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mail fraud and starvation

 so parents with ofps filed as position of power booster. while ensuring i couldn't make court...

have been opening and holding mail since they forced hotel jump game. aug 2018 0 notice lock change 8 mo after moving back in. 

i think snap requires photo id..maybe just the number. 

but police in maple grove ignore that they are holding opening and signing my name on my mail and things in it. at least one check. 

ignore theft of id while standing in the way of me and everything i ever had and activating ofp mid covid. 

so now because they went to a civil /family/ odd how a new wild court appeared (pokemon go phrasing) but when i looked into it its not civil really it started as like a commission bleh nvm.

despite 32 years no criminal or civil record... no consideration for people that own me forcing physical relocation stranding and starving me...

i now go near my things or recently stolen id i go to jail. 

starvation is not good for immune function. not like its a worse pandemic than the Spanish flue outside. and or 1k fine for store with out a mask. 

i think the solution is jail or death and because i asked to be born and didnt like being abused in silence...maybe regardless. 

maybe ill call non emergency and try to again report threat to my life. last time i got hung up on. all the sudden "i cant really hear you". so with audio recording on laptop still running i switch to recording program on phone...test 123 play test 123... yeah nice... reject reports. my guess is that call is recorded on their side that protected him from liability for holding blue wall of... murder?

i am fucking hungry still my fault, i should have prioritized id relapced... so i thought, then i realized they claimed they would send it of opening forwarded mail on youtube. its incomplete...text messages hes sent me to taunt hes holding mail... those letters weren't included. nor was id. 

what was.... any envelope looking like it had a bank card... already opened. 

snap takes id right? how imideate is a threat to life by not eating how many laws can they violate where its still my fault? physical abuse /assult/attempted murder by pushing me over a railing...saying they own me

yeah Stockholm isnt a thing... mn lets let people fuck other people up really bad then arrest the victim or mandatory thearpay with criminal actions for contacting someone who aslso stole and still has 16 years worth of assets worked for and everything ever given. who was able to get a medical hold over threat to chip stucco siding the last time they made sure i couldnt get food.

imediate threat to self others or property... 

yo guys...ima snap my own number 2 pencil. abduct me for 72 hrs...or 2 more days if weekend. 

take me to a doc i havent seen before , have him list paranoid... nothing in law or document saying thats not specific enough... call it a medical officer hold to blur it...that duent hurt the less educatied or poor. state bar hotline "no one touches these cases" 

sprinkle drugs on or in me when my bodies found... not like 4 years either forced labor or relocation and working too hard before that to have a social life... yeah no support network or people who have known me in quite a while..

oh look a drifter...lets kill him (rat race quote)

i did hear covid hit mn prisons... jails might still be closed. my dad has at least a 22 and it generally takes 15min to get 3 mg squads and 4 to 8 officers if i sit on public property after i was invited and sans restraining order. 

he would probably shoot me, they might have every incentive to do so if not... guess i just wont eat. 


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