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Friday, August 21, 2020


 things I'm grateful for. yeah the sauce is expirired but it was better than not eating.

I sorted through the change taping dollars to make spending it not a nuscance when I walked across the street to quick trip last night 

also.. that surface the change is on... my bed. look fun to u?

two neighbors have furnished me with 7 dollars change, a pot and some noodles. two beers came with the pot and noodles. she didn't like hoppy beer.

picture of one is right now, two dehumidifiers running 57 percent rh

mold growth is explosive above 60.

it's not a lot but it's sure helped. problem is not that I can't manage concerns or issues. if someone can break laws steal and physicaly relocate under threat to render homeless with nothing. file an ofp and continue to steal

odds of digging out are slim. it also forces constant ee prioritization which requires thought. thought requires calories and or nutreiance. 

note the glasses held togeather with wire from the stolen from me mig welder

thing is if theft and endangerment of life were a police concern I wouldn't need the cherity as well. 

it's likely soon I will be rendered unable to see.. that isn't exactly a permanent repair of my glasses 

Yet if one listens to the audio of calls to the police enforcing this.. I can call 911 for a hospital trip or... not fix or not fix 

anything to keep one from justice 

if a party can continue to steal and violate law to set me back I'm not sure how one escapes the need

if there's 0 concern about this I'm not sure how laws will get anything but worse

I forgot how many weeks I've been wearing same clothes as I have no working washer and sadistic ofp filer stole to help ensure I can't repair it

the apt office isn't open to ask them to either.

nor replace broke off door key

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