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Not hung up on...still lead in circles with nods to liability

yeah man im not gonna contact your parents and ask them to buy you a pizza. or put attempted murder on several attempts to report. later ill put youtube of one of many calls it was discussed with my mom and or dad. not even the most clear admission, she kinda realized it but then ego gets her "mom you said i brought you into this world i can take you out as i walked us away from you trying to push me over a railing then you filed a false police report saying i got aggressive and shoved you across the room?"

"a false, what?!!? and i hope i still dont have to...HERES THE DEAL JOHN"

i forgot to try to again report. all of my property being held is being destroyed... i guess i did mention, the destruction and mold on it. 

if i lose my current residence how do i hang on to any evidence lab tested evidence?

how is this not suposed to be disheartening and terifying. even if i get my id by standing on corner hungery till i have lthe like 30 bucks and for gas and for food.

why buy anything, parents have proven they will continuously take what i earn. do things with intent to harm or end life. 

the police are acting as judge jury and possible executioner. Aug 2018 I leave the house for 2 weeks max. having. moved back In Jan 2018. garage lock code changed with Bonnie and Clyde rabbit and all my things inside. when I moved back in it my mom said she was my landlord, services they know I've done for pay in the past were both requested and demanded. services with a current market value of 150 an hr. rent in Plymouth for residential is 1.34 iirc a square foot a month. pretty standard smallest billable unit is an hr. aka hey come help me on the computer once even per month paid rent. they have a media center pc I built for them and didn't charge labor and a desktop in the basement that was mostly spare parts acquired from my own purchases/upgrades and or things given by clients. I'm not claiming oh I took a virus off once I'm qualified. that living room lc is built into a surround receiver style case, features a HD cable card cable tuner board, enabling recording 4 channels at once while one is both watchable and pausable with out changing recording (want to save recording but also pause moving to take a bathroom break.. it's both time shift and recording) blu ray Rom drive, hdmi cec adapter so the Samsung TV  remote can command the pc.. aka channel up changes the software TV runner programs channel and it works how a set top box would be expected to.. solid state boot drive and recording goes to larger drives in basement pc. 

I've been doing computer support for small business and homes since 2004. first small biz client I had was maintained till 2014. coffee shop builtin board posted biz card I made the year before in screen shop and darkroom at maple Grove Jr high. word of mouth, people I met working retail and some friends of parents or students of my mom's and coworkers. even before that 6 or 7th grade my mom was using overhead slides at st Kate's to teach nursing.. she needed to switch to power point on student and possibly school demands (wouldn't say I recall that level of detail that far back) so who does she turn to when she can't be bothered to figure it out? minor son. 

Yet they later tell police I'm sick in the head probably that I've never worked a day in my life (they have repeatedly tryed selling me this.. and other rewrites. sometimes I scream "YOU DO NOT DEFINE MY PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE WIRH WHAT EVER LIE WORKS AT THE MOMENT" 

But there's no way police should be able to have me forced to drive away to empty apt parents picked and forced lease on I. town they picked in car I don't own. after 6 mo of bouncing hotel to hotel spending savings bonds for gas and food. like 14 rooms 5 hotels maple Grove hospital and riverside Minneapolis mental ward. 

I'm guessing a combination of they realized Gee Maple Grove Marked  down as a medical officer hold yet he is pointing out repeated HIPAA law violations has no history except for mild pstd in 2006 of mental illness and add he had no criminal record and he's also indicating the police gave him no choice but to get in the ambulance telling him they could remove him from the vehicle in the hotel parking lot by force and then a Dr he never met signed off making it a as far as I can see the type of hold that a doctor would normally apply when you're already in the office and one that you've met before with a baseline for what paranoid is there regular Behavior because there's a pretty big again as far as I can see the logical fucking problem here

the officer on the call there made it pretty clear last time if my parents say they gave me something and the officer considers it enough and verbatim truth then it must be., he thinks they give me enough... he doesnt really want details and does things that indicate he kknows where bounds of liability likely lie in the convo. he is smooth though.

