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Friday, August 21, 2020

ofp as power trip. applied parent to offspring as incest abuse postion of power


so afraid he then drive 45miles 2 days later to sit in parking lot and call in welfare check

my sense of humor trying to deal with shit situation that still endangers my life




does he sound afraid? 


dental implant I'm even further from now


he drops off random moldy things 


I love u Clyde


I love u Bonnie


my violent erratic behavior as he accuses me of something he hasn't done.. aka asking for a few dollars stuck in Mold house


he's already made me ask 3x didn't give then says he did to make me ask again. while they are hiding keys throwing laundered clothes in garage or moldy basement.. disconnecting car battery

making income impossible not paying for it services they receive

invite me down for xmas


won't answer phone when I get there.. aunt leaves while I sit on public property.. aunt with out a driver's liscense is backing away maple Grove pd arrives soon after wirh reports I'm on their property refusing to leave

I never left the car or public property no one asked let alone demanded I leave

making due with what I have, saving 200usd repairing a vacuum


Clyde on the last day at hotel when 3hrs after checkout I was given a moldy car and one key on a negative 11day

he had pissed his travel carrier


u can't ask an animal not to do basic functions of life. they sat 5min away refusing to answer while I had to figure out how to get him dry with out a towl or ability to run car with out leaving key in door unlocked. - 11 and wet friend is as bad as hot dog in car in summer death wise

discussing frodulent dv report the night of


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