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positions of power (also, i violated ofp and my life is still in danger, arrest me and tell me to take a knee. im sick of this. either show yourself to be the Turpin state or tourture in cowardus)

 if police repeatedly selectively non enforce with bias, this at best gives a likely chance someone intending malice against another feels comfortable tiptowing over legal line. 

if it happens enough over the line and Still police turn blind eye it's likely to become more dangerous. 

harming humans can be cumulative from a biological and psych perspective. days hungry in a short period due to theft add up on toll on body. physical violance un addressed with actual attempts to take one's life refused entry from record by police... 

Stockholm sybdrom? apparently not if the target dies first or can be arrested for the hearsay  ofp used to further I trench power.

it's probably in the states intrest when it comes to budget to play things this way. 

its not in the Intrest of public Saftey human decency or rights though. 

steal id and u effectively make earning require money.

Jan 2018 moved back in with parents, mom says she is my landlord. 10x10 room. services I've done for pay/professionally since 2004 with current market value of 150an hr at min 6300 usd skilled labor until the 0 notice change lock Aug 2018 and maple Grove police have allowed them to keep, threaten and destroy all of my property since.

forcing me to drive away from property/assets they stood between me and possessing in a car I did not have title to.

Bonnie and Clyde rabbit also... gone. mourn? too busy meeting basic needs while theft and physical assult used to terrorize with threat to leave me homeless with nothing. donate or recycle my held assets. 

shown a pic of moldy car headliner around July 2020(next threat after sign this lease clean our car) maple Grove pd 


I can't say what it does or does not contribute but as a person who loves learning and analyzing the world around them. my dad retired around 2008 or 9 from an seiu organizer and vp postion at his local.

he also sat on the mn labor Council with the police Union would have a representative that's as well if I remember and or understand correctly I've been to those meetings. I can't say that I could prove her know for sure this is involved in any way but the number of things that have been overlooked and for how long and the threats to life and well-being that they pose let alone being not just illegal but with intent to harm another person I start wondering sometimes

with out needing the details of the agreement my dad and i had (why i was dependent when this started 2017) what is known is one

all or nothing thinking is pathological... see splitting. so apparently no matter what the reason and no matter what value my knowledge and or skill has in the world. if my parents say i accepted money i have no rights, doesnt matter they were often demanding services at the same time.

"if you accept anything from your parents they will always have some control" also heard jan 2020 by officer phone away. Id be tempted to say this is a system bias against men... and it probably is to a degree.. 

i also know a long time friend of mine heard that when she was 18 and allegedly strangled to the ground by her dad. I say allegedly but don't personally doubt it. The person accused 2x previously felt like he was trying to become the back of my shirt and other aspects of his general demeanor that i witnessed. church parking lot "marry xmas" after i unmerged him from my heal and jacket back was met with "FUCK YOU" 

what strikes me was it was the exact same line she told me the police told her. it was also maple grove police but this would have been a few years before 2010. when i realized it still not ok with any of this. 

in my experience /and stories told by people ive known i came to the conclusion neglect and verbal abuse is enough to cause personality disorders. finally got around to looking it up. the APA said something like 4x more likely to be bpd. i would bet it factors as high or more into npd and it takes more hard trauma plus neglect or abuse before and after to create non present at birth aspd. stated that way because genetics is also used as a blurry its set in stone, when a relatively new study called epigenetics has changed the validity of quite a bit of that but hasn't hit the public radar. better way might be to say added another truth because in what im discussing, could be defect or genetic before birth but thats pretty rare. epi genetics are how things activate and deactivate and what can be passed to children and all after birth/through life. (afaik) bit of a tangent.

the danger here though... cluster bs have impared sympathy empathy and to some degree conscience and reason. that girl i described above. one thing i realized we had in common later on was an INTENSE use of guilt by care givers/parents. what i wish i had at the time better words for is, the guilt is often over things we as minors/children or even young adults should not be responsible for. aka how our parents felt at any given moment. I cant comment as to how often or if before the event described to me physical abuse was present for her. id imagine yes but not the overtone of the issues. I know for my formative and teen years it was mainly terror and neglect but other than spanking there wasnt the picture of abuse in that of a belt or what my mom did in 2018. 

bpd npd and aspd also show issues with object permanence, black and white thinking, superiority complexes and inability to truly conceptualize others as separate individuals with needs desires etc of their own (even if some overlap) they say one thing to watch for (which is overly simplified and can be false positive but also not wrong) is when early on meeting someone you frequently hear attempts to paint you both as the same. obviously it is possible, but without another tangent, once isnt an indicator but look at context next time you hear it and or do the possibility have anything to gain by wining your confidence?

ugh hungry focus is non existant. 

how can we raise a society of individuals when there is almost 0 help for anyone but the woman in a relationship and either or or both likely take it out on their kids?

with out the findings of the apa or psych looking long ago into what may promote what its still pretty bad. but we known now with some riggor and error accounted for before drawing conclusions :

even whats considered soft abuse or neglect in children creates adults more likely to abuse each other and or abuse and neglect their children. 

