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Paul John Wuethrich, Marlene dortthy wuethrich

they stole to make sure i cannot do anything but sit here. Well actually they lied they cheated the committed felonies they endangered lives of sick newborns. Marlene and Paul wuethrich is who. Marlene dorthy wuethrich told me she was my landlord 8mo later 0 notice

shortly before she falsely reported dv

end of 2nd or 3rd week at hotel my mom makes it official says don't call here anymore or come arround

during the 8mo she claimed to be my landlord, skilled labor exchanged totaled at min 6300 for a 10x10 room 
 I'm locked away from Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie dies, they pick apt, wasting my time spent on picking out things according to plan

they insisted on picking even my bed. 

snow blows through car they tell me is mine but won't transfer title to. 

now it becomes clean our car for 9mo or all your things/assets

I went to mgpd told them I have calls fecorced indicating dv was false my mom was actually trying to kill me... they are opening and holding my mail signed my name on check from mail

I had reported Clyde died at one encounter 
I got 3 car loads of stuff 2 of which with mold car 1 random assortment my dad brought

they pretended to lose Bonnies ashes. still have them 

when Clyde died tormented me and he's still in my freezer

they kept all secondary id then stole drivers liscense 

they paid to have hose fixed of mold Aug 2018

im still dealing with it. 

they tell me I'm wasting my time there's no mold

I don't have title to current car either. I'm still in empty apt

landlord at apt parents forced did not like cleaning mold car here. untill covid not a month went by I didn't get 1 to 3 letters or land lord 0 notice entering while I was present 

I rented 2007-2018 - haven't had this problem

they will call me down saying I can get my stuff.. they stop answeribg and I sit on road, they call the police and maple Grove pd has been forcing me to drive away from 20k my things to empty apt wirh Clyde rabbit in freezer since Feb 10

I need my kitchen.. how hard is it to fast or a decent meal when I was working $6,400 a week Paul molest children we trick came up and sat on my couch wanted me to come down and cook for him and Marlene telling me about all the extravagant events he was going to well I'm working my ass off they are going to kill me this needs to end this has been three years of basically human trafficking and forced labor then they just file an ofp instead of stopping even damaging all my stuff Maple Grove PD has put them in charge up after a zero notice eviction that they assisted in. I should by all means be dead a lot two of the most important creatures in my life I've been alone for three years dealing with problems Paul and Marlene no honor trick Pause by decisions they made finishing their house in 2001. You got me diagnosed with a mental condition for it on one of the false police reports that created probably illegalny legal medical hold

I had massive undertakings before this complex projects several paid for that were supposed to land me a job but we're salable either way like $100,000 a year so to start a career job. I didn't fail at any of those they were all proven working Marlene and Paul kept the things other people paid for with the things I paid for. About four or five months ago Marlene's on the phone saying well it's been too long so you don't need them back and it doesn't matter find something new to do. Excuse me well other than the fact that you lied at least Maple Grove PD doesn't carry you use them like tools refuses to hear evidence no fucking sick Marlene you fucking starving me wanted me to work minimum wage so I never Eclipse your what your nursing but yet when you're teaching bringing an extra ways you need me to make your fucking abhorent incest abuser


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