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pale and marburg rapetrick the person owner

 Paul and Marlene have some messed up tactics, basicly u suffer cause I say so in my mom's case. in my dad's "I own you" both "were the same person" to me. repeatedly make it clear talking about it they will hurt me more but their actions combine with those of maple Grove pd and later civil court.... 

I have no doubt that dispite my dad doing most of the talking and face of abuse my mom likely threatens him with the same flase reports. over time I observed his malice and control tendencies are heightened when they have arguments 

what was done first in the name of equality then later empowerment has created a postion of power for women over men. problem is I've yet to see any hard sci evidence indicating women are less likely to be amoral or more moral than men. when you then add the backing of police any strength difference is quickly irrelevant. even with out though, let's get out of binary. say majority of the time men are what 30 percent stronger? does that matter if shoved from behind while descending a staircase? is 30 percent less under the level required for a frying pan to crack skull? and if it's hot? oil? 

for some reason repeatedly child to teen my mom would point out Lilly of the valley growing on the edge of the neighbors house facing ours. also which bushes were ricen. pre empowerment or 3rd wave feminism it was still widely known women often kill with poision. the argument for why would she point that out when I was a small child makes sense, repeatedly later does not. 

i've known a med student who talking candidly mentioned if she ever wanted to off someone, legionairs in their ac. 

from what my parents are doing I have to conclude, use poision or biological means in mn and youu probably get away with murder. 

side note

in the mgpd call further down some of my time line issue is, parents said they had my if, would mail it back, like 3 weeks ago.. or that range. then refuse to acknowledge it again and it doesn't show up. thus I didn't get it replaced still don't have it and have to remember reality vs constant onslaught of purposeful lies and deceptions. while frequently hungey and in conditions parents picked and cnp mom admits not good for health. they come up and steal, sit in parking lot. it's all power and control and try to u hinge while frequently stepping past legal while using destruction of all of my things to command my time. 

they didn't just take my things. they took parts other peoples employers paid for for projects I already had working to ensure I have no path to decent or any income. that has the side effect of destroying the little social saftenet I had and calling to question my credibility. 

then may 22nd officer Hanson is asking why I can't go stay at a friend's. 

it's a gotca either way either high levels of quardnation or none. 

the officer might not understand social reciprocity or that expecting everyone to be ideal and or u shit on them they are always there for you is both a pipe dream and a part of pathological psych. but very likely there will be court ordered job security for a psychologist and...

land of the free to own your children

they hurt me if I do what they say. they hurt me in ways that make escape dangrous. they hurt in ways that threaten my life and try to poision my mind. ie condition me against behaviors required for adult life. 

he says he's going to sue me to make me take it Down..

two things come to mind.. 

one is bleeding a turnip

the other is you can't sue for definition of character (Alana Alda as hawkeye peirce.. I think frank burns was to whom he said it. but to old and obscure to have a YouTube clip) 

you can't be cerel frank! 

although I didn't think the police could create threat to life and presistant theft situations or over look and refuse to create a report noting  evedence for attempted murder either

my thought is arrests and or a thing along the lines of I abused her rather than she tried to push me over a potentially pays vawl grants the other doesn't 

none of this helps the economy or my chances of not dieing on the street. 

my advice for anyone considering having a family in or moving to MN. don't.

Maple Grove police already told me it's not illegal to say you own someone while telling me my parents can open any mail that comes to their house even with my name on it. ignoring they are holding it, opening it and signing my name on enclosed doc and at least one check.

that was when they refused to add the evidence that my mom tried to push me over a railing as well. 

watch my bet is they just add shit to my med record and make me go away.

injustice served after 3 years abuse and crimes to prevent escape. not like my mom has access to do so.. oh yeah cnp children's st paul, 40 years experience.. even if there is an audit log it won't say her.

real question in my mind is how they would implement audit logs across orgs. I've noticed docs and nurses or at least nps have a number with their name. I would use that but that doesnt indicate everyone with log /chart/EMR access has that/a number. I'm not sure if normal nurses do or just np/doc. 

I'm sure there is an emp number as nobody is doing payroll even medium scale with out software.. but again cross org is the question. 

look at me thinking like they won't get rid of me and I might have a future

actually if I get another summonce I think the correct route is stab a fork in each hand then navigate to the 240v outlet sans gfci. 

they picked this cell(apt) for anything but health or moving on.. death... it contains lots of ways to generate. mycotoxins a gogo as well 

why the forks? human skin is assumed to have 100kohms of resistance when dry and unbroken 

guy who liked to meditate (ohmmm) gave us


where (e)lectromotive force is volts, 

I is amps and auto caps on phone keyboard, 

r is ohms or resistance.

 my hearts not to concerned about impedance but with ac u might want to look it up 🤪

e/r=i and 240v/100kohm just doesn't do it. 

lethal range is 0.1a to 0.2a across the heart. enter (through dry or otherwise broken skin) forks. 

maybe if I get a rti and someone rxes codine cough syrup, that plus some lidocaine as a local and ill have the balls to stab a multi meter probe in each arm and report if the r value would be sufficiently low. SCIENCE! 

or there's this new thing all the rage called tms. transcranial magnetic stimulation. not sure if I could knock out pain responce with it but... am sure that the spot welder I built for creating lithium ion battery packs slightly modified would make a tms machine. I intended my board design to be a general purpose electric cutting and welding controller. therefore somethings not nesicarly on a pure spot welder are already incorporated. the logic and ui /controls humans touch are powered by an electric ly isolated supply and opto isoter chips pass signals. tems is about mag flux at the coil. swap out the fets I used with high voltage counterparts ( sic or Gan fets.. maybe even the edge of traditional fets) and the maxwell ultra caps for a few high voltage caps. now I can do microprocessor pulsed tems. 