I'll have to listen to it again myself. but in my head during a short drive due to low fuel but desire not to be in apt with 57 percent humidity moment one of 2 dehumidifiers fills its tank 0 cash and... Clyde in freezer. 

I realized he lies and eggs on several times. first he asks who's doing this to me. I mention later, oh we arnt part of the weekly brief any more (officers the summer before this one would say things like we haven't met yet but. long story made short it implied the family issues were frequentl enough the mg force was updated on it. as I had mold car and not enough cash to eat and do the demanded labor of fix it.. my trips from the forced lease in st cloud to maple Grove were few and far between this indicates to me.. there were likely reports alleging I was there which I was nothing of the sort 

but he plays like he has no idea what I'm talking about and then later reveals we met the last time I was in maple Grove.. aka activating the ofp that sterns refused to serve. 

problem is that's likely a lie to. that night he mentioned the car I was down there in was different than the last time. mold car, fusion, white taurus. none of them is mine. 

9mo with the first 3 being sans respirator/ppe I already owned from etching circuit boards /mixing cupric chloride to Etch.. full face. 3m 6800. got on sale for 100usd. made ideal fume protection during mix of acid ultra clear face shield for eye protection after. also about the cheapest option that a pro wouldn't likely want to use for long.. but would be osha OK for lead aspestose... hazard remediation tasks. 

clean our car or lose everything the police and our desire to change the lock out and keep us in control over. from sign this lease or lose everything be homeless 

I really didn't want to talk about the specifics of the car Inbetween mold car and white car. I do not like senseless distruction esp not of intriqet machines.. that's starting to fade as I am force to endure more hunger and threat to body and life. but point is legaly it wasn't my car to talk about anyway. it wasn't mine to sell, everything mine is still being destroy. engibe seized in that car. I calculated milage driven knowing it was totally gone over and serviced..  either my dad or the sales guy told me it was ultra low milage and babied. I didn't exceed extreal or long oil change milage, engine seized with no light on dash what so ever. The nine months with the moldy car make sure it spread to the apartment I couldn't get it out of my clothes and I broke the fucking washing machine which is entirely on me I got fed up with it I yanked the lid open in a little plastic latch broke because I'm doing 3 loads of laundry a day to keep up for the fact that the budget isn't meeting Tyvek suits and everything including common sense says don't drag a bunch of mold spores up to an apartment especially not one with the garage under it but not my garage that maintains fucking almost 60% humidity with one dehumidifier running it takes two to bring it under that in the summer that's the magic number for explosive mold grow. My neighbor benefits because she's over my garage and there's a dehumidifier running but somebody else is in the garage under me and no such thing is happening so I'm constantly battling the apartment above me the garage below me the cement slab in that and no climate control in that this building is about the worst you could pick out for someone to deal with a huge mold problem you caused by your decisions for your house. I digress three loads of laundry a day and the damn machine you forget something to take that 20 to 45 seconds deciding if it wants to unlatch the thing siyang cup 1-day 9 months into that whoops. Meaning that out of the money they've given which immediately got Cuts even lower and isn't what they tell everybody but because they do that and take things I'm stuck fucking buying clothes like every two weeks I don't have any of my kitchen stuff I had enough in tools that I earned working for over 16 years that I could have sold them and bought any of the fucking cars that they tell me are mine but aren't in title and we'll forced labor or take a wave when it can hurt me and keep me dependent but they didn't do that for most of my life but when you realize you were wrong about your house and you want someone to take it out on well there's a thing called narcissistic rage. The last thing I wanted was that car be ruined my stuff that I work for is being destroyed I am worse off without a car and everywhere but I can't do anything about it when police allow multiple crimes including mail fraud check fraud and create an almost human trafficking situation with forced labor under threat to every bit of my property taken when my parents changed a lot then they take my ID or it's in the car that they take back but they know it they've knowledge it they won't give it to me except they lie and say they will send it then they don't send it none of this is safe none of this is okay. None of this makes it easier to remember specific dates and Orders of things and here he is I know it well I don't I can't claim to know what was going through his head I do know from both inference and somebody trying to get out of a bill and then forced labor when they realize the person they chose to replace me wasn't up to the task oops I made a mistake well I was privy to what's going on with his parents maybe I can play their game. I used to describe that guy's the most Charming sociopath you'll me until I realized he failed at exploiting the police as tools and my parents succeed but they mentioned my story stayed consistent. I had already kind of figured out what logical purpose is powers where you meet with one side or both sides and then the officers Converse could have but that pretty much Grove at home except he's doing it on pretty damn arbitrary back will also telling me he thinks it's okay crimes are committed against me that might or that are crimes either way but are very easily foreseeable is how they would endanger someone's life but that's all okay cuz they tell him they give me money so when he's asking about Oh I thought I saw you in another car or a different ride than this on March 22nd I really don't want to talk about that car I kind of glossed over it referring to the mold car but I'm not really sure how that could apply to anything other than confirmation bias of I think he had it easier than me but make sure he doesn't anymore. I do know that there are not always things I can predict or four seed that's not for one person to know all or be able to tell off but I also know that same Force has rejected reports saying if we put that on record we might be liable. In writing this I realized if you listen to the Hennepin County I don't know officer or just operator or dispatcher whatever the title is she's actually giving me terms and or looking for the problem do Maple Grove officers trying to obscure at every step. How long are you expected to be able to starve someone to allow crime to overlook assault and have them be spot-on and every recollection while you're playing I'm going to lie to you well and analyzing things I already know all you're telling me you can't eat. I've noticed the officers that aren't like that the ones I actually try to get to the bottom on the Maple Grove forced all the sudden I'll never see them again. I realize that scheduling probably plays a role in that. I can't really rule out the suggestion in my mind that there's been enough contacts where any officer who hasn't been aggressive or silent and enough officers present that each one unless Maple Grove have an absolutely huge Force this is starting to suggest there's maybe some suggestion of maybe that officer shouldn't take that call will send these four to eight others