its been known for far longer that formative years or in general emulating care givers and home environment is how we start from relatively useless totally defenceless infrant and are supposed to end up as functional adult. 

mn law seems to take the stance that "parents aren't responsible for the well being of their adult children" and can boot them the moment they turn 18. as ive found, in practice this has been parents can do things to adult children that would endanger anyones life and violates laws. some of these crimes (like controlling finances and agreements through mail and check fraud) make it very hard to avoid, or escape dependence and the police will point to dependence as justification for ... put simply.. allowing the harm and threat to life via actions to continue. 

common sense, if someone can control your time under threat you are homeless with nothing and control your movement via hiding car keys and or disconnecting battery (or otherwise but im speaking my last 3 years) berating you for leaving, destroying assets you earned externally through hours worked or were given by anyone family or otherwise... 

we might have outlawed slavery and indentured servitude but it seems only so much as... you cant make the contract but the actions ... go right ahead. the human condition and basic universal needs : water food shelter which intodays world require money and or friends and or gov support (i belive requires id) ... unchanged other than how we get them has changed from when humans stood upright. 

ie what makes those conditions inhumane and hard to escape is all still universally true. yet we also know now they are highly likely to damage individuals for life and in ways that impare creativity and uniqueness. 

last i checked the us claims and proven (in the past) it thrives on those traits. so is mn banking on the current industry never being userped or packing up shop as long as it can support healthcare, lawer, court, prison, jobs and industry and let farming (with increasing automation ridding need to employe) ... does this seem like a great idea or might we be on a course for destruction? 

sadly from the filthy mattress im laying hungry on.... seems we will bend backwards to let parents destroy the future of their children if it provides job security for police, judges, lawyers, psychologists, prison gaurds and morticians.  

here is a call made today:


this whole thing can be summed up as, mistakes parents made in 2001 finishing their house created 8mo of bleeding when it spread to my apt. resulted in me moving back in. they then began smear and gaslight operation and 8mo later i left for my moms benefit (she had a surgery and was following me around a few days before screaming at me) left for 2 weeks max, haven't had more than 30 min access total and 2 times to all my positions since .

stuff bought with money earned since or left by long dead grandparents, stuff i need for employment or in general, blind eye by police to repeated thefts and endangerment of life. threats to destroy things held, mail being held and opened, my name signed on stuff in my opened mail sans me. including one check that i know of. 

they are masters at sounds good but needs detail to see why its enraging and or endangering to life. mns ofp law seems to feed right into that and though not all police-involved have been careless or clearly bias (its one thing to have it its another for anyone to show it... yet another with badge and gun/authority) but if you look at it this way:

2004 started earning 50 to show up 25 an hr 

2005-6 75 to show up 30 an hr, 11 an hr plus commission telemarketing position doing home loans. 

bought a 1k flat screen for impending dorms, 250 surround sound and another for an entertainment center, xbox original 

2006- left for 45 days in Europe, alone, 4 countries called home once, because i had a dream cosmos was sick. he was. probably coincidence. they later told me he almost died, kidney infection. 

came back and let for ndsu still with earned money to spend. first, it support client i got by card on coffee shop board was a 3 person cpa office and i maintained that relation until 2014. in 06 i had 4small biz, a political campaign (mn 50b) 2 dozen homes for it support. by 22 i had built 30 computers to custom specs/for clients. 

parents tell police ive never had a job, allowed to kick me out make me drive away in car i dont own. several times over i could have bought one as nice. should i have could be debated either way. what isnt debatable is if i could have.

what do you think you should do...if you dont, you can be physically assaulted, repeatedly burgled and robbed, accounts hijacked, exposed to toxic mold and forced labor;....

like this logic is insane to nonexistent. look at the right hand nav bar for how i cooked living with roommates or on my own with bonnie and clyde rabbit. i dont just claim what they take and force harms me, i cooked a lot more than those photos... i just don't take pics of every meal (ocd not one of my issue, i do like remembering new dishes and occasionally...)

control someone's diet via theft and fraud/financial means, do it with even admission as a CNP with masters its bad for health...

violate laws to get that position and mn seems more concerned how the person in that position feels. 

i hope the stench of my rotting corpse doesn't make the corner feel threatened. 

if you are reading this and i am in jail or not with the living... my facebook profile is set public and paging through has more text communications and otherwise. i might end up on the street soon anyway so its hard to say i have any evidence otherwise. 3 years recorded calls though...yet keep a laptop walking around the street all he way to dead or stable enough to afford a car file a court...oh way statue of limitat...

is Germany reoping any camp yet or is covid this year cleaning next year? what do you say to Minneapolis cops to get them to call a huddle? id think taking a knee would be a more humane way to go. 

note end of the call today... they are gonna also sue for definition of character (not a typo)

well, they make sure i dont have a desk, printer, bearly shirt on my back steal my id and starve me... and im arrestable with out warent..

for the crime of putting the lotion on my skin and words about it to the demander. oh yeah... and for suffering attempted murder and physical assault by both parents. 