I hadent yet cleaned the flux off. I have a lot of cs formerly under my belt. don't get me wrong.. that helps for coding the mcu... rest is all weld taught. in a manner of months I learned board CAD, created a UV lithography exposure rig, found good transparency mediums, built an Etch tank and mixed industry standard cupric chloride etchant. I didn't drop copper in acid more that 10 to 12 times including initial test patterns. I still managed features 8thou as in thousanths of an inch and double sided alignment on 2oz copper. 

funny but tangent, I once opened a mms/pic message to a picture of stitches. friend with PhD implanted their own rfid chip lol. caption "I chipped myself" 

I should probably rig a mosfet(back2back) or just relay circuit to a 240v plug. 

I wonder if anyone's making a single chip back2back Gan fet or sic fet.. next time pharma wants to play games with cocktail prices maybe a patented solid-state electrocution box sold for slightly less.. file for it, demonstrate it leave it to someone entrusted to give proceeds to non gendered end abuse fund seems like a legacy. forks sold seperately! 

back on track:

 the challange I forsee is in the US 240v in residential settings is split phase and both are earth referenced. 

in other words u need both wires. a 240v outlet is hot hot ground. each hot is 120v and one high while other is also high but 120v rms down from 0 on the graph. potential diff ends up being 240vrms if u grab hot and hot or want to run an ac with less copper. 

hot 2 hot helps get u the across the heart as a path. esp if one stands on styrophome or rubber mat. 

incredibly crude diagram with relays. usually id say this is not a complete tutorial and Saftey requires some of your own homework... but.. uh.. lol u tell me how to safely electrocute oneself. or ask the guy at excels Monticello plant.. or rather next of kin. probably leave it crude for that reason. phone screen wasn't entirely playing ball for this either. 

 switches on each of the 120 legs allowing one to connect then close/complete with one switch would still be ideal because grabbing the first if already live...

 little tingle. 

and muscles are known to go a bit funky adding power.. as Obama said:

isn't that the point? 

watts the point? 24 to 48 really.. or it could be said ventricular fibrillation is the point 

that's watts up. well that and pie.. everyone loves p=ie

thanks Obama! 

side note : police tazers do quite a bit of trickery to limit the possibility of lethal across the heart. including frequency of pulse to utilize skin effect (electrical term not Anatomy) and avoid interfering with rhythm. the voltage involved and the nature of barbs doing what I prepose with forkes would leave me on edge on the receiving end. I've seen it happen as well, doesn't look like good fun. I can still hear the whirr and thud in my mind. 

actually minus the topic being suicide if this was coming from the black lens; that's probably a leVar topic. 

 story of America, kunta kinte lives long enough to be cheif engineer on a ftl starship and educates children on the reading rainbow for a bit Inbetween. 😋 

notably not present in looting a target. 

I wanna say he was present on shining time station as well but... old memories. that conductor though 

but personally I prefer the person lens and watching it as a kid I was aware he didn't look like me but that really didn't matter, he was smart and talking about cool things. kids don't have prejiduce, we teach it to them. descending soap box... 

other news :

ever hear the story about the Silvia plath that didn't inhale? wait that might have been Clinton. 

dark humor is like food when Paul and Marlene claim to own you (not everyone gets it) 

now a word from our sponsors:

this human ownership made possible by:

the city of maple Grove MN, and storm trooper police within also in part by 4th district Court of hennepin Clounty 

maybe benificiary would be a more accurate term (see violance against woman law fedral grants and or policing for profit. yarrr Matti! ) 

Intelegent, Verbal Expression of anger and Physical Restraint 

gee maybe with jail closed I should just go steal back what's mine. cept my dad has at least one gun that i know of and better aim than the republic.  see its not all blasphemy.. er maybe I meant slander. but look up the meaning of the name John and you tell me what he considers it. 

point is not that I think it's a good idea or intend to. it's that I'm smart enough to consider  or have it occurs that unrest may have given a window to take back what's mine but also to foresee issues and understand its chaotic enough down there. 

that said, I haven't assaulted anyone both of the ofp accusers cannot truthfully say the same to me. doing the right thing appears to have me on track to 3 years of emotional incest isolation terror and then death. 

situational awareness: close.. 

A Ron white bit also comes to mind : officers unloaded point blank... no one was wounded. he was wearing body armor... I CAN SEE HIS HEAD SHOOT Him IN THE FUCKING HEAD, let pute do it! 

with what's above said, this outcome or even mgpd calling a huddle and telling me to take a knee might be more humane. 

funny how they run to court says my words make him feel threatened while he's telling me he owns me 

now I have no second amendment rights. also funny how stupid they assume the patient on medical holds.

do I have access to firearms? 

fucking pleb. 

you wanna see fire arms?

hand me those forks and stand back.

heat watts= i²*r (incase u missed the joke) just put in a jewl cd and crank it (joule heating, or ohmetic) 

smells like burnt chicken in here.  I did fire poi once.. thankfully this is not how it ended 

good lord the samoli population must have smelt the... they are surging at the door and none of them have masks on. 

bear arms is kinda risky with crispr but nanobots might someday make an interesting challange. 

nitrogen asphixation looks promising as well but I'll leave those details out. 

