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 for the 3rd time now no 2nd key has me stranded.

400 usd was put in this month so I get to starve soon too

I hate smelling all the gone cooking in this place I cook really well but Clyde rabbit in the freezer is about all my kitchen has. 

nothing they claim to give or very little is useful for much but suffer. they have 40 years experience and have probably terorizrd quite a few people 

I asked my dad's former employer to maybe ask him if he's thought it through "no but good luck" was the gist of it.

probably says something. 

what said more was "I need control because i want control" 

the crimes Paul and Marlene commit are threats to life.

they threatened all my things still holding and opening my mail signing my name.. use cobtrol of my things granted by mgpd and 0 notice lock change 8mo after moving into their house and still 6300 skilled labor unpaid.. my mom said she's my landlord. 10x10 room in mg probably about 132 a mo. 8mo. 

but nope give them 16 years of earnings and force me to drive away in car I don't own deom public property 

can't file theft u Gave them your things moving out

then after March 2020 ofps they come up here and steal from garage 

how do we know parents didn't pay for it. 

how do I prove that when I can be seperated from all records and told to clean a health hazard car or lose all after told sign lease they picked in town they picked or lose all? 6mo bouncing hotels ee bonds for food and gas. could have saved on ee expenditure if I knew they would force the apt/wasn't worth looking. they drained me.

I can't eat, washers broken can't shower and towl off. 3 now moldy folding tables. lost key when it fell of chain.. he didn't give me a ring just a zip tie

it's not my car either. not in title. 

Maple Grove and hennepin 4th basicly enabled tell your son he's renting as he moves back..reason for doing so ends up being mold from your bad decisions finishing your basement in 2001.. he identifies it and pro confirms. gaslight and attack for 8mo while demanding it services. while he tries to uphold obligations to 3rd party major contracts and u throw pieces away, try to push him over railing change lock keep his rabbits and 16 years of earned. 3mo into hotels take car get medical hold. as paid mold remediation is under way. Bonnie rabbit dies. 5 hotels probably 14 rooms 3cities and mebtalbward of forced shuffle over 6mo. pick town and apt command sign lease or be homeless with nothing. make snow blow through cat vents at start of lease.

still in empty apt. 


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