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Psych Vs Legal issue

 NPD abuse, parents to children, full blown npd by some expert theories ive read is guaranteed and partly because society is conditioned to believe it wouldn't happen. probably honner thy father and mother engrained also, no one wants to think about it. problem is that leads to victim blaming or even miss diagnosis. 

laws like at 18 a parent needs court-ordered custodianship to sign their name (or anyone for that matter) or manage contracts and finances for them. if taken seriously by the police should provide a layer of protection from what a npd parent hell bent on one offspring submitting (or only one) and in rage. except in my experience police will ignore crime after crime, automatically take parents side and take what they claim as verbatim.

in my case this create and presists threat to life.

this can happen with out intent but if the department or officers at all view it as a every call is an opportunity for charges or sesiure there is a logical problem and or conflict of interest. fedral grands and civil aset forfeiture might further create department policy or officers who bend the rules hoping to score. 

the worst is, as someone i know said "who watches the watchers?" aka our system of checks and balances plus oversight... it takes riots after a death to generate more than the likely reality that the officer gets more than paid vacation for accidental or recklessly taking a life, in defence or otherwise. mn has been noted to be particularly bad on that. 

if there is little fear of consequence and potential monetary or rank reward for a risk that pays off, then a decent percent of people will do it. as police that risk probably comes with violation and or the ability to create theft to life by acting as absolute authority with no concern for realities of life or requirement to equally enforce law. 

finer points of that could get nasty, there seems no check or obligation to tell the truth. if someone who not complying with may equal injury to death/likely equals some use of force... if someone with the power to harm you on non compliance can also lie to you and even on an overstep there is likely little in perceived pushment possibility let alone actual....

we have a problem. 

i have been experiencing threats right and left. commands to do this do that or lose everything be homeless, then hang up refuse to answer. text me a new command answer 2 days later and no they dont know what a text is and we aren't doing anything. EMAIL it, Theft to set back any progress. occasionally its cause im a brat, then i do it to myself, then they aren't doing anything at all there was never any mold "i have the email confirming paid pro remediation/removal" "so what?" repeat lies next time decrease budget, fraction it so less than agreed or required is given even to eat let alone pay bills or do commanded tasks. 

tactics like sit silent for xx seconds hang up. ask if im done yet. change subject to how much they give me while im saying things like : you lied to police to seperate me from everything i actually work for over 16 yeatrs. things being destroyed. things i could sell or earn with but not when i cant touch them. 

they pick everything they can to be the least effective and will literrly spend /blow 900 car to put new alternator in seized engine, battery oil change and key made. "metal in engine needs new engine" my dad was a mechanic. about 2 months before a welder fried the chip in a chip key. it stranded me and at first looked like battery, then i realized: light in cab normal brightness, chime on door is normal pitch, seat moves normal speed i dotn even get a click on turning the key, the security light is flashing. 

this was the 2nd or 3rd time i was made to go hungry because car not mine in title but mine in figure they double or more in telling people they gave me...yet everything i earned and could use to ear even to buy that equilvent car with my cash... held and still being destroyed...more important, one key endangerd clyde rabbits life...tangent for later.

but then when i didnt lose the key and havent had to call himfor car trouble 2006-1017...when i told him before they picked apt, any ways away, bad for one key. then made to go hunry when i lose it for the maybe 2nd or 3rd time since having a car in 04 and hear how he needed to take 30 hrs cause he has two spares but if i lose the spare dont find orgional how could he get another spare made? 

no concern for basic needs full knowledge of what they do "dad you control how much i have and what it gets spent on, i cant afford to order food take out is expensive and killing me but i cant touch my kitchen no car, i can not eat"

"why dont you just order take out" sometimes knowing hes siting on my one credit card still works (2006-2017 never missed a payment changes when npd parents in rage anything to make you an infant includeing violate laws and police give little regard to even how that affects your immediate safety) sometimes knowing this he will add "use your credit card"

  maple grove police "its not illegal to say you own someone"

if they can file a civil court doc to have you arrested still come near you 2 years into ordering you around after a 0 notice lock change. a year and a half into multiple physical assaults, opening mail signing my name on enclosed docs, taking over accounts ith dl number and social, taking physical id taking anything they can grab if moment presents, starving for 30 days in 2019. police since around aug 2018 "you dont live here anymore" ,"you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out"

run and keep running from someone who can break apparently any law? after of they took welder, desktop computer and compound miter saw from my apt garage. they called in a welfair check 2 days after the hearing they made sure i couldn't attend. 4 or 5 days the week after came and sat in apt parking lot at random intervals. then another welfare check. 