Challange to law makers and local pds

how about we fix policies to actually protect people rather than secure demand for police, court, mental wards cornorers and morticians?  or quite possibly police just in search of fed grants 

cause suicide is painless, it brings on many changes.. but I can take on living if I please

probably not for very long with malnurishment and homelessness created by maple groves refusal to uphold justice or do anything about repeated theft and illegal lock out on a lease.

hard to vote with out id as well. 

vote or die.. 

well last time I joked I was write in voting for putin look how that turned out. infact I didn't vote and now look what path I'm on. 

if the two officers that told me it's not illegal to say you own someone could please describe what is the criteria to define owning someone if appreciate it. as far as I can see not much could possibly be unticked. same goes for human trafficing

Mockery? I would say the State has contempt for citizen life. 

if you want to argue I'm not taking this seriously: start with defining how to get an income when someone can steal your ID

or eat for that matter, does snap not require photo ID? 

where is the rational adults belief it's overcomable when another party can repeatedly commit malicious acts that endanger life and violate law with seeming impunity? 

50 years ago it was long established by med sci that lack of water food shelter kills, in climits further south that order is valid. mn winter shelter water food is often the order. at - 30f walking a mile outside might be the end of you. 

but today we know even more about diet and longevity. about the biggest influence one can control in quality of life, length of life and what ends it is what you eat. 

yeah there's an issue with widly admiting it and I'm kinda on that line at the moment. that said, to permit theft that changes my ability to do so. this is a really sick topic but it's not of my creation. economic means equate to length of life if used to make correct diatary choices. links on the right hand side. I don't spoute hypothetical well maybe I would. it took me years to get in the habits and aquire the tools. I did it. just for it to be taken. 

diet also influences emotional regulation, cognition in general and attention. 

after a year and a half of police enforcing a 0 notice lock out, refusing to allow attempted murder on a report (Marlene trying to shove me over the railing). Paul assaulted me another time and Marlene slammed a car door on my leg summer 2019. mgpd officer "that's not assult that's not battery what are u doing here John" 

a side effect of that is also, how am I suposed to maintain evidence or proof of ownership of anything in this situation? 

several times in front of maple Grove pd it's been agreed my bike is my bike and it will be returned to me. never happens. look it up yourself but as far as something like type 2 diabities, food cravings, heart disease, ability to move a to b with out has cost, something I enjoy and known to reduce stress and anxiety?

nope but if we can paint him violent or Paul and Marlene feel threaned.. 

leave for a hotel for 2 weeks max Aug 2018. ever since everything mine has been held.  State that it's being destroyed

Maple Grove officers have 0 concern for this or why for a year and a half before both parents filed ofps I was made to drive away from all the things I own in a car I don't. 

how it went was usually show up and if invited there is no answer on phone. sit in car in driveway or city street and 10 to 15min later 1 to 3 squads rolls up

at a few points I was told I can't file theft I gavef them my things moving out.. then more recently parents come to st cloud and sswipe garage door opener from car, use it to take things from my garage. scpd officer "how do we know they didn't pay for them" 

yeah this seems fair. ie between Grove pds actions and hen 4th.. they can try to kill me, steal any and everything from me, come near me I can't go near them or expect anything more than death on the street 


Only way I see this not hurting people by intent

 if law makers assumed the police make no mistakes.  the reality is far from that and ifboth incentive to gain by different grants and civil forfiture on crimes plus situations where they may become liable for previous actions. ofp is kinda a nice catchall though. no statue of limits increasingly wide application criteria. if one party is terrorizing another or say something like the California turpins went down... say the police brought the kids back a few times. I told mgpd parents literlay claim to own me. "it's not illegal to say you own someone" 

i can't see it but highly flawed. it's suposed to help those most at risk but one has to type a form, drive to court and submit it? I didn't even know what an ofp was. if someone's in that abusive and controlling of a relationship those are pretty big barriers to get one. 

and as I've seen once applied despite my physical location being determined by illegal lock out mgpd got behind, all my stuff and loves of pets threatened and or ended.. 30 days hungry stolen id sterns refusing to serve the passed ofp.. maple Grove.. slap that puppy on while wearing masks for covid

I assume this is protocall if I'm found dead :

yarr Mattie, sprinkle some drugs on the body so no one asks questions.. aight?! 

 pirates, remember? for profit policing. Google violence against women federal grants for a taste. mn claims things like ofp orders are now non gendered. id like to see the stats and the arrest stats I have a feeling gedral funds flow in some cases. 

trying to take the advice of Mt python to Mrs brown right now but things seem rather hopeless. still a good song. not out of lack of respect but rather pd and annominity, thanks Mark. 

Cosmos cat. named after my fascination with the heavens... not the publication. obviously before I understood what light pollution robs us of.

Cosmos's last night alive may 2017. I drove to their house that day from st cloud. took him outside one last time, we slept in the moldy basement. one room from where he lay by my feet the first night in 2001. when I woke he was behind the couch on the moldy carpet in pain. we took him to the vet to be put down. while waiting for the vet to come with the shot he died in my lap. 

I went back to st cloud to try to keep going on eextreamly tight timetable contracted project. bleeding in apt started shortly after. 

then came the gaslighting and cover up which persisted through professional confirmation the basement was moldy as fuck. 
10mo later they are having it ripped out by pro while my mom made good on her threat to have me diagnosed delusional. 
I got this picture on my phone as I got out 

extra disturbing. I bought that dehumidifier. I also theorized mold as early as 2014. I had intended to live there one month in that year. it tuned into about 6 as my mom insisted i was too crazy to leave. 

end of Nov 2018 3mo into lock out Bonnie rabbit dies in their care. 

my dad threatened to put Clyde in washing machine. Clyde ended up learning what a hotel is 

Clyde debating if humans are ready to know rabbits are self aware. 

mean while Bonnies ashes arrive via usps
while bouncing hotels on short bookings spending mature ee bonds my grandmother left for food and gas banned from the house due to lock code change. my mn care packet came. they held it then present this as how to get my health care back. 
Cosmos on moldy basement carpet. the pic of the room with banners on wall after remediation is where this took place 

apparently at riverside mpls on forced emergency medical hold "I have extermination records and email from mold pro on my phone" met with "patients arnt allowed phones on the ward" is then grounds to diagnose. I forgot I also had my rabbits vet affirming something biting at parents house and these microscope pictures from my electronics repair scope refitted with 20x eye pices and 2x barlow. 