i doubt it went in the police reports. once i was told "if we put that on record we might be liable" another time for crime of my mom slamming door on me while i sat in car with leg out.. she then calls maple grove police. THATS NOT ASSAULT OR BATTERY. Nota lawyer or judge, then again neither was that officer. cept plain English most definitions only require intent to hit or strike/contact. he went from that to again demanding to know what i was doing sitting in a car in a driveway where all my stuff was being held. i hadent left the car. eventually, i got smart enough through deduction and recall to sit out front aka in the car on public road. often after they invited me. their sick game is say they aren't holding or keeping anything come get it. ..other issues abound like mold and destruction/damage to it. but say i drive down. no one answers phone garage door shut... cops show up. so eventually i figure ssafer legally  not leaving car or leaving public property. 

youtube video of xmas. they invite me down. show up garage door (car //driveway door ) open. no one including my cusion will answer. when police show up they say the report was i was on their property causing a chaos.... wuety06 on youtube xmas from hell. type that into google should be 3 parts. storage was low on phone or i would have recorded all in one. I didnt leave the car or put it off public property. it was like 6pm. i did have the stock sound system cranked but thats exactly what it was...if the garage door was down i doubt it would have been audible inside the house (5 years old to 18 i lived there i should know) i also took the percaution of only rolling the window facing the house down. it wasnt my intent to do more than get either permission to enter the property or a response one way or another. i didnt have the money or gas to turn around. 

after cops rolled i got like 80 bucks, ate cold kwick trip gas station food on floor of empty apt with clyde rabbit in the freezer.  marry fucking xmas. 

still forced to drive away in car i dont own back to empty torture cell they forced lease on... sans restraining order, sans any notice to move out...all my stuff being destroyed cant file theft i gave it to them moving out. 

want to properly advertise? "Did you root for the Turpin parents in the CA case? we cant let u use chains, but all other laws are lessay fair and or "i didnt see anything" from authority... if you want to own bully and or more to your children or adult offspring... 

maple grove mn and Hennepin county is the place for you

that or i have a birth defect and everyone else's ass can shit, friends, money, id and or food. i thought taking id and money would be a threat to life. aparentsly its words said if the crimes and malice doesnt stop (conditional to) that threaten life.

is school curriculum being updated or?

this pic was 2018 before i regularly had "mold car" the illumination is a 375nm 1.4w uv led emitter. aka wood lamp. I had been using it to expose patterns on copper and etch custom circuit boards. this car was a mild irritant when i left with it in aug 2018 for Gilligans 3 year tour. snow blew though the vents in jan 2019. right before forced lease started. later when i got the headliner out on forced clean our car. i found the drain tubes for the sun roof were both plugged. 2 hrs in the rain and absent headliner water was dripping on my head. enough to support mold on other side of headliner no problem... never enough to soak through and be noticed. perfectly explained minor iritence until my dad (likely) made snow/water blow through the vents. fuel on a fire. 

they didnt go to vets very often. one thing universal or near so was comments that they had never seen rabbits as relaxed as bonnie and clyde. the kids are owned by (mn parlence) my cousin mark. 
blew this out a few months ago. worth noting my primary around jan 2018 said get away from the mold u will get better. i dount that included 9 mo of clean our car in empty apt 30 days hungry in 2019 and no ability to greive major losses , have closure, or purpose. ive got another call recorded where they pretend to lose bonnie rabbits ashes. they came to their house addressed to my name. still held. when my dad pretends to lose them then "ill call you back later"... someone who isnt me might be audible telling him that they will potentially slit an area of the body known to hold up the head and provide a wind and feeding tube. 

i have 0 criminal record or civil record and when this started had good credit. i was 29-30 years old. 

what i want to know is when are words more a threat than known toxins and starvation with several federal and state laws violated by the one who "feels threatened" 

i dont decide the law, but mn does put a lot into the image they protect human rights. theres also orwells pet project... "peace officers" as an undertone. I had one law course in college, business law. standard there is rational average adult, i think they might confuse human rights violations with ...that listed above, then again has mn registered "justice" and "human rights" or just defines them esotericly and or on the fly?

a biz is a person until its not...and usually when that benefits it and only... a gov is a biz until its not...again

and average jill joe or apache attack helicopter fails to realize that accept differences has gone by the way side and now words said are more likely to land them in jail than trying to kill someone with physical assault. yet at the same time that left and popular message... "SAY WORDS, DECLARE YOURSELF" ah... control freaks. 

im not against lgbt people, i voted Obama 2x for the record. oh right , say one thing not the other... good thing hunger and stress help memory, or was that death. 

maybe i had made a mistake defining rational years ago. probably not though, systems theory, ost. orinizatioal development theory, human development... lot of academics applied and or paid for by the power players supports how backasswords this is. enough where one might suggest a tinfoil hat if another suggests its oftely odd how often the communicated by media or system by gov implements something detrimental to whats known. not saying in any scenario everyone is out to get anyone... 

there are reasons to create disorder and chaos, from lawyer wallets to bankers getting laws passed with out notice, and then everyone who is aware enough to pick up on it ...may try to cash in from their own position of power or suffer it. 


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