if i refused to give in to arbitrary non legal demands even at the hotel, 3-8 maple grove officer come back with my dad to try to convince me how i should do what he wants. 

last night im explaining to mgpd...they make sure i dont have bank cards still ho;l;d mail, i can not eat. they have my id..pretty sure food stamps take photo id (snap) ... "no man im not contacting your parents to ask if they order you a pizza"

heres henneping county non emergency:

not the deminer isnt like volunteering info much more but at the same time theres none of the denial or attempts to trip me up and blatantly lie. I consider and still do calling the emergency line. but assuming i hadent been starved 30 days 2xd 4 days at a time 2x 3 last year, most people at least 2 weeks with out food...but what sort of position is this to be in off of 

hi officer im this mans farther and or mother (they tag team the image manipulation use same games in private to harm) "he is sick in the head we gave him everything"

so if i go take someone else's stuff, i just tell police "no its ok i dont think they are sane, plus i gave them a lot a lot of money so its extra extra ok right?"

there's a total denial of any link between money assets usable to earn, assets like id required to earn via corp employment {(2 formed) money or food stamps translating to food and life... terror it creates and ultimately similar games to that my parents play with my very real non game life. coming from people with badges and guns.

listen for detail and he is very careful to not answer the question or acknowledge why or how its ok that they enforced 0 notice lock change around aug 2018. also he at first pretentds not to know who im calling about. for the record they called me after i gave h county dispatch my name(well...u can listen link above) but officer hanson is calling me directly, first doesnt know who im discussing then he was the one who activated the ofp may 22nd while i was sitting opposite their driveway cab light on unable to eat then. sterns refused to serve it so it wasnt active. 

point is hes ignoring that they are acting on total here say, the ramifications, ignoring that if im not totally lying this long ago became twisted psycho mind fuck including starvation. then he admits that was the first time we met, i dotn recall the actual first time.

ive been spun around so often and hard that when i ask for his badge number at the end. first time ive realized i should be doing that. well i realized but i dont have much of a place to organize data collected and count on recordings but i go from isolated with threats do this or lose all. starve for doing it, sometimes invited down sometimes show up, almost always instead of answering or opening door to house i moved into jan 2018 lock changed 0 notice aug 2018...aka place i never officially received termination for but police forced to drive away in car i dont own... show up sit on public property and listen to ring to voice mail on home phone. 10-15 min later 2-3 maple grove pd squad cars 3 to 8 officers every time. 

32 still haven't been violent. speeding tickets for a record. quite the response for hardened career criminal huh?

they pulled invite and not answer on xmas 2019, by this point reporting i had evidence in form of recorded calls that dv report was marlene trying to kill me and both indicating they use false reports as weapons had been rejected "if we put that on record" ..and another assault then call police totally ignored. "THATS NOT ASSULT THATS NOT BATTERY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE JOHN?!"

i had figured better than set foot or wheel off public property. part one of the youtube video my aunt with out driversliscense comes out and leaves. part 3 i mention this to the officer. regardless of if i sound ok, im hungry and its pretty emotionally charged . it probably came off as trying to get her or them in trouble.. what i didnt have the words for is seems rather selective and or discriminatory enforcement. they claim something and it's ok to make sure i go hungry and u guys stand inbween me and 16 years of things i worked for? or at very least the why do they get a cart blanche?

when i later found mn non discrimination site... i realized notable absent from any demographics being protected for any discrimination: enforcement of law by leos. regardless of that site the un recogniases enforcement bias as a source of injustice. sometimes called selective enforcement. 

which often makes me wonder. my dad having been like 20 to 25 year elected vp of his seiu local and on the mn labor console (as is police union) ... is this all parent to child bias or are there other elements involved? 

the bright side is if theis keeps up i wont have the capacity to worry much longer. 


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