3mo at hotels preceded the hold. not a mark on me. I wasnt complaining about bugs or behaving infested the doc asked for the story. denies seeing hard evidence. I left out thst I had pictures because I know what ziplock or match box is.. I once had a side intrest in psych. 

the fact it cleared at hotels should have been another clue it wasn't delusional. environmental causation.. iritent.. go with what ever the point remains 

but no (redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs. 

in otherwords. end up on a emergency medical hold, no standard of evidence matters, if doc wants u to be delusional... 

let's talk rx kickbacks. ie if u diagnose u can then prescribe. some scripts carry the ability for a doc to get a bonus from the pharmaceutical manufacturer. funny how the conflict of interests wernt thought through in this legislation. 

can't say that's what it was but it general I see it as an issue. 

littke guy on bot was a baby tooth with out an adult under it. the surrounding teeth held it wedged after root died. Dec 2017 it decided to finally let go. I was told dental implant don't wait 6m. guess what I don't have to this day. but I'm sure Geting my id back by begging on the street then working min wage because mg enforced human traficing since Aug 2018... all will end well right? 

my dad and cousin have both asked or claimed I'm the only one with symptoms. vet records probably say otherwise. 
my dad was also on rx steroidal eye drops and rx topical antifungal. 

1 in 3 humans is said to have lower mold tolerance. molds can grow in u, molds can be allergenic and black mold isn't toxic but chemicals it releases called mycotoxins are eextreamly poisionus. aspergilis is notable for its ability to be a pathegen. also notable because spores look like penicillin under a scope. 

my parents will claim my suffering is refusal to get an allergy test. 

my mom has a masters in nursing and when still too young to swallow pills amoxicilin gave me Hella hives. she would probably have u belive she doesn't know what that is. but.. last part of the name should indicate.. penicillin amoxicilin both are fungus/mold. 

in other words she already knows I have a mold allergy. and the white liquid tastes like shit for the record. but it was good incentive to learn to swallow pills (for young me) 

it probably goes deeper than that though I'm not qualified to make this case. ie other areas in medicine know shape plays rolls. see partial antagonist. if it does in immune responce.. maybe I'll hit Google scholar later. 

but key point mold is not just an alergen it can kill or accelerate disease. moldy rye aka ergot poisoning is suspected to have played a role in the Salem witch trials. today grain is washed in ammonia as a counter measure. 

as did my mncare packet. which they held and Bonnie is still held Clyde is in my freezer. 

point I want to make is ordering consoling after the state via police misconduct enables distruction of all copping mechanisms and or property and human traficing like torture for over a year.. 

gee let's see if more heavy handed orders can fix what it started with out addressing the cause 

if not there's prision or 6ft under

which is handy. cause that's where we're headed.. bet we beat the paramaetics there by a good half hr - Ron white 

their upstairs bedroom door 2018. 

this was part of my tax return check in 2016. it's a 400 dollar ociliscope. or was. 

10x10 moldy bedroom

I took this in 06 45days 4 countries alone. at 18.

2016 to 2018 apt. the TV hanging up top was a fix it it's yours. didn't turn on. bulk caps were bad and fuse was blown. old hp laptop power brick had both. parents have even this. all things stored in conditions destroying them. at one point my dad wanted me to pay him for my stuff back. 6300 at min in it services preformed over 8mo in 2018. 10x10 moldy room. Plymouth had market average for residential rental listed. 1.32 a square foot a mo. so... 132 a month *8?

bathroom at current apt/cell. ceiling Exaust  fan has been on since I first entered feb or match  2019. above or below I discuss the rh problems here. the shoe string is... the flapper eyelet broke. I have a new one waiting on top of tank but no desire to put my head closer to this shit. 

on walk throygh pre sign the ceiling paint was peeling over tub. they fixed it but despite fan on 24/7 it's also back. there are pics of the back wall of my garage. my garage is one unit over but the one under me is nearly identical. it's this wall one floor below. it's growing black mold as well. 

when I fianly afforded the fogger with income from setting up a web server I fogged the garage wirh non voc mold control solution that costs 30 usd a gal. 

then I deal with maple Grove police telling me my parents give me enough money.. while standing between me and what's actually mine with no idea what expenses are. not caring my things are being destroyed and threatened. 
I went to CA to present a project. stopped at their house because my dad had offered a ride to the airport. Cosmos took my arm and pulled it into his chest. few months ago my dad over the phone claiming he didn't take anything from me and what time u could have spent elswise. my pets were the closest to unconditional love I've ever known. you don't get that by feeding them alone.  it's earned by learning their personalities /indivigual nature's and a bit about how they signal things. like the double eye blink for cats to say I love you. not sure how accurate but when I would first take Cosmos outside on a leash (like 2001) he would sit eventually but always behind me back to me. eventually I figured we were suposed to be hunting and I watch the other side. if I sat down with my back to him we'd stay put for a while. 

their house 2018

last day at hotels 2019. my dad makes sure I get the not actually fixed car back 3hrs past check out. one key, no remote start Clyde had peed his carrier. problem? it's negative 11 degrees this day. 

