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Saturday, August 29, 2020

enforced risk to life and the ethics of legal lies by enforcers

 I told Paul wuethrich I  was in such bad shape I can bearly do stairs back Feb 2020

"why would u need your bike if you can hardly do stairs?"

it's been 2x agreed Infront of mgpd officers the bike is mine and I can have it back. then they as with other things but can he do it tomorrow.. 

basicly hey can u be good guy and save our time on this call? which I try to do. it's yet to benifit me that I can see. 

my life is in increasing danger from Mal nutrition theft starvation human trafficing like conditions. from selective non enforcement and or willingness to allow or amend reports. 

if u listen to posted audio here or fb or read either source I've mentioned I've been kept so spun round I don't ask for officer names. then all the suden over a year and a half since illegal 0 notice police enforced lock change eviction.. officer Hanson is ignoring their misconduct and telling me to do things against good legal advice and when I ask for his badge number happily also volenteers the report number. 

I could probably write a thesis on methods of those who crave power over other manipulating instentanious image perception. thing is it wouldn't be anything new, as far as I can see most of that work was long ago done and law has moved in a direction to make it more valid rather than protect against 

but now I've got civil court battles to fight and consider myself already arrested for criminal charges. 

nature of ofps and combined with possible misconduct by members of the maple Grove force. I want to leave the union mature of the aggressors out but... 

Paul was probably 25 year elected vp of seiu local 284. he was also active on the mn labor console which included the police union. 

if memory serves he retired about a year after both unions mentioned broke from the aflcio and formed ctw. 

the liability and the partnerships in line with the lack of requirements once an ofp is in place.. 

I assume one way or another I'm soon to be in jail or dead. 

even inaction or continuing to allow theft and conditions a medical professional states are dangrous to life.. 

no action with bias enforcement... still likely to leave me dead. 

said professional is Marlene Wuethrich herself.  she has a masters in nursing.  she is a cnp with children's st paul. 

she also admits to taking all my things and more. recently informed me 

you deserve it because you are a man. I can post that call.  it might already be linked to on fb. 

What's the 14th amendment say that points to the nature of selective enforcement being not OK? 

there's a similar argument about those who trade liberty for security. 

but If law can protect at all the 14th seems to have nailed a requirement with the bit about it needs to do so to all citizens equally. which would seem to fly in the face of repeated selective enforcement being just. 

there's further indication of idiological issues in the concept of the rule of law. 

but back to the more present... 


it's hard to argue that they will at all leave me alone. the ultimate suposed to be done before several years of harming someone.. if u want to be left alone is a restraining order

they file them then come and steal more

then keep not just provoking but harming. while talking about what the judge will make of xyz

mean while I might not live to see a judge and ability to get to the court an hr and a half away?

they also filed while in possession of my photo id

not sure if that's required to get into court but..

am sure an officer of mgpd (Hanson) was telling me its illegal to drive anywhere with out it

I knew that to be a lie at the time. they can issue a citation and u have x days to prove..

but point sorta becomes.. well, not complying can equal force.. but they can lie and or if u belive them.. even if I had the ability to make court that day.. should I be driving I'd an officer has told me it's illegal wirh out the ID my parents took?

maybe mn and or us compulsory edu should focuse quite a bit of time on how to find and why u need every type of lawyer on hand from the moment u turn 18

funnier still. may 22nd while mgpd activated the ofps sterns wouldn't serve

I'm again hearing from officer Hanson about how good I have it and verbatim my parents give me enough.

I pointed out you've seen their ripped apart basement aka the mold problem

he says " I haven't"

so then I'm saying " 2x I got about 15 MI. with several officers present.. blah blah"

body cams as mandatory might help what reporting doesn't cover. if we want to belive a peace officer mission is possible with in current confines and realities at all.

I'd say it's likely reports focuse on future prosicutiob possibilities and most of the projected peace officer roll is recon and or conditioning the public to accept loss of need for warent

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