encounters have been more numerous in the last 3 years in maple Grove than in the previous 29 years of my life. one hand wirh fingers left over counts times I've been in court. what I can see is if there is liability for their precious actions I'm an easy target and already in a position I'd argue many would lose their mind. there is incentive in even holding the line of previous wrongs. they often leave me unable to eat and always in near empty space step forward theft or fraud to knock me back, adjust the budget down steal Id deprive of transport... had I had any notice that I was to move out of that house which to this day I never got I just got locked changed sorry you can't file theft you gave them all your stuff moving out became the phrase later.. but with any notice the car could have been mine or one like it by hopefully like eBay not pawn shop selling some of my things but depending on how tight time is how much is required depending on nothing things you buy it normally have a resale value business school teaches it's an asset it's a store of value. I believe it takes photo ID to get Minnesota snap or food stamps which means you either have money and or ID or you have ID or you don't eat how this isn't the threat to life I don't understand. If someone can continuously steal from you then the police will help them by turning a blind eye and or standing in between what was yours when they changed the lock especially if the threat to chip stucco results in an emergency medical hold State Statute says immediate threat to self other or property. Well that threat was made three months into stay at what was the third Hotel V room and a day after spending the night in the car due to last minute booking I come down after working for pay on a website all day 5:30 p.m. having skipped meals cuz I get that into it hey there's no car in the parking lot. In other words I can't get a meal my dad didn't demands to know what I'm doing for my day which is absurd because it's 5:30 p.m. then it takes three times of do you want to harm me my property or yourself and I finally threatened to hire a cab go to the hardware store walk out with a sledgehammer and pray the cab drivers just okay with well this page says he's professional demolition needed to buy a hammer I pick them up from a hotel parking lot at 5:30 p.m. I didn't think it would work while I set it it was designed to be ridiculous it was also conditional to the car coming back which happened 30 minutes later then 4 hours later I come back after having gotten a meal worked more naps I go to the gas station come back and get blocked in by Maple Grove Squad in the parking lot surprise.. 