2016 to 18 apt. 

2016-8 apt
their house 2018 
cam I had at mall job 

not actually fixed mold car
mold at 2016 to 18 apt
rash was one of first signs 2017

current apt garage wall since move in. 

pressed on neck lump.. 

closer shot back of garage. rules for controlling mold growth. humidity, airflow, light. whenever they decided to normaly sublet 2 car garage stalls and construct lockers at the back... all rules are violated. 

here's johny  also.. pretty violated

on top of the dehumidifiers in 600 Sq ft apt. I told them from the start this was not nesicarly even doable here and a really bad idea really bad use of my time and possibly dangrous. sans budget for tyvec every time I tried or got a meal (nesicitated by lack of things in kitchen) I would track it up to apt living space.  the best I could try to do was change clothes frequently and vacuum my ass off. 

how sustainable an effort does 3meals 3 clothes changes and ideally showers(didn't happen) sound? time on laundry? vaccuming? how about when lack of furniture nesicitates moving things around on floor to even attempt? 

this is the grill for the ac unit in the apt. 

clothing at their house. 
inside wall later ripped out in the basement. 

also inside basment wall

basment floor. I converted my UV lithography 375nm led emitter to yellow lantern battery powered
making use of a disinfecting UV tube. funny Marlene said I was absolutely nuts at one point. she never admited otherwise but did one night mention she saw a room at children's being cleaned with UV light.. I had come across the idea when studying to figure out how I wanted to do a rig to do UV lithography. those tubes would be really useful in a plexi enclosure right now.. disinfect mail and packaging from covid. cept early April 2020 the compound miter saw I would need to build the enclouser was taken from my garage.. and they still have the tubes. 

via txt my dad indicated he has the saw. it disappeared wirh a mig welder and my desktop workstation pc. he refuses to talk about any of it. 

likely they used remote from car to get into garage. this is after ofps were activate. the most valuable things I recovered or bought after (mig welder) gone. 

ie yeah we filed ofps took your ID and most valuable things u could selling knowing u have a few weeks to vaycate and find a new lease or be on the street at the start of a pandemic 

the covid eviction ban is why I'm not homeless

renting from 2007 I've yet to have an eviction. 


under threat I'm homeless on street. 

they picked this apt. only time they have ever picked an apt for me. they refuse to acknowledge that I looked. 

the longest single hotel was after the mental hold and all the sudden the manager becomes concerned I'm spreading mold to the hotel.. in other words... Paul. little birdies at the front desk let me know this. 

I had just bought a ryobi stick vack, they take the car and all the attachments with it. 

they picked this apt yet he claims he never knows what building or unit.

other times he admits its too small to hope to fit my things and or not conditions he would pick for himself. 

moving out of 2018 apt they picked a storage garage. against my objections it was packed to the ceiling with less valuable bulk things like furniture. it'd too full for one person to move anything wirh out risking say a couch on their head. in Jan 2019 or there abouts he's saying he knows it's a 2 person move ask the one younger ssoociste I have of he will accept 16 an hr to help move. I'm saying yeah I'm sure he will but something to pay him thst day? ASK HIM! of course Paul won't respond to any form of com for weeks then wants 14.. then won't talk about it at all so make me the flake. I still have an empty apt it took untill move out was a month a way to even get the address. 

whole time he's demanding I find a rental space.. needs for 9 months to see why 1500 is leaving me hungry while I'm saying I can not clean the car as u demand and eat with out a kitchen and or Clyde in freezer. this is contaminating apt even getting food 

"this is not safe this is burning cash just to harm me. "

I didn't pick any of this this! I've been force ripped around run out and everything of mine taken for mistakes they made wifg their house when I was a minor. 

 I'm still dealing with mold and infestation. despite fact I have email confirming the remediation of mold was a paid job at their house another tactic is to tell me I'm wasting my time there never was mold ir

"no mold here anymore" 
this I guess I took with? blew it out 2mo ago maybe more. I can't exercise or eat half decent despite knowing how to cook. I get starved up to 4 days at a time mgpd insists I'm living the life. systemic anti fungle arnt like antibiotics. high risk of liver damage its best not to need them of that is what that is. these conditions are so poor for generallife. recovery from anything would be pointless.. somewhere between 5 and 10 docs between end of 2017 until emergency med hold. my primary said get away feom/avoid mold. at the hotels what do u know...that worked! 

my mom knows better. but every time they didn't hear me come home and say doc said I was crazy.. U HAVE TO GO TO A DOC WHY R U REFUSING? 

She knows multiple docs gets u mainly one of 2 labels
doctor shopping for controlled substances 
head case  

how is it we put matha Stewart in prision for insider trading but insider med world knowledge to harm even your that wouldn't happen?! 

Clyde's death is so fucked I can't talk about it. then they pretend to lose Bonnies ashes telling me to work faster on their car. 

to officer Hanson... ever had to live a year with ur pet in the freezer? ever had some asshole insist u live the life were u picked on in school or what dude? u r going to kill someone one.  to me u already have. 

but hey I should be able to no if pull myself off the street and stay fed if u say so and stand in my way right. again picked on at home then the playground? they say it's pretty frequently we recreate early life later, problem is with gun and badge u can project that pretty hard onto others. disonence undelt with is collapsed into..

id saybtheblikesbofb"ibdidnt understand what a brat was" and the follow on of "you have to go through this cause I did" damaged conception of others sympathy and empathy failure to see that u don't see the complexity or know the details, you made an assumption about another's life. not just the officer it's stuff I hear too often. sometimes directed at me but a lot more in general. 

