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Monday, August 3, 2020

proposal for a more effective retail covid-19 disinfectant solution:

proposal for a more effective retail pandemic disinfectant solution.

this would be a better fit on my vengeance tech domain but as police see no need to enforce theft or realize endagement to life they create... and theft includes ID... Threats to the stolen assets have created a live here do this or lose everything with police standing between me an eveything mine; my dsl bill hasn't been paid and its offline. 

my preposal for fighting covid-19 in retail isn't revolutionary but it's probably more cost and time effective than what they are trying. 

Ozone Tenting 

required supplies:
light weight poly plastic tent
ozone generator, 
vent pipe (also plastic, think dryer vent),
cheap mcu(atmel/arduino) (timer and sequencer)
 solid state relays.

required things most stores already have:
extension cord,
floor dryer blower fan. 

the idea is a light weight tent that fits over the shelving of an isle.  2 to 4 person lift. set in place push button and walk away for 30 to 45min.

the plastic vent hose would need to go outside one way or another, this would be the most difficult aspect. 

most large chains do some form of overnight restocking regardless of if they used to be open all night to the public. after or before hours is when I would suggest this be used. 

a reality that poses a problem is many stores have roof support columns. this could be over come by a hinge and plastic flaps with rare earth magnets. ie the top of the tent has two supports running the horizontal  length and the gap is wide enough to acomidate the steel or cement support. 

plastic flaps extend out from both sides and incorporate magnets.

 areas where no vertical beam interrupts grab magnet to magnet and plastic bends around area wirh beam. this would keep most of the ozone in the tented area and still allow relative ease of operation. 

floor dryer connects to plastic hose to pull ozone out (preferably vent outside). ozone has a short life as a molocule but it's not sleuthing u want to be exposed to a lot of for any length of time and in an enclosed space. hence tent and vent.

linear actuators are down to $25 on ebay. venting is of course more efficient if there is an opening on both ends. an actuator would be perfect for a louvered inlet while pushing the ozone out 

The Reason I See a Need 

hospitals know some things can not be easily sanitized and especially not with spray alone. look up children's hospitals policy on stuffed animals if you want a sad reality. 

retail is a bit different. there's some that can't and some that attempting to do so with spray may damage bottom line. 

we are kidding ourselves if we think items picked up and discarded at the register or elsewhere in store are cleanable by spray method

ie anything tag board or cardboard packaged. anything fabric. 

worse yet, spray an anti microbial chemical agent.. some bad guys won't be hit, some will be but will survive. this is where resistance is bread. 

what I propose also has the added benifit of not requiring people that need to be stocking to scrub each shelf.

the relays connected to a micro controller allow automatic set it and forget it.

I included pics bellow just as a reference for how little this actually costs to do as a one off.

in practice things like ul cert make it slightly more complex but doing it in volume would also reduce cost. also.. desperate times desperate measures logic should come into play.

I estimate this would not only be cheaper than sprays but more effective at cleaning and cost fewer labor hours 


pics included to show this doesn't have to be an expensive set up even as a one off. aka not produced on volume.

micro controllers like the arduino (atmel mcu) output 3 to 5v on command to one of several pins

something like solid state relay looks for 5v and of it sees it creates an electrical connection between the two pins on the other side of the device. aka acts as an electricly controlled wall switch. this gives an easy way to switch ozone Machine on and or vent fan 

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