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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

reasons law to punish verbal threats end up victim blaming

 evolutionary biologists have also theorized that verbal threats arose as a mechanism of avoiding actions that might leave one party dead. 

which makes some sense. at very least I a non warped thought mode.. signaling how serious something happening is from one party to another could serve as a wake up call regardless of if the threatened actions threatened the threateners life. 

I'd say actual justice would be in considering that rather than 0 context one way ofp ban on mere accusation. 

but who said law has to acknowledge anything but the agenda of law makers? 

well.. the rule of law kinda did. except media sets most peoples image of most everything and its not aided by long work weeks wirh out much time to eval on their own 


dark times ahead if that cycle is truly broken and it's realized only by those already in power

my personal experience suggests it very much is. that said it's not a big enough set to draw valid conclusions from

it's still entirely rediculous that my cnp with a masters.. aka med professional mother is recorded admiting the conditions they enfoce by actual crimes are threats to life 

while the police through selective non enforcement or age discriminitory enforcement empower people commiting actual crimes and aid in the continuation of threat to life

maybe an expilict answer to a statement left ambiguious would clear up a lot... 

protect and serve 


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