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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

One hand washes the other

 I think there was repeated police misconduct and enforcement of human trafficking , forced labor , illegal imprisonment, ignoring 3x assault, mail fraud, check fraud, parents claiming to own me (well dad) , report reports are being used as weapons and falsfied...

false report lead to emergency medical hold im not sure was legal at all (cop forced to ambulance "i have the power to decide i decided before i met you youre going in tonight"...i had been working on a webserver all day at a hotel, my parents ...using reports as weapons....

aug 2018 illegal lock out

six months at hotels 5 and one mental ward. 14 rooms total. short bookings for most burning ee bonds for gas and food.  Bonnie rabbit dies. Dad threatens to put clyde in clothes washer. clyde learns what ta hotel is. 

Sign this lease we picked or lose everything be homeless

nov was also pro mold rememdaition of their house. problem i first detected in 2014 and wasnt allowed to leave for like 6 mo despite intending to stay 1 mo. 

confirmed jan 2018 not acted on till nov 2018 while i was getting a diagnosis of the head kind for very real mold despite no issue while forced in front of odoc because of 3 mo at hotels (cleared first week) ."i have email with mold pro on my gmail on my phone" "patients aren't allowed phones on ward"

my dad texts me a pic of remediation after i get out. like same day... look what i can do to u. 

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