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so hungry i cant stand it

 fuck u dad. fuck every time u molested me in the locker room shower after swim class

fuck that you are trying to kill me for remembering it while you are already risking my life and breaking multiple laws to directly injury me

fuck any police officer that says they are out to help people but allows this

fuck how? find max security prison, put them in with pedo labels

because of what was likely misconduct by some of mgpd im having my accounts hijacked 20g of my property i was illegally locked out of with 0 notice from the house i rented a room aug2018.

police in maple grove enforced that a year and a half making me drive away from public property in a car the property owner has title to

the maple grove murder and theft department would be more appropriate then theft.

i tried to make light of the fact that i havce recording where even the dv report was falsified they said if they put that on record they might be liable

you assholes are killing me

from child molestation to starving your target as an adult. maple grove police will turn a happy face and blind eye because if the blind eyes are turned they done even know who they killed or what property and accounts they made sure the victim was deprived of. 

maple grove privateres department might be a good second choice for a name...

helping citizens access their children's pri....and traditional privateering. 

yarr maty

Paul wuethrich had access to quite a few children's privates. he was a public school bus driver of robinsdale are school district for maybe 20 years. isd281. id imagine coworkers would remember he used to joke about another driver being once upon a child (like a double entendre to the franchise) given what i know about him it was probably a cloaked way to brag his count was higher. 

when police encourage a bully who is committing criminal acts through the power of selective enforcement (aka enforcement bias) criminals,aspd,npd and people with philias run the world

but officer hanson of mgpd assures me i lvie quite the life

union yes massa

should i be a good child and wear the bibb paul demands?

im actually the last of my family line. so by enforcing robbery and destruction of all my assets while selectively non enforcintg 3 counts of assault one probably attempted murder("You bastard i brought you into this world i can take you out" while trying to push me over a railing 

mgpd is encouraging illegal activity that leads to genocide. hitlers youth wear a badge... its called mgpd

some of that is slightly sarcastic. eugeneics was an idea that drove the nazis. it was also an idea born in the us... or possibly less born than conjealed 

maybe we could ask Marlene Wuethrich with her masters in nursing...

oh i did and its recorded. she knows the conditions they enforce are a danger to life

i think that makes her a medical professional no?

so the court and mgpd selectively enforce or non enforce and create conditions dangerous to life through overlooked crimes and enforcement of civil actcs to silence the victim and create a state of warentless arrestability and no ability to defend let alone eat

pale rapetrick and marburg hemeoragic strick again. 

but hit me shove me, try to push me over a railing, slam a car door on my person mgpd officers assure me none of that is assault or battery. 

but hennepin 4th district was there during the worst pandemic since the spainish flue to make me arrestable with out warent for going near my assets mgpd enforced the theft of

at one point verbatim i was told "you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out" the officer didnt look very convinced of what she was saying as or after she said it. 

modern police have almost absolute authority. im sure as they are mostly people (it probably attracts a lot of npd and aspd and im not so sure they deserve the person label) (positions of power usually do) im sure after killing a person directly your average officer doesnt enjoy paid leave. 

but still stepping back, thats usually the worst that happens after directly killing a person for that demographic.

we tell ourselves its ok because they keep us safe

how true is that?

some crimes and enforcement of civil actions have been financially incentitised by the federal government. 

what i think we have had for the last 20 years if not more is some departments police for profit. 

the problem is peace officer or piece of ....officer complying or otherwise may be deadly and they are allowed to lie

that much power with that little accountability, the ability to lie to a citizen and also harm them for not complying...

not compatible. 

domestic terror and civilian murder departments.

ymmv with department and even with the less than honnerable ones individual officers tend to do their best to be what they thought they were getting into.

i still appreciate that effort. 

we shouldnt forget history. many of the germans used the excuse they were just doing their jobs. 

i guess both sides of that conflict heard work sets them free,

my dad as of this moment is telling me about how he has scheduled to have the door window in the car replaced. he knows im again hungry for 2 days, 2 day break after 3 days of hunger and 5 stranded. 

all of his and mgpds cause.

in other countries and some bits of law in the us... stealing or taking documents required to be legally employed is a serious offense

here if you have money and starve a person while doing it the police may help you while telling the other person they live quite the life

knowing or otherwise that they are helping a child molester starve their former victim to death. 

ive heard departments tell their officers to check bias at the door. maple grove appears to have chucked the door and checked its gone. 

i bet their body count gets no check when mine is found, sprinkle some drugs for pd and call it a day

journey wrote a song about them... carry on my murder son, you'll be a piece when you are done. 

wait maybe thats not how it went

i have to wonder, if parody is a protected bit of speech and family court is an extension of civil. is weird all in danger if IP owners claim his work parodied their IP and caused them to feel threatened?

what i dont have to wonder. i have to decide daily is how many times can i be robbed starved, assaulted physically relocated, id taken , stranded

ant told by the department enforcing it, if we contact the people we supported for a year and a halve we would be violating the uncivil order...actually they say civil 

it might not be me, but this is sure to create unrest. maybe mn sees that as a positive. employ more police and jailers.

i see it as the signs our nation is past prime and feasting on its children. which combined with the knowledge that the pop growth rate is 0.4 under replacement...

at least fewer will suffer and for not very long


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