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ofps hypocrisy

 what I don't understand and not much will not likely convince me of is

police can tell you tough luck while standing between all your things and people that took them

or that it's OK for what ever reason having to do with they said. 

I worked more often than not more than one job at the same time for 16 years. 

over look crime after crime by same parties against the eventual accused

over look theft of physical id making employment and or food stamps hard to come by

but go to civil court file a free form and now the other party commiting the crimes is protected and you are an abuser. 


I can't eat and yet verbal threats alleged make me more a theat to life?

then no action when the accuser comes and steals again but if police suspect I go near them I can be arrested sans warent?

so nothing peplle can actually do threatens the others life except words?

I'm confused

I mean I wanna say confusion is sarcastic.. except people with guns enforce this

my rabbits Bonnie and Clyde are dead because of the enforcement bias and human traficing like conditions created by maple Grove pd. 

I'm likely to be next. 

Jan 2018 I move in at my parents maple Grove. 

leave for 2weeks max Aug 2018 and 0 notice lock changes follows. 

start being told things like "you can't file theft you gave them your things moving out"

made to leave public property in a car I don't own since that point. 

ofps filed March 2020 with out my things back. 

moving in my mom said she was my landlord. at min 6300 in it services was preformed over 8mo

plymouth has a estimate posted of residential rental cost. $1.32/sq ft /mo

MN home line has a guide book for mn police that acknowledges oral leases. 

good luck with any court battle if someone can 0 notice take all your things then repeatedly steal from u where ever u go. good luck getting to a civil court battle. 

this is death.

I do not deserve this.

allowing parents to pray on their children will not do any good for mn. it will normalize cluster b disorders which can do little except increase all forms of abuse

apa children just exposed to neglect and verbal abuse are 3 to 4x more likely to have a cluster b disorder. 

lose the ability to empathize or sympathize and have kids.. u think those kids are likely to have even the same level of abuse or neglect? maybe. id say it trends twoards more.

those disorders usually include a deeper inability to conceptualize others and npd is known to be pretty sick as a parent. 

where's the medical suggestion even that either gender or parent is a less capable of harming state?

last I checked well controlled studies find little corss gender difference in the brain in areas of cognition and mechanisms we know create couple bonds and parent child, such as oxytocin well guess what is said to also break the spell or make less effective...

oh yeah npd. these laws are sick

I'll find better on oxytocin later I've read it before it's out there, Google scholar agogo

today and central are not great sites but there's a common thread found that this articles puts almost in ofp terms. 

burden of proof is flipped and that's a tactic go drain and consume the targets time.

many say it more like: they establish a postion of power and then let u define the relation during periods of cold shoulder or rather alternating.

like unless we dismiss that around 20g worth of my assets that includes my kitchen stuff and included stuff needed to give Clyde better than... God i hate this.

lies to police allow me to sepearte u from everything yours. now I sit there alternating beterrn no contact and pretending nothings up. I'm also destroying it and threatening to get rid of it. by cold shoulder or what I call repeat how I harm u so I can deny it

they ensure screaming and u looking like the agressive one. 

to anyone with either incentive to ignore that some possessions are required for adult life and not having some shorted s life.. or to anyone who can't figure it out.

when police refuse to act or in my case stand between and bias in enforcement along the lines of age discrimination 

but it's more than theft. my mom tried to push me over a railing and as I walked us away from the drop "you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out"

that's attempted murder but police won't allow it reported. 

civil court now gave them the power to come near me, stripped me of 2nd amendment and makes me arrest able wirh out a warent while parents still have all my things, they drove to my apt and stole more after it passed. 

and thing is I'm not dead inside but I really don't need the pstd or cpstd back or worsened and I don't need court and police that won't allow attempted murder or prosicuter theft to then tell me I need consoling because I'm some kinda fail while allowing two people to continue to terrorize.. I need the laws that directly endanger my life upheld with out discrimination demonstrated by repeatedly overlooking mail fraud ( holding, opening, signing my name on docs with in, making sure I don't get bank cards or health care renewal) check fraud from mail. attempted murder, assult, theft, 0 notice lock out, forced to drive wwwy in car I don't own..

this is insanity. there's no indication this changes or is allowed for any reason the police say 

because 1, they arnt judges but are suposed to protect life last I checked, are suposit to investigate theft etc. 

it's like the state figures out get families to tare each other apart and u likely create prision gaurd jobs, lawyers get a noon health care industry gets tossed a bone

I didn't accept or have choice in almost any of this. what made me sick was visiting their house. 

what made the issue at their house was their decisions playing general contractor in their basement finish around 2001

according to the city of maple Grove police department it's some how OK to tell your adult child you are their landlord after inviting them back in then 8mo later change the lock 0 notice and maple Grove pd will help you keep and destroy 16 years of their earned possessions and thingts that belong to other people. this is insane.

something like 60 percent of Americans struggle or can't come up with 300 usd for an emergency fund. maple Grove pd blames me for accepting money from my parents. 

with 0 concern for the fact that since 2004 I've done it support for small biz and homes. 0 concern for college courses (biz law) indicating that at very least when renting Jan 2018 to lock out Nov 2018 every time hey come help me on the computer is actually on site it consulting market average 150 an hr. 

both are machines I built with out charging labor

mgpd aparently enforces if a parent says u are worthless rhey can destroy every thing you earned. 

Plymouth residential rent(couldn't find mg) 1.32/sq ft /mo. in 2006 I had a car dealership, a CPA office, a law office and a print and engraving shop plus 2 dozen homes and an 11 dollar an hr telemarketing postion that offered commission. you had to meet quota and the loans had to clear. the commission was a percentage of the profit on a home loan. that wasn't chump change nor was 75 to show up 30 an hr for it support. again 2006.

i could have rented Osseo, Plymouth Brooklyn center or some maple Grove units easily. 

I was told by my dad go to ndsu or money saved probably disappears. no where have I ever seen or would I have agreed to everything earned ever can be taken wirh police assistance and destroyed. 

I feel not like police need to be abolished but holy hell who holds them accountable? 

if they can leave u on the street unless u follow the demands of someone commiting crimes and holding your property heaven forbid destroying it... 

at what point is this not enforced intentured servitude or slavery? they then overlook attempted murder 2 other assaults and continued theft. 

"if you accept anything from your parents they will always have some control" 

yeah that's bs because how did u get a robe and gavel. 

you over look theft of if and mail and check fraud. 

do officers not need to eat? do they wave the gun to get the next job or does id law apply? 


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