thinking  if u stay calm I'll be asleep in mg hotel bed (not knowing anything about medical holds and thinking along lines of probable cause and he's just there to say hey and make sure I do seem OK. I stay calm, switch from phone call to recording app and maybe 20min later am being told to step out of the vehicle or I can be removed by force. I've found some state lit indicating the form is too vague and as far as I can see it's a 72hr hold but I thought I had read that's not something a uniformed officer in a squad intiaites.. 

it's unclear. I havent found medical officer hold explicitly defined on the state revsiors site. I'd assume the hospitals legal department wrote or advised creation of the form. aka somewhere there was a disconnect also with realizing whom this hurts the most is those who have less edu, or specific vocab and means to get legal advice. because you can't even be sure under what law were u abducted for 3 to 5 days under. but if it is a 72hr hold might also make it weird, I asked if there was a form making this official 3 hrs in. "have I been anything but calm and cogent? is there a sheet that makes this legal?" hospitals are bureaucracies bureaucracies love forms logic said there would be. Later reading said I believe something about getting that within an hour of arrival but also she answered the question you've been fine but we're keeping you anyway and that's not really what's indicated on the form below. When there's no oversight which there really isn't with the police at all but even less with medical community especially with powers of police and justice system granted when there's no oversight you can do whatever the fuck you want and that whatever the fuck should probably Perry some concern when it includes hold someone against their will for multiple days even though they're fine. The search before entering the ambulance was nice too how quick would that have gone from peace officer mission two police officer mission had I had contraband. Is it just civil asset forfeiture or they're still DEA Grants for seizures? Speaking of seizures shortly after release Bonnie rabbit died. Then my mom who was enforced control of them with I just don't live there anymore decided she needed the bet she was so skinny that was right off the gate asking if they were going to syringe feed her or if she if I thought my parents would do that because she has kind of been made aware of the situation less than 10 minutes later she was dead I still can't process that entirely because I keep being made to fucking hungry to need to do what somebody who says they own me forces to meet basic needs to be alive and against the law. You want symptoms of mental illness keep starving a person well applying gaslighting. Emergency medical evidence shows that might cause actual fucking brain damage even without the starvation part

i should find the pic of helping build a kids carnival at an elementary in Sparta wi. wanna believe im entitled and grew up with money so deserve this risk to life? well id way rather be helping people in any capacity than hungry. if someone can steal and destroy anything with dollars earned working or anything given... im not very likely to make it there. 

so if i take some things i belive to be aspergilis or lab tested confirmed... and or some black mold... mail it to state officials... will they bust down my door with police? slighly modified soil from the bacteria apress 911... 

mgpd sees pic of moldy headliner in jan 2020 "I DIDNT SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY"

officer on the phone above wanted me may 22 to talk about how i was sitting in a diff car/might have known more of the story than he let on. that night he said last time... then he says first time was that night. might have it recorded. 

i tend to reverse engineer in my head and this one was mentioned when someone tried to play the games he knew my parents were playing but failed in st cloud. my story stayed the same, the false accusers didnt. 

but when hes prying about the car... i was 0 money, covid was starting, engine seizes dies, makes parking lot after intersection on restart, dies again there. my dads siting there hanging up the answering machine. i figure i was a bit over oil change but no oil light was on. i had a bluetooth code reader ...of course people with badges and guns and ladies who say landklord then change lock... 

adding a quart seemed to help, but im leaving message after message after limping it back to apt, dad i dont have any funds, this migh survive if towed to ford garage. no lights on im not sure whats...maybe oil.

later when i calculated miles driven, i didnt pass extream maintenance cycle millage. a few people ive asked online have said thats fishy to the point sabotage might be more likely. 

long and short of it is... i was pissed. i liked that car. it wasnt even mine though. they tell the officers they give me all these things, i cant sell it and use cash else where. the stuff i earned is being destroyed with my health while laws are being repeatedly violated with intent to harm. 

i wonder if their catch a liar training covers personal non criminal reasons for not wanting to go into the subject. 

in reality by using it on subject of things given but not ownership transfered... i would assume hes using it to prop up confirmation bias and how i deserve the hunger and blowing out black crap they have enforced from possessions as law enforcement officers. 


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