I knew a mom diagnosed bpd. affectionately referred to as others by crazy bitch. her describing her actions twoards her son was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to force myself not to react to. apa says even verbal abuse and emotional neglect of children is 3 to 4x more likely to result in a personality disorder. problem is once u have one.. the level of abuse and neglect you deal children u happen to have.. might be entirely unintentional, but it's likely a step up from.. it's snow ball effect until an avalanche of humans devoid of humanity. that's all imho but I think it's well researched. 

about 5 maple Grove officers have seemed to not have or keep bias in check and open minds. in the middle are passives. such as is life as well.. the problem is other end of the spectrum. there's a lot of power vested here and very little accountability. 

hadent missed a credit payment till 2017. they were holding my tax return at the same time. 

they destroy efforts to be independent and endanger my life then do it more for pointing out you are hurting me. 

while doing so they smear campaign that I've never worked am mentally ill and even to me try to rewrite my past. call out a lie (many times it's recorded now) say it's recorded otherwise 

so what 
fuck your recording 
repeat lie 

not sure if state gov or just mgpd but there is also this socieopathic or npd threat apparent.. 

gaslight that money equals survival. 
gaslight that assets as in tools or possessions if not seperated from may earn or be liquidated for cash for survival. 
gaslight that by allowing my mail held, opened, my name signed on docs and one check that I know of.. 

then officers asking why I'm dependent while standing between me and all my still being destroyed things since Aug 2018. they applied for ofps March 11th 2020 for the record. 

here's maple Grove pd again selectively denying parts to put on record

more to the point of pushing every button.. when my dad does answer in that period.. it's always along lines of
what do you want

I call it repeat how I'm harming u so I can deny it, say u do it to your self and or sit silent and hang up

my mom plays the same games 

one unique to her is repeatedly saying I love you 

it's a common npd tactic
by gaslighting and dog whistling.. selective acknowledge or control what's talked about what's ackbowledged

u push the target to point where they are in terror. or screaming. then step back point to the non seeming inflamitory thifns said.. 

someone with out context falls for the 
gee that person must be unhinged 

dog whistling is referring to past harms that with out intimate details... seem inconspicuous 

example, I finally get headliner out of mold car. around the windsheild glue it's evident the crap found the glue tasty.. ie mold. 

they have aaa or something similar and usual get windsheilds replaced at their house in attached garage.. no surprise there how it got that way. 

so when my dad's bringing a different car also not mine in title still destroying enough of my assets to sell and buy a nice car.. I get a text saying he has to have the windshield replaced first. 

behind the seat belt or down tube between front and back of car. the car my mom drove to work at a NICU then I was forced to clean 9 mo in 2019

moment the headliner was out... with Everly indication police would behave this way.. what's mns criminal property damage limit.. 1k. callbit not forced, I have no doubt if they went this route it would have succeeded. 
Paul explicitly forbid throwing it away. I suggested as they have a pickup, a back yard and a power washer he come get it then.. nope. 

Maple Grove pd repeatedly claims I'm living the life. or if my parents tell them they gave me money.. "your parents give u enough money" they don't care or seem to want details though

with out details on expenses what the fuck is enough?

numbers can sound big, here's 1400 I expect that bridge over the bearing straight by tomorrow. 

but how feasible is that? how just is it while standing between me and tools both parents are recorded admiting I've earned with in the past?

or my kitchen things. I'm not a kid I'm now 32 and fast food suoersize me diet is not helping chances of type 2 diabities heart disease etc

nor all this aspergilis and mycotoxins from black mold

here, officer Hanson, 10k but I get all your possessions and I expect fukashim a diatchi uncontaminated in 3 days. hwzmad suit cbn cards? ha u bring those from.. never mind I'm taking your possessions. tough luck.

clearly the above is an illustration not intent

but if that sounds like a deal to anyone.. I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

I think I'm beginning to understand what the guy who took the dash 8 for a joyride was going through. 

don't forget the bleed air switch or u might have to look like a noob and tell atc u are light headed 

not that the computer world solves all problems but damn security through obscurity.. basic bad. 

like the start procedure for a large aircraft is assumed esoteric enough it doesn't require a key or any other means that secures it from unauthorized start.

most inventions of the modern world have been recorded or attributed to one person or team. only years or decades later does it become clear that half way around the world someone else had it at nearly the same time. 

I don't concern myself with smartest in the room or that sort of ranking for a few reasons but the main is that in 8bn its unlikely u are ever the top and preoccupied with rank u could have learned or contributed something with that time. 

I would have had a degree by now had likely mild dislexia and math dislexia been caught. I passed my ham radio exam at like 13 years old. kc0jsf.  3rd or 4th try. what changed was I figured out blank note cards above and below the line I was trying to read for detail enable me to not have the line bouncing all over obstructing the desired goal. eventually I didn't need them any more. 

dinner the night I passed Marlene : "what now u expect us to buy u an expensive radio?" 

among the things still held, 2 radios I had to save for. a power supply donated from another ham. a 600 to 1200 dollar radio given by the lonski family on my great uncle Johns passing. W0BSI. 

somewhere between 22 and 24 I came across math dislexia as a concept found it reading about other psychology stuff one night. realized 1st grade playing poggs at recess was intruoted to meet with a Para and practice reading clocks and tiring shoes. 

the hallmarks in young children. 

all  my things and those radios  held or stored in conditions likely to destroy. what's the value on criminal distruction in MN? what does FCC part 97 say about ham radio with out a liscense? mn scanner law? 

these are question I know the answer to but am asking to make a point. selective enforcement with age discrimination. 

which in not sure mn law covers. there's a nice website to discuss who's protected from what. notably absent is any nod to what happens if discrimination by police leaves u on the street with out id. 

it apears one could kill with poision in MN. or a mother pushing a son over a railing.. well failing to went down as me added to violence against woman stats and police refusing to hear evidence otherwise. can't be attempted murder if the police won't allow it reported. 

parents fraudulently reported I got agressive and shoved her across the room. I did no such thing and police in maple Grove upon hearing I have recorded calls that call that into question and actual admission of falsifying reports as punishment.. I told them I'm looking for unreliable witness on record. 

