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Friday, August 14, 2020

mn law maker in forced incest and beating on learning disabilities with police.

emotional incest is what I mean.

not everyone will have this happen to them. I'm still debating if I want to try or fry myself. then I read about covid and blood clots. wish I had my bike. wish I had anything buy Clyde rabbit in the freezer, moldy apt parents picked for me to die at. 

only kept at bay by emptying dehumidifiers 2x a day. was 72 percent rh moments ago.

it strikes me as odd we are concerned in this country with ins getting called on pay day except at least in maple Grove

son works off and on before 16years old 

works multiple jobs at 16 including IT support

for a car dealership, cpa office print and engraving shop and law office. 2 dozen homes.

also worked jobs like target nat cam then a mortgage refinance company. 

dad 2004 has an aortic anurism and mom didn't make the waiting room for 3hrs

dad 2006 has another surgery to fix what emergency surgery didn't. 

I'm still working multiple means and hs. the cpa lasted till 2014

the first time their mold made me sick

time line is else where too but police are now refusing to admit they stood between me and the place my mom said I was Tennant at for a year and a half plus after parents changed lock code 8mo after I move back in

I consider this a sign that there is liability here 

this still feels like, let the bullies bound on the abused. 

I could be wrong. may e neither parent is npd. not many people have ever told me in stupid or my read is usually left field. 

I know what abuse is and it's not simple name calling. one must consider postion of powe

I go to 

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