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Sunday, August 2, 2020

I'm completely in limbo. But not in immediate limbo either because it's not like all of a sudden plan failed more like several crimes several felonies I've been committed by Marlene and Paul the form of position of power to sabotage and or to hold and continue destroying everything I have ever earned. The Nexus card well kind of discard with an ofp narcissist. But for 11 months it was do this do that if you want your stuff back to this to that faster your stuff gets donated recycled and the police don't give a shit. 2 days after the ofp in a court an hour and a half away pass they're up here calling in a welfare check. They had my ID from slightly before they took the garage door opener in well anyway they indicate that they have maybe the stuff that was stolen from my garage. They're trying to use the court to force the counseling for what they do to me will continue into this Troy my things I don't own anything that I have like anything of decent value that stuff is all been held in there moldy house or actually when they got it remediated it went out into their garage stall to continue being destroyed. And I can't there's nothing in me that says walking away from it all stops anyting because nutrition and balance all things working minimum wage doesn't do much more than a rat I work my ass off this sinking everything I used to earn more they decide where I live there's nothing to take the car away if I don't get the minimum wage job that they didn't steal my ID to prevent me from getting. Where is he at the ofp orders were March 2020 the apartment lease they force ended March 31st. Forced in the same manner of threats of all the stuff the police are helping us keep from you giving away John donated destroyed whatever variation sometimes implied sometimes explicit. The reason I was given notice to vacate I would say is pretty clearly traceable back to six months in they wanted. Fix the garage  having to Queen the mold bar in it ended March 31st

The other thing I wanted to get you in this post and many others but I always end up repeating the same traumas without even getting to the most dramatic part but the nature of how they lie and try to look innocent. They'll do things like change communication forms like every time though message could be 2 hours later from email to talking and let's just pretend we don't understand anything we've ever talked about ever and it never happened or we don't know what you're talking about it what's the problem can you list all the ways that were hurting you right now just so we can deny doing it hang up and block you for a week and then pretend we don't have any of your stuff while slipping in and comment about how we're going to get rid of it unless you do something for us faster

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