"if we put that on record we might be liable" 

here's what I forsee: I make any leaway twoards justice and da decides.. doesn't matter parents declined pressing charges, surprise!

one hand with fingers leet over is how many times I've been to a court in 32 years. I had blaw at scsu but that sums up my legal experience.  I'm no shut in though. I've been to two hands worth of countries, almost every state and at 18 spent 45 days alone backpacking Europe. I paid for that and had money left for start of ndsu in the fall. at 20 I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane with out being strapped to anyone. first time. 5hr ground course beforehand.  two people jump holding on to handles so u don't tumble if u don't find the stable belly to earth postion lol. spoiler for a large portion: is it there, is it square. aka how to determine if u might be better off with the reserve canopy. once u pull the rip cord they let go. suposed to have an ear piece so person on ground can tell u when to flare. my radio receiver wasn't working. I landed on my feet. 

I thought I managed to get the damn pvc segment and rip cord into suit but I think it was donated to a farmers field somewhere in Baldwin. my bad 🤣

I'm more worried now than I was through any of that. 

I also guess someone figured the rule of law concept is irrelevant if pr is covered correctly. 

I'm slowly learning the world is run by npd aspd and one way or another I'll probably die on the street.

but adjunct to security by obscurity would seem to be the modern legal system and state liability.. secured via court will shut him up, prision will shut him up or enforcement bias will leave him to die of the elements but slap domestic violence titles on and or sprinkle drugs and who would question it?

never mind the one accusation in 32 years history or anything else. women don't lie and parents wouldn't do that mmmk, incentive has never created less than moral decisions by gov powers either mmmk

but please.. accept that profiling ing or history has nothing to do with likely hood and people don't need id to eat or seek employment. people cabt own anything if their oarwnrs say so and police back it. plese please don't question why 3 Peter agencies have spent so many tax dollars understanding criminal psych and likely hoods. if court says hearsay is enough... 

I'm surprised they let him drive school bus though. dieasle fuel and a sack of furtilizer is a volitile combination.

ask Timothy. 

hs band trip to San Antonio in 05 was via bus. if u recall 2005 the iPhone was about to drop, I had a treo650. back around 01 I was already doing what the iPhone could.. maybe 02 with a Sony Ericson t68i and Compaq pocket pc via Bluetooth dun profile. reading that Ericson was developing Bluetooth I was made to save every pennie and had to convince my mom.. she had a woman's group and investment club. through their broker I got 100shares of Ericson telco. but that's tangent. on the way back from TX in 05 our band trip was able to stop and see a bunch of chairs. really earry at night. surreal, esp the little ones from the daycare center. one of the adults having seen I was online on the bus (phone to laptop and external battery pack because I thought ahead) asked if I could map quest a detour. 

odd return from the 90s...I just heard ford is bringing the Branco back. my dad has eextreamly friendly relations with the police as well.. the irony of Branco becoming the escape occurred later but.. halarious none the less. to put that memory in perspective Mrs rythers 2nd grade class had a friend teaching Spanish intermittently between that and the news I though: Blanco Branco was clever. 

finishing where I started.. 

his own words : why are u telling everyone how I am, and u are telling everyone. everyone who knows me already knows how I am..

the type that keeps a supply of small gloves? 

for the last 2 years I've got intermittent reports form people I know they were contacted and told in sick in the head, obsessed with mold and or on drugs. 

at one point I did contact his former employer. what I was looking for was someone he trusted to ask him if he's thought this through or to possibly ask "hey maybe step back and look again?" I didn't find that there. probably telling though

 I was told "good luck"

if from a psych standpoint u want to use this to label me aspd, npd or bpd. esp the first two, I'd request u read it again with attention to the known deficits in gray matter vs what's written. perhaps attention to how my animal friends are shown interacting or for instant Clyde asleep on a pet friendly hotel bed. the psychology of a pray animal doesn't mix with strange hotel room and only likes me cause I feed him. 

it wasn't an attempt to display superiority, just to indicate I don't suffer the above. maybe that's the problem.

this has been so far beyond inhumane. I still haven't stopped the damage to my things. a year with Clyde in freezer, 30days hungry in 2019. 20 days to vaycate March 2020 forced leave.. ofps summinence.  not a month went by the apt company wasn't sliding a letter under door or leaving it outside. mold clean up in already moldy garage bothered them despite discussing it before signing lease. I signed under duress. from parents sign this lease right now or be homeless with out anything. roughly 6mo and 14 hotel rooms 5 hotels after lock changed on their house. Clyde still alive. 

so despite covid the apt keeps sending notice to vaycate until last week. meanwhile mgpd refuse to budge and serve the ofp sterns wouldn't.

I'm frozen in fear. more so terror conditioned I act responsibly they act to set me back. often outside the law

contrary to what they say I was frequently employed multiple jobs at same time since age 16

this summed up could be

2001 carpet and pad laid in basment. parents playing general contractor finishing it. hired crew from my dad's work for drywall and other trades people to do things like gas fireplace ceiling framing etc. carpet pad was vapor barrier laid over sealed cement slab. mold guy determined this was a root cause in 2018. water had trapped between the 2.

we also got Cosmos in 2001.

