time spent on the Hopeless task of their car with the first three months lacking even secondary ID because six months previous all of a sudden the lock changes after I left for a hotel for what was the plan to stay of two weeks Max.

The whole reason this website is here is I find it more probable I'm dead or on the street then getting through this this is set up to tell my story or my side of my story. The point I'm making noise this system is not set up to prevent things like the Turpin parents in California or modern slavery. It seems like it knows that and would rather distract us at the same time or rather the people in the system know that. Politics it's very concerned about illegal immigrants being deported on payday the definitions of human trafficking aren't as I can cement to covered just immigrants but at one point it looks like somebody. Hey if someone for me forcibly moved around it's pretty hard for them to escape that because no friend group no social safety net and no ability to maintain or even speak income to allow Escape. Now it seems that they try to push the image it's only applicable to immigrants and becoming more and more the crime against girls. It always has been a subset of it to the sex trafficking but as far as I can see that was never to be all and end all of it. Maybe I'm wrong but that's just my view on where I would see the system going. It's also ridiculous I have be so careful well so much for being done tonight just end up in a psych ward. But police can ignore except attempted murder all kinds of threats to life with action they can create it by separating property and or standing between people in really nasty conditions especially when done parent to child read the last to know that you go to civil court and say you feel threatened after filing an ofp or type it up beforehand so that's not the point. Rather the procedures or order of operations is not the point point is we have officers that make appearances or are assigned to or both elementary through High School. How is a rational adult supposed to have concluded they aren't there when someone assaults you 4 makes me feel threatened or actually threatens your life the correct answer is drive to civil court and file an ofp or better yet how is that going to help someone in extreme conditions that approach slavery or bondage? When I look further I see the probability that violence against women lives at the federal level and programs and grant program + grants for drugs these are creating a police for profit system I can't complete that exactly what's going on but I wouldn't rule it out. Maybe there is a bright side to the fact that I'm probably going to the beach too fucked up to know that I'm me anymore or dead pretty soon this is not looking like a good time to be alive

I need to edit this at some point and put this somewhere else but for now a note to me and something anyone can read but I've never had an apartment on my app the less than this one for as much as or as willing to just walk into a locked door while I'm yelling stop. With zero attempt to notify.. I probably got 2 letters under the door month the entire time and then they leave me thinking since March that the moments eviction ban expires now I have an eviction on my civil record as well. Narcissist try to drain people it's what my parents do every time they pretend like nothing's going on please explain to me all the ways I am harming you just so I can hang up after 30 seconds of silence or tell you it's your fault. The create absolute chaos and I can't prove they're working together it might just be my parents give them some reason to suspect me or told them some story to win favor I kind of remember that one of the landlord might have worked with my dad at one point. Regardless it created the situation where my time is spent in Terror not knowing if I'm going to have a roof over my head or doing forced labor and my stuff is still being destroyed but if I go anywhere near even the stuff stolen after the ofcu I hate this my parents fucked up their house in 2001 when I was a minor it's contaminated my apt's spread one Cosmos died he looked at their house to chat I had spent the night sleeping on the floor next to him and right after he dies the bleeding in my apartment study I was the one who pushed for the mold investigation is back I suspected in 2014. Maybe my dad would have survived in 2004 without me but that's 16 I came home and we probably would be dead because they took my mom 3 hours to get to the ER. I get my life my reputation my credibility my credit and all my property destroyed thinking of paid off $430,000 home and the ability to have me thrown in jail whenever they want sprite no record before it well thing they own me

I lost the last three and Counting years of my life for this. Bonnie rabbit probably would have died soon she didn't die because of anything natural she was so skinny when my mom decided she needed the vet while I was banned from the house at hotels so skinny the day my mom decided she needed to that was the day she died. Clyde would still realize. For my freezer they pretend to lose her Ashes to extract labor to threaten to terrorize


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