2004 I get off work 3 hrs early and call 911 noticing my dad teyibf to change tv channel with cordless phone when I arrived home.

2006 ndsu

2013 stlf volenteer trip .in NYC we clenbed a fuzzy fuzzy sand stricken home. bumping my respirator was one hell of a smell 

2014 while moving to st cloud I think their basment made me sick. turns into 6mo cause in too crazy to leave. some things smelled that ggave me a hint... well see 2013

2017 I had forgotten all about what happened and Cosmos was sick. passanger side of car had a jug of water break. wet car and sleeping on basment floor some nights haven driven down to see Cosmos. 

... Jan 2018 I move back in and my nkn says shes my landlord. no less than 6300 in skilled labor preformed in the past for pay was preformed in the 8mo to 0 notice lock out in Aug. unskilled labor also included starting the remediation in their basement

Nov 2018 a pro was payed to do tgis

same wall.. count the studs (16in on center) I'd say about 50ft.  the lower pic is missing 10ft on the right side before divider wall and it's all the same wall. back of their house. I should know. I grew up there. I was such a bad minor, I helped paint the floor. not that I had say in the product or awareness of what a vapor barrier is but..

my dad wouldn't say why but the deck on the other side and ground level came off the house. 

edge of deck was 3ft gap to retaining wall. I'm guessing the grating under the deck was no good. the retaining wall would have made it eextreamly difficult to rake dirt or rock up correctly and correct the issue. 

all useless stuff to know now. the odds that at this point I live long enough to recover my credit and don't lose my health.. the odds I ever own a home... low

Fargo mall.. 2012?


note the furnace filter gheto hepa in back. I tried non stop to make it work for me and protect us all.  it's adapted to a box fan. key is 3 to 5inch deep pleated filter. otherwise back/static pressure kills airflow in axial fan and or burns out fan. 50 dollar merv 13 1000cfm hepa filter is hard to beat. 
I love u bud. 

my no kitchen diet. 

the copper with blue board I'm holding above? this is it later finished at their house. a circuit board of my design and construction.. a bit of their house wanted to contribute. 

air filter by my bed. as of now. 

usb port replacement for tablet 2016

I have 3 folding tables for furniture in the cell they rent to keep me in hell. they all look like this to some degree. 

if u are asking why I don't have a lawyer. organize anything in this hell.. I dare u

want to talk responsible with money? not a hard concept that continuing to have me spend 1400 on food cause u play person owner.. and my kitchen stuff is not in reach. or knowing the car spewad it to the apt. interment starvation.. do I spend on eating or spray to clean again. luckily I could fix the Vac when it died. hot air smd rework station and soldering iron have in the last year saved 

200usd to replace dsl modem. 
100 pair of glasses 
200 dollar shark apex vaccum 
and more 

hawko solder station 100usd
hot air station 200usd

a 300usd investment came out 200 ahead by off top of my head only repairs. 

the pic of usb c cable below.. screen broke on last phone. so much of that crap is in port that sans hit air to burn it out I wouldn't have been able to recover the recording of the night mgpd executed the medical hold. 

this current place is the only apt they have ever picked for me. garage under it is not mine. one over is. no fire rock on ceiling, opener so old it lacks connections for optical sensor, no gfci on non hardwired opener plug. no climate control. currently the apt has two dehumidifiers running and humidistat by my bed shows 48 percent. when one fills its not uncommon to see high 50s and both off 60 to 72. growth explodes over 60.  this is talking days I don't take a shower or run water. the air con also drips onto the non gfci 240v outlet it's plugged into. 

bedroom was hitting 90 with living room ac full blast 3 weeks ago. dehumidifiers don't help but nor does 85 at 65 percent rh or 72 for thst matter 

during the hotel stay portion.. I was spending saving bonds on gas and food. they cleaned me out in every way imaginable. 

I belive the amount of mold removed threatened the value of their home if not their lives. I've lost everything and much of it can not be replace (Bonnie Clyde Cosmos and the time spent working not with them or my human friends) 

they use their mistake like a bio terror agent. 
it stuck me at one point.. soil bacteria in mail is a act of terror. yet mgpd on seeing a pic of that headliner and inside car multiple times.. nota concern till the last time. aka I showed an officer a pic of the headliner 

if I get a jaw infection, type 2 diabities, heart disease etc.. all things avoidable but not when someone can steal anything u have, force hunger and physical location etc.. 

legaly decided or not.. my oppinion. maple Grove police department contributed to murder disability and or disfigurement 

it's funny he claims the court said text only. for 6mo before they filed he would try to convince me he doesn't know what a text message is. often he would then send them but not answer. then sometimes it was he has me blocked or back to "is that an email" 

they play games like this while with holding and destroying every aspect and possession in my life 

he tried calling while I typed this today. 
usually if he texts its a command that do or not do.. tomorrow it's a new one

Dec 2018 "I need cobtrol because I want control"

in learning about aspd, bpd and npd I was eventually able to identify that I have indeed mimicked some of these behaviors in the past. I also know it was learned. it's still my fault and I am sorry to those who caught that. it's not a part of me though I still feel and deeply. I know I also have a decent level of emotional intelegence. I'd theorize being an only between two highly functional and intelegent cluster bs helped this even when I didn't realize it for what it was. the little bit of rational intellect I posses helped me not fall into becoming it. 

records would also show after my dad's anurism I saught help. whay they wouldn't show is how much crap both parents gave me including "why do u think we messed u up so Bad"

why won't u stop trying to